Alec Baldwin called on TV and film production companies to employ police officers to monitor weapons safety while they are being shot. 

Baldwin posted a brief statement on Instagram originally shared on the Twitter account of his arts foundation. It stated: “Every movie/TV set that makes use guns (fake or real) should have a policeman on set hired by production to monitor weapon safety.

Hollywood actor Halyna HUTCHINS, 63 was shot accidentally and killed by an unintentional gunshot while shooting for Rust in New Mexico.

Police are now investigating the incident, in which Rust director Joel Souza was also injured.

Santa Fe county sheriff stated that the handling of weapons was not perfected after the incident. 

Baldwin shared last week a message from Rust’s crewmate, dismissing safety concerns on set. 

Actor Alec Baldwin, 63, accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins when a gun he was holding went off during filming for the Western film Rust in New Mexico last month

Hutchins, a mother of one, was 42 when she was killed on October 21

Alec Baldwin, aged 63, shot Halyna HUTCHINS, Cinematographer by mistake. He was shooting at her with a gun that he had been holding while filming Rust in New Mexico.

Authorities have been scouring the set of the film as they investigate how a live round came to be in the firearm

As they try to determine how an actual live round ended up in the firearm, authorities have begun searching the location of the film.

On Monday, Baldwin, who also served as a producer for the film, called for film and TV production companies to hire police officers to 'monitor weapons safety' on set

Baldwin was also a producer on the movie and called Monday for TV production companies to employ police officers to monitor weapons safety while they are being set.

Santa Fe police are looking into how the suspected live round got in to the firearm that had been declared in good order by an assistant Director, court records show. 

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the gun’s armorer, provided the gun. David Halls, the assistant director, checked it and told Baldwin that it was a cold gun. He pointed the gun at Hutchins (42), and then fired it while they were rehearsing the scene.

Authorities are currently investigating the site of the accident and have shut down the facility.  

Baldwin said that the production of a low budget movie is not likely to happen. 

In the weeks since the shooting, several former crew members have spoken out about the unsafe environment on the set.

Lane Luper was the A-camera’s first assistant. He said that he left the job one day prior to the shooting due to overwork, poor gun safety, and COVID-safety not being properly enforced.

Rust believes that it was the perfect storm, according to him, of Rust the assistant director and Rust the armorer. The culture was present on the set. And the hurrying. Good Morning America interviewed him on the subject of the tragic shooting.

‘It wasn’t just one individual. It took everything to come together for the one-in-a trillion thing to occur.

He then disputed the producers’ claim that safety was a top priority on set, saying, ‘I only personally remember two safety meetings that involved the entire crew.’

Luper later accused the film’s producers of not following the basic rule about having guns on set. His statement was that there would never be any live rounds on a set or studio lot. 

When he spoke of Halyna Hutchins’ passing, he choked up and said that ‘She truly was something special.

Luper claimed that two gunshots were accidentally fired on the set, and one sound-effects blast was heard around the crew.

“There were no explanations about what we should expect from these shots. Luper explained in the letter, “There have been NO explanations as to what we should expect for these shots.”

He said that crew members became exhausted from long commutes to and from their accommodations, some of which were more than two hour away.

Luper explained that in her 10 years of experience as a camera assistant she’s never been on any show where the crew’s safety was so important.

The gun Baldwin used to shoot Hutchins supplied by the armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed (pictured)

Baldwin’s gun used to shoot Hutchins provided by Hannah Gutierrez Reed (pictured).

The set of the film has been shut down since the fatal shooting

Since the shooting, the set has been closed.

Sky News also heard Luper tell Sky News that he spoke out because he believed Hutchins’ death was due to cutting corners and costs.

“Halyna’s death could have been prevented by following the industry safety rules for decades,” he stated. He added: “I’ve never felt safer on or off-set.”

“I have never felt more at risk of death on set than on my drive back, and I was exhausted.”

He stated that the producers put the potential profits above safety and wellbeing of crew members, noting, “The crew itself worked extremely hard, but they weren’t always respected by the producers.”

“This was because the set didn’t have safety regulations that are applicable to this industry.

Luper stated that the safety meeting was not required for every firearms use.

Sky News was contacted by a representative of the producers to refute his assertions. Luper’s claims about safety and budget are clearly false. This is because his job as a camera operator was not related to it and that he did not have any knowledge or safety protocol or budgets.

The spokesperson stated that while we remain cooperative with all investigations, our options for what we could say are very limited. Safety is our number one priority. 

Baldwin has pushed back at critics who claimed the working conditions on the set were unsafe

Baldwin responded to critics who said the work conditions were dangerous.

Baldwin retorted last week against claims that working conditions were dangerous on set. However, Baldwin shared a post by one crew member, in which she criticized her colleagues for creating a false and distorted picture of the set, calling it unsafe and chaotic.

Baldwin uploaded a photo of Terese Mapale Davis’s blog post to his Instagram, captioned: “Read this.”

Davis posted, “I’m so tired of this narrative,” in her blog post. I worked on this movie. The story being spun of us being overworked and surrounded by unsafe, chaotic conditions is bull***t.’

Davis’ post refuted many crew member complaints, such as that they worked over 12-hour days.

“We’ve never had to work more than 12.5 hours a day on a shoot.” Davis said that Davis had written it once.

‘Most days were under 12. We had completed a 12-hour turnaround from an 11-hour shooting day when Halyna was killed. We had (including camera) gotten off by 6:30pm.’

Davis said that the tragic shooting at set would haunt her forever. While Davis is furious at Dave Hall (assistant director), who gave Baldwin the gun she said that he was not concerned about safety.

“I’m heartbroken, angry,” she said. “I won’t get that sound or the screams of my director out of my ears as a result.

“My friend has died. Am I angry at him? Yes. However, I refuse to jump on the bandwagon of pretending that he didn’t care about our safety throughout the entire process.

Baldwin was silent on Rust’s incident before sharing his post.