Alec Baldwin smiled for the first times since Halyna Hutchins’ shooting death. 

The actor was photographed playing soccer with his kids in Hamptons. The ball appeared to be something he had just purchased at an area shop.

Baldwin (63), has been downcast since he accidentally fired the gun that shot Hutchins to death on October 21, on his New Mexico film shoot.

Last week, Rust script supervisor Mamie Mitchell tearfully announced that she was suing the actor and accused him of playing ‘Russian Roulette’ when he fired a gun without checking it first to make sure it was not loaded, and further claimed that the scene being filmed did not call for the firing of the gun.

Baldwin was one of almost two dozen defendants named in the complaint.

Alec Baldwin was seen smiling Saturday for the first time since the shooting death of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

Alec Baldwin smiled Saturday, the first day since Halyna Hutchins’ shooting death as Rust cinematographer.

Photographers captured the actor playing soccer in the Hamptons with his children

The actor was photographed playing soccer with his children in Hamptons.

Baldwin is shown kicking a soccer ball with his kid

Baldwin and his son are shown playing soccer together.

Baldwin was running and kicking the ball around the soccer pitch with the kids

Baldwin was running with the kids and kick the ball about the soccer pitch.

The actor smiled and seemed to enjoy the company of his small children in photos taken on Saturday.

Sporting a long jacket, he is seen holding a shopping bag containing a soccer ball that he likely purchased from Gubbins Perfect Fit, a sporting goods store in East Hampton.

He was photographed later running with six of his kids and kicked the ball all over the pitch.

While the actor has been spotted out in public before, often accompanied by his yoga instructor wife, Hilaria Baldwin, he has looked glum. 

Baldwin and two of six children are seen playing soccer together

Baldwin is pictured with two out of six children playing soccer together

Sporting a long jacket, he is seen holding a shopping bag containing a soccer ball that he likely purchased from Gubbins Perfect Fit, a sporting goods store in East Hampton

The man is dressed in a long jacket. He also holds a shopping bag that includes a soccerball. It was probably purchased at Gubbins Perfect Fit.

Alex Baldwin is smiling at a soccer pitch in the Hamptons

Alex Baldwin smiles at the Hamptons soccer field

Baldwin is seen holding a shopping bag in one hand and his son's hand in the other

Baldwin holds a shopping bag one handed and his son the other. 

The actor is seen with his phone out, likely videotaping or photographing his children while they play

This actor can be seen holding his phone, probably videotaping and photographing his children as they play

Baldwin was captured adjusting his face mask as he walked in a parking lot in East Hampton

Baldwin was photographed adjusting his facial mask in an East Hampton parking garage.

Photographs taken outside his Greenwich Village house earlier in the week showed him looking very sad.

Baldwin was wearing a dark T-shirt and a casual dress despite the cold November temperatures. With his silver hair well coifed, he climbed in to a black Cadillac in order to drop his kids off at school in Brooklyn. 

Baldwin was first to be seen by the general public since Mitchell’s announcement of the suit.

Baldwin appeared careworn and uncoordinated amid legal problems. 

He wore a face mask made of dark blue cloth as he settled in the front seat.

Down in the dumps: A somber-looking Alec Baldwin is pictured climbing into an SUV outside his family's Manhattan apartment building on Thursday morning

Below the surface: Alec Baldwin, a somber-looking man, is seen stepping into an SUV in front of his Manhattan family apartment. 

Baldwin appeared care-worn, although his trademark salt-and-pepper hair had been carefully coifed

Baldwin looked tired, even though his signature salt-and pepper hair was well-coifed 

Less than 24 hours after learning he was being sued by a Rust crew member, Baldwin emerged to accompany his children to their school in Brooklyn

Baldwin appeared to be accompanied by his children, Brooklyn School of the Arts, less than 24 hours following learning that he was being sued. 

After dropping the big kids off in school, Baldwin returned home to take the baby for a stroll around Washington Square Park

Baldwin dropped the kids at school and returned to his home in order to walk the baby around Washington Square Park.

Baldwin and Hilaria, just hours after Mitchell’s lawsuit had been made public, were seen returning home from a night out with friends.

30 Rock’s alum chose to wear a formal attire ensemble, with dark tie and suit. 

Mitchell, the first person to call 911 after Hutchins was accidentally shot by Baldwin on the film’s set last month, broke down in tears on Tuesday as she announced the filing of her lawsuit against Baldwin and other producers of the low-budget Western movie.

The suit names 22 defendants associated with the film, including Baldwin, Rust producers, six production companies – El Dorado Pictures, Thomasville Pictures, Short Porch Pictures, Brittany House Pictures, 3rd Shift Media and Streamline Global – armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, First Assistant Director David Halls and others. 

Mitchell, an industry veteran for over 40 years, was close to Hutchins’s body when Baldwin fired the gun that killed her. Joel Souza was then hurt.

This suit alleges assault and intentional infliction emotional distress. The suit also claims that no gun was required to shoot the scene. 

I ran to 911, and told them, “Bring everyone, send everybody Mitchell,” during a press conference. This woman has died at the start of her career. Her extraordinary and rare qualities made her a very special woman.   

Mitchell claimed she was less than 4 feet from Hutchins at the time she was shot, and that she was hit with residue.

She said, “I won’t forget the events that took place on Rust’s set that day.” I can still hear the gun explode and remember the shot.

Mitchell stated that she felt depressed and scared for the future.

She said, “This tragic tragedy has taken away all the joy from my life.”

She stated that she wanted to stop what occurred on the set happening again. 

Alec Baldwin was spotted dining in New York with wife Hilaria last Sunday evening

Last Sunday night, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria were seen dining out in New York.

The couple were spotted out in plain sight as they dined outdoors at celebrity hotspot Il Cantinori in Manhattan's Greenwich Village

They were seen together outside Il Cantinori, a celebrity restaurant in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

According to onlookers, Baldwin looked 'very rough' and 'sullen' during the outing - which comes on the heels of his accidental on-set shooting that left a cinematographer dead

Onlookers claim that Baldwin was’very rough’,’sullen’ during the outing. This comes after an accidental on-set shooting which left a cinematographer in the grave. 

Gloria Allred of Mitchell, Mitchell’s highly-paid attorney, claimed that Baldwin received live ammunition from the assistant director. Baldwin also knew that the gun shouldn’t have been given to Baldwin and that Baldwin could not depend on the statement made by any assistant director regarding whether the gun was unsafe to use.

Allred claimed that Alec Baldwin purposely, but without any excuse or justification, fired and cocked the loaded gun even though the scene ahead of him was not required to do so. ‘Mr. Baldwin decided to play Russian Roulette without having it checked and without the assistance of an armorer.

‘Mr. Baldwin cannot conceal behind the Assistant Director in order to pretend that he checked the gun,’ Mitchell complains. Mitchell was present at the Bonanza Creek Ranch church where Baldwin’s quick draw’ rehearsal ended tragically.

Baldwin had to assume that the gun was loaded, until it was verified that it wasn’t loaded.

Allred claimed last month her client has evidence that will prove to be “helpful in this probe” and she has been interviewed law enforcement. Allred claims that, even though the assistant director said the gun was okay, he should have not used the gun based on that advice. 

According to the lawsuit, the production team and Baldwin were not negligent in the events that lead to the filming.

Baldwin is also accused of not following industry standards by checking guns; she was also accused of being negligent.

All ammunition and guns are to be kept safe throughout production. The armorer should also stay close to all guns. Allred stated that ammunition and guns weren’t left to the care of the armorer. 

Mitchell and attorney Gloria Allred laid out their lawsuit - which alleges assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and deliberate infliction of harm

Mitchell and Gloria Allred presented their suit, which includes allegations of assault, deliberate infliction and distress emotional, as well as infliction and harm.

Svetnoy shared the final photo of Halyna Hutchins (pictured holding the camera) on set in the church just moments before she was shot dead

Svetnoy took the final photograph of Halyna Houtchins, pictured holding the camera. This was just moments before her death.

Allred stated that Mitchell stood near Halyna Huckchins and Joel Souza at the time they were shot. He then ran from the church.

Allred stated that Halyna was close friends and a colleague of Mamie in a statement last month. She is deeply saddened by the passing of an exceptional friend. Mamie attended Halyna’s vigil and she was moved by the loss of her friend.

Allred stated that her client was ‘traumatized’, and they have begun an investigation to find out what exactly happened. 

On Wednesday, the head of film lighting filed a lawsuit alleging that negligence caused him severe emotional distress that will forever haunt him.

Serge Svetnoy, in his suit, said that the bullet that killed Hutchins’ close friend, narrowly missed him. He held her head as she passed away.

At a Wednesday news conference, Gary A. Dordick, Svetnoy’s lawyer, stated that they should not have ever had live rounds on the set.

Nearly two dozen people are named in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, including Baldwin who is both star and producer, David Halls who gave Baldwin the gun, and Hannah Gutierrez Reed who handled weapons.

The lawsuit is one of many that could arise from the October 21 shooting.

This was Hutchins’ ninth film together and Svetnoy had accepted the low-paying job because Hutchins asked. 

Director Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust

Halyna HUTCHINS, director of Rust

Actor Alec Baldwin is one of several producers named in the lawsuit and specifically called out by Allred

Alec Baldwin (actor) is among the producers included in the suit and was called out specifically by Allred

Svetnoy declared at the news conferece, “She was a friend of mine.”

He claimed that he’d seen guns left unattended on the ground in the shoot days before and had warned people about it.

According to the suit, Baldwin was lighting up within six or seven feet of him on the day of shooting.

According to the suit, “What happened next will haunt Plaintiff for ever.”

“He heard a weird and frightening whoosh from what felt like compressed air coming from his right. He experienced what he thought was gunpowder, and other residual substances directly striking his face on the right.

He then knelt down to assist Hutchins with his blurred vision and muffled hearing.

Both punitive and compensatory damages are sought in the lawsuit. These will be decided later. The plaintiff, as well as most defendants, filed the suit in Los Angeles County.

The attorneys and representatives of defendants didn’t immediately reply to emails and calls seeking comment about the suit.

Jason Bowles, Gutierrez Reed’s attorney stated Wednesday in a statement that they were convinced the incident was sabotage. Hannah is now being framed. The scene had been tampered with before police arrived, according to us.

Bowles stated that his client provided a complete interview to authorities and is continuing to help them. However, the statement didn’t address the suit.

The gun Baldwin used to shoot Hutchins supplied by the armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed (pictured), 24

Rust assistant director David Halls (pictured) is also being sued and told Baldwin that the gun was cold

An experienced crew member sued Hannah Gutierrez–Reed, a 24-year-old armourer (left), and David Hall (right), the assistant director of the movie. Hall claimed that Baldwin was wrongly told the gun was too cold.

Hutchins' October 19, 2021 Instagram post showed cast members and staffers, including Baldwin alongside Hutchins herself and armorer Gutierrez-Reed (circled left to right) on the set of Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hutchins’ Instagram posting of October 19, 2021 showed cast members and employees, including Baldwin, along with Hutchins and her armorer Gutierrez­Reed. (circled right to left)

The statement stated that they are seeking a thorough and comprehensive investigation into all facts including live rounds and how the children ended up in “dummies” boxes.

Gutierrez Reed claimed last week that she had examined the Baldwin-shot gun, but did not know how a bullet came in.

Mary Carmack, Santa Fe District Attorney and Altwies stated that investigators did not find any evidence of sabotage.

Sascha Guinn Anderson, agency spokesperson confirmed the comments she made, which were first broadcast on Good Morning America.

Carmack-Altwies stated that the investigators are aware of the origins of the weapon, but it’s not clear how the bullet got onto the film set. She expressed concern that so many safety violations occurred.

Dordick stated at the news conference it was “far-fetched” to suggest that there had been sabotage. Gutierrez Reed, however, still had the responsibility of knowing what was inside the gun and who was handling it.

According to authorities, Halls the assistant director handed the weapon to Baldwin, and he announced that ‘cold guns’ was the appropriate word to indicate that it was safe for him to use.

Svetnoy (left), held dying Halyna Hutchins (right) in his arms after she was shot

Svetnoy (left) held the dying Halyna Utchins in his arms, after she was shot. 

Halls claimed last week that he hopes the tragedy will prompt the film industry’s’reevaluates its values and practice’ in order to prevent anyone being hurt again. However, he did not give any details.

Baldwin stated on October 30, that it was a one-in-a trillion event. He said, “We were a well-oiled team shooting a movie together, and then this terrible event occurred.”

According to New Mexico court records, Souza claimed that Baldwin was practicing a scene where he pulled out a revolver and pointed it at the camera. Souza and Hutchins were also behind this incident, Souza said.

Souza claimed that the scene didn’t call for live rounds. Gutierrez Reed stated that real ammunition should not have been used, as per court records.

Los Angeles lawyers claim that Baldwin did not fire the gun but pointed it.

The circumstances surrounding the film-set shooting have left Hollywood pros baffled. Other production crews have taken safety precautions.