The leader of Insulate Britain insists that ‘no ambulances were stopped’ by protestors, despite eco-mob members blocking paramedics responding to a 911 call just three weeks earlier. 

Liam Norton, an activist group member, defended their actions in an interview that he gave on Saturday at the Royal Courts of Justice in London as part of a demonstration.  

He claimed that they are necessary in order for us to make a change to our system and protect all citizens of this country.

Norton stated that comments suggesting Insulate Britain protests had stopped patients from visiting hospitals were not true.

He stated that people could take another route to reach the hospital and there aren’t any examples of ambulances being halted. 

He contradicts numerous reports that have claimed that many ambulances became stuck in tailbacks as a result of protests.

He stated that the climate agreement made at COP26 was ‘tantamount of genocide’, and that the NHS would be destroyed in a matter of years.

Insulate Britain's leader (pictured) insists 'no ambulances have been stopped' by their protests despite the eco-mob blocking paramedics on a 999 call only three weeks ago

The Insulate Britain leader (pictured), insists that ‘no ambulances were stopped’ by protests, despite eco-mobs blocking paramedics responding to a 999 call just three weeks ago

Liam Norton defended the actions of the activist group in an interview (pictured) on Saturday outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London during a protest

Liam Norton, an activist group member, defended their actions in an interview. (pictured), Saturday at the Royal Courts of Justice in London during protests

As he protested in Vauxhall (south London), on Saturday, he said that the UK was “leaving millions to die”.

Norton stated that this is the beginning of a struggle to stop criminality from our government. They are allowing millions to die and allowing for unimaginable horror.

After an argument with Richard Madeley, the leader of ITV’s Good Morning Britain went viral in September.

He said their actions are 'what's required in order to create change in our system to protect every single person in this country'

He stated that their actions were necessary to bring about change within our system in order to ensure the safety of every person living in this country.

Regarding comments that Insulate Britain protests have stopped people from going to hospital, Norton said these cases were 'almost nil'

 Regarding comments that Insulate Britain protests have stopped people from going to hospital, Norton said these cases were ‘almost nil’

He added: 'People could find another route to hospital, there's no examples of ambulances being stopped'

He said, “People could find another way to get to the hospital. There are no instances of ambulances being stopped.”

He said the UK government was 'leaving millions of people to die' as he was arrested after blocking a junction during a protest in Vauxhall, south London, on Saturday

On Saturday, he protested against the UK’s ‘leaving million of people to perish’. He was then arrested for blocking a street during a Vauxhall, South London, demonstration.

Lambeth Bridge in London was closed for five hours by hundreds of Insulate Britain protestors on Saturday. The Metropolitan Police stated that traffic would be diverted through the day “for the safety and security of all”. The force reported that 30 protestors had been arrested.

On Saturday, eco-zealots marched through the capital, causing traffic chaos and disruption for commuters. They also chanted: “What do you want?” Climate justice. What time do you want climate justice? Now.’

Photos showed eco-mob members sitting on Lambeth Bridge’s A3203, with signs that read: “Betrayed By My Government” at about 2pm Saturday. This was after earlier warnings this week that they would return to direct action at The Royal Courts of Justice, protesting the imprisonment of their roadblocking comrades.

A handful of protestors were photographed being forcibly removed by police officers. But the hated ecogroup managed to close one London bridge for longer than four and a quarter hours. It caused more travel problems for thousands of frustrated road-users.

Around 5pm, Metropolitan Police made it clear that protestors had been barred from Lambeth Bridge by the Public Order Act. However, they also asked for those who were present to leave the bridge via Twitter. The force posted the news that the bridge was reopened at 7.03pm, five hours after it had been closed for protestors.

They said that the Lambeth Bridge, Vauxhall Bridge southbound, and some Vauxhall Cross were still shut. The roads will be reopened as soon as possible.

The eco-zealots managed to block one of London's busiest bridges for five hours, despite warning earlier this week that they would protest on Saturday. Pictured: An Insulate Britain activist is removed by police officers on Vauxhall Bridge, London

Even though they had been warned this week to not protest, the eco-zealots were able to block London’s most important bridge for five hours. Pictured: A Insulate Britain activist was removed from Vauxhall Bridge by officers, London

The fury of many Brits was felt by members of Insulate Britain’s Eco Mob after they blocked additional roads in London to protest the arrest of nine of their members. Pictured: The road is blocked and protestors hold signs on Vauxhall Bridge in central London

Supporters of the nine jailed Insulate Britain climate activists take part in a protest on Lambeth Bridge in central London

A demonstration was held on Lambeth Bridge, central London by supporters of nine Insulate Britain climate activists currently in jail

Hundreds of Insulate Britain activists have closed Lambeth Bridge on a protest through London against the jail terms given to their road-blocking comrades

Insulate Britain activists closed Lambeth Bridge to protest against their fellow roadblockers’ jail sentences.

The supporters claim the nine jailed Insulate Britain climate activists are 'political prisoners' and will not be the last to be locked up

Supporters claim that the Insulate Britain climate activists who are currently in jail for their political views are not the first to be imprisoned.

Cheers rang out during the walk as a campaigner told the crowd that 'good people have a duty to disobey bad laws'

As a campaigner explained to the crowd that “good people have the duty not to obey bad laws”, cheers erupted during the walk.

In September, Insulate Britain started a series of protests and blocked roads around London, including the M25.

Gully made a clear warning to the police force present at the event: We will be putting one foot in front and the other. Dare you not to!

She stated, “You cannot imprison the resistor, but you can imprison the resistance.”

After being closely supervised by officers in uniform, the group set out on a walk protesting against injustices along central London’s streets, towards Westminster, chanting “power to all people”.

As a campaigner explained to the crowd that good people are responsible for disobeying bad laws, cheers rang out.

Alanna Byrne from Extinction Rebellion said, “When I watched the Highway Nine testify in court this semaine, I realized that I had to make a stand in their place today.”

“These individuals willingly sacrificed their freedom in order to force the government to address the most serious crisis that we will ever experience.”

“The collapse of Cop26 must shock all to make them take action. The fossil fuel industry is being protected by world leaders, and they won’t save the public.

“All that is left for us now is to get together and fight for what we believe in.

“The government believes that the injunction will make people fearful and force them to stop acting.” The opposite is true.

“This has just ignited a fire within people that will spread faster then they realize.” Emma Smart declared in court Wednesday, “I won’t be a spectator.” You shouldn’t either.

Zoe Cohen claimed that she had traveled to the demonstration from Warrington, in north-west England out of frustration.

She stated, “I’m angry, disillusioned and in pain for all the nature we’ve lost.”

According to the 51-year old, ‘ordinary people shouldn’t have to do that and run for prison’.

Ms Cohen stated that any disruption would be minimal in comparison to millions of lives being lost worldwide due to the crisis.

Insulate Britain claimed it wasn’t involved in the setting up of this event. Participants described it as being community-led.

They were sentenced to High Court Wednesday for violating an order by participating in a blockade of junction 25 M25 in the early hours of October 8.

Ana Heyatawin, age 58, was sentenced to three-month imprisonment, along with Louis McKechnie (age 20). Ben Buse 36, Roman Paluchnik 28, Oliver Rock 41, Emma Smart 44, Tim Speers 36, and James Thomas 47 were all given four-month terms.

After Ben Taylor’s submissions on Tuesday, Dame Victoria Sharp described them as being ‘inflammatory’, ‘call to arms, and given him a six-month sentence.

Nine Insulate Britain eco zealots were jailed at the High Court after admitting breaching an injunction on protesting

The High Court sentenced nine Insulate Britain eco zealots for violating an order against them protesting

Today protestors rallied outside London’s Royal Courts of Justice, in solidarity to campaigners for Insulate Britain facing imprisonment sentences.