Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria is ‘very worried’ about her actor husband after he accidentally shot a gun on the Rust film set which should not had a real bullet and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

According to People, the death of the 63-year old 30 Rock star is believed to have left him ‘haunted’. It happened in Santa Fe (New Mexico) on October 21.

Insiders said that Hilaria was very concerned about him. He isn’t really asleep, but haunted by Halyna’s death.

It has been claimed that the veteran actor is having such a rough time because he wants to focus to remain on the cinematographer’s family as she is survived by husband Matthew and their nine-year-old son Andros.

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria is 'very worried' about her actor husband after he accidentally shot a gun on the Rust film set which should not had a real bullet and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (the couple are seen in Vermont on Saturday

Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria has expressed concern about her husband’s health after he accidentally fired a gun on the Rust movie set, which was not meant to have a real shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Utchins. (The couple can be seen in Vermont Saturday

Cinematographer Hutchins died after being shot on the Santa Fe, New Mexico set of Rust back on October 21

Hutchins, a cinematographer, was killed in a shooting accident at Santa Fe (New Mexico) set of Rust back.

Sources say Alec is struggling because he knows that Halyna’s family has it worse. He doesn’t need sympathy. He doesn’t want this to be about anyone but him.

“He just wants to help Halyna and her husband as much as possible.”

This happened just days after Hilaria was married. branded a desperate attention-seeker after interrupting Alec’s impromptu press conference about Hutchins’ death, prompting her movie star husband to glare and snap at her. 

Hilaria repeatedly barged into a Vermont roadside interview on Saturday. She paced in front the camera and scowled at her reporter while filming the exchange on her iPhone. 

The 63-year-old 30 Rock star (seen in February 2015) is said to be 'haunted' by the death after the tragic incident as a source said Alec 'is struggling, because he clearly understands that things are even worse for Halyna's family. He doesn't want any sympathy. He doesn't want this to be about him'

The 63-year-old 30 Rock star (seen in February 2015) is said to be ‘haunted’ by the death after the tragic incident as a source said Alec ‘is struggling, because he clearly understands that things are even worse for Halyna’s family. He doesn’t need sympathy. He doesn’t want this to be about anyone but him.

Later, she shared a touching Instagram post: ‘I love and I’m there,’ she captioned an image of her and her husband holding hands after Hutchins accidentally killed cinematographer Hutchins.

Hilaria was called out online for her apparent attempt to get sympathy.

‘This scene with Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin (aka 100% not-Spanish Hillary from Boston who is still using a fake accent) is nuts,’ tweeted @blanket1734.

‘He’s trying to deal with the paps and his wife keeps jumping in, trying to butt in and FILMING because she’s that desperate for attention.’ 

This came just days after his wife Hilaria was branded a desperate attention-seeker after interrupting Alec’s impromptu press conference about Hutchins' death, prompting her movie star husband to glare and snap at her

This came just days after his wife Hilaria was branded a desperate attention-seeker after interrupting Alec’s impromptu press conference about Hutchins’ death, prompting her movie star husband to glare and snap at her 

'Her name is Halyna,' Hilaria tells a reporter. 'If you're spending this much time waiting for us, you should know her name. Alec also appears to grow annoyed at the reporter, asking in astonishment: 'You don't know her name? Come on. Halyna Hutchins.'

Hilaria says to a reporter, “Her name is Halyna.” ‘If your spending so much time waiting, you should know her Name. Alec seems to grow annoyed at the reporter and ask in amazement: “You don’t know her?” Don’t be so rude. Halyna Hutchins.

Added @LexieNorcross: ‘Watching Alec basically tell Hilaria to go away is amazing.

‘The chick needs to learn how to use door dash or Instacart and stop parading her whole family to Starbucks, etc. “if” she wants some privacy – she wants attention it seems like.’

User @rdcarrington said there were ‘two narcissists’ in the picture.

‘She has to involve herself to get some of that attention,’ they tweeted.

Hilaria, who was born in Boston, has been accused by the New York Post of pretending to be Spanish-speaking. She said that she drove her family to Vermont after October 21st because she was worried about her husband’s mental well-being.

“I brought…” [Alec]”We are up here to grieve Halyna’s passing,” she explained to the outlet. “Alec went through a really terrible thing, and I’m trying to minimize the PTSD.

“You should look at the trauma that happens to soldiers and officers when something like this happens. She said, “We just came up here to have some quiet.”

She said that her husband was feeling ‘awful’ and that they were ‘trying find quiet’ to take care of him. 

She stated, “He needs space for him to take care of his mental health and himself.” 

Twitter users were unsympathetic to Hilaria, saying she's 'desperate for attention' and needs to stop 'parading her whole family to Starbucks, etc. "if" she wants some privacy'

Twitter users were not sympathetic to Hilaria. They said she is ‘desperate for attention’, and that she needs to stop ‘parading’ her entire family to Starbucks. “If” she desires privacy

Hilaria Baldwin was seen leaving her Greenwich Village family home one day after the accident which killed Hutchins, and injured director Joel Souza.

Baldwin stated that he didn’t know exactly where he was going and just drove. Baldwin said, “I just drove around and around and about with my children.”

To escape the media scrutiny, she moved to Manchester, Vermont.  Her husband later joined her there.

Alec Baldwin spoke to media on Saturday for the first time since the accident.   

Baldwin said that he had dinner in New Mexico with Halyna Houtchins on the first days of filming Rust. Then, he fatally shot Hilaria last Thursday.

Baldwin was with Hilaria, his wife. They were apparently filming the interaction when they pulled over to talk to photographers from Manchester, Vermont. He stated that he would support new restrictions on the use of weapons in television and film productions to improve worker safety.

“What do you want? Alec, visibly upset, said this as Hilaria, his wife, held up her phone and recorded the impromptu news briefing along the side road. 

Hilaria Baldwin made an emotional post on Instagram, showing her hand intertwined with husband Alec Baldwins and says she has fears he will develop PTSD after he accidentally shot dead cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of 'Rust'

Hilaria Baldwin shared an emotional Instagram post showing her hand tied with Alec Baldwins. She expressed concern about him developing PTSD after he accidentally shot Halyna Utchins, a cinematographer on the set for ‘Rust. 

Baldwin said he had dinner with 'my friend' Halyna Hutchins (pictured) on the first day of filming Rust in New Mexico before fatally shooting her last Thursday

Baldwin claimed that he had dinner with Halyna Hutchins, a’my friend’, on the first day of filming Rust. She was shot to death last Thursday.

They spoke for approximately four minutes. He said: ‘A woman died. She was my friend. 

He stated, “The day that I arrived in Santa Fe to begin shooting, she was taken to dinner by Joel, the director.” ‘We were a very, extremely well-oiled crew filming a movie together, and then this horrible incident happened. 

Hilaria, who seems to want to say something her husband, walks towards him while he’s speaking to reporters. Alec, annoyed, tells her: ‘Excuse us. 

Alec said to photographers that he had been ordered by Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office to ‘not talk about the investigation’ but that he is eagerly awaiting the release of their findings. 

The actor, who was visibly anxious during his exchanges with reporters, then asked: “What other other questions do you have than that?” 

After the death of the 42 year-old filmmaker, he claimed that he still talks to police every day.

Hilaria then steps into the frame and stands beside her husband while filming the assembled photographers and reporters with her mobile phone.

A reporter then asks Alec about his meeting with the family of the deceased cinematographer. However, he forgets Hutchins’ name and fumbles the query, prompting Hilaria and Alec to express their frustration.

Hilaria responded, “Her name’s Halyna,”

Hilaria informs the reporter that if you’re spending so much time waiting, you should know her first name.

Alec appears to be growing annoyed at the reporter, asking in amazement: “You don’t even know her name?” Don’t be so rude. Halyna Hutchins. 

Alec continued, “I met with her husband Matthew and her son.” That’s correct.

Alec said that he didn’t know how to describe the meeting when he was asked.

Alec said that they were mortified’, but Hilaria interjects before he can finish his sentence.

Baldwin claimed Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, 'was his friend' and that he 'took her out to dinner with the direct' on the first night in Santa Fe

Hilaria seemed defensive of her heartbroken husband while they talked to photographers

Baldwin claimed Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, ‘was his friend’ and that he ‘took her out to dinner with the direct’ on the first night in Santa Fe. Hilaria appeared defensive of her husband, as they talked to photographers. Her husband shooed Hilaria away and said: ‘Do me the favor, I’m going answer the questions. 

Baldwin looked distraught as he was out with his family in Manchester, Vermont

Baldwin looked distraught when he was out with his family, Manchester, Vermont. 

‘You guys guys, you know exactly what? No details,’ Hilaria says.

Alec appears again agitated at his wife and tells her: “Do you want to do me a favor?” I’m going answer the question.

Alec was shocked when the reporter told him that Hutchins’ widower was “very upset”.

Alec says, “There are occasional accidents on film sets, but nothing like this.”

“This is a one-in-a-thousand episode. This is a one-in-a-thousand event.

Alec stated that Hutchins’ widower was ‘in shock’ and that Baldwins are presently in constant contact with him. 

“We are very concerned about his family and his child. We are eagerly waiting for the sheriff’s office to inform us of the results of their investigation, as I mentioned.

Alec, still frustrated, asks the press corps: “What other options do you have?”

The reporter then asks Alec if Alec would be willing to work on another film set with firearms. 

Alec replied, “I couldn’t answer that question.” I don’t understand it.

“I know that there is an ongoing effort to limit firearms on film sets. This is something that I am very interested in.

But, I think you should remember something important: How many bullets have been used in TV and film shows? [that have been made]In the last 75 years?

“This is America. How many bullets were fired on TV and movies before? Billions.

We must recognize when something goes wrong and take appropriate measures to prevent it from happening again. [rounds].

“But that’s not for you to decide.”

‘It’s important that you understand this field – I’m no expert. I’m open to whatever other people decide is best for protecting the safety of people on film sets. I’m willing to work with them in any way possible. 

Alec answered the question “I don’t know if I have any other film projects.”

Alec then informs reporters that he doubts that Rust production will restart.

Hilaria again interjects when Hilaria was asked why he and the family decided to leave for Vermont.

Alec then gestures to his wife by reaching his right hand towards her shoulder, as if to signal that he will be the one talking.

He tells reporters, “That’s private.” That’s private.

“Anything else?” Alec asks the assembled journalists. Alec questions the assembled journalists.

Alec pleads with reporters for privacy when they don’t have any other questions.

“My children are crying in the car,” the 30 Rock star stated. Hilaria added: “Because you guys follow them and they know.

Baldwin claimed Hutchins' death was 'one in a trillion' before saying 'probably billions' of gunshots have gone off 'without incident' on filmsets in America without 'incident'

Baldwin claimed Hutchins’s death was ‘one of a trillion’, before claiming that ‘probably billions’ of gunshots have been fired ‘without incident’ on American film sets without an ‘incident.

Hilaria waved the photographers over after they pulled over to talk to them

Hilaria waved at the photographers after they pulled up to speak to her

Hilaria (left), who appeared to be recording the entire exchange with reporters, on several occasions interjected, prompting her husband to motion to her as if to indicate that he would be the one doing the talking

Hilaria (left), who appeared as if she was recording the entire exchange between reporters, interjected on several occasions, prompting her husband’s motion to her as though to indicate that he would do the talking.

Hilaria appeared protective of her husband, scolding reporters on the Vermont roadside during Saturday's tense exchange

Hilaria appeared to be protective of her husband, and scolded reporters on the Vermont roadsside during Saturday’s tense exchange

After Alec told reporters that Matthew Hutchins was ‘mortified’ by the tragedy, Hilaria interjects. ‘You guys, you guys, you know what? No details,’ Hilaria says

Hilaria interjects after Alec tells reporters Matthew Hutchins was mortified’ by this tragedy. “You guys, you guys, do you know what?” No details,’ Hilaria says

Alec once again appears agitated at his wife, telling her: ‘Do me a favor? I’m going to answer the question.’

Alec appears again agitated at his wife and tells her: “Do you want to do me a favor?” I’m going answer the question.

Alec continues, “As a courtesy for you, I came out.” [to talk to you]. I am not permitted to comment on the investigation.

“I talk to cops every day.”

Alec responds to a reporter’s question about whether law enforcement officials know Alec’s location. Yes.

Alec ends his remarks by saying, “My point is that -I’m just asking”: “We sat down as an act of courtesy to speak to you. Now, please, would it be possible to stop following us and let us be alone?”

Hilaria: “Just go home.”

Alec said, “We gave you everything that we could possibly give to you,” before he walked toward his car.

Hilaria then walks behind her husband, asking reporters: “Now turn it off.” 

Hutchins’ 38 year-old husband Matthew, a lawyer with whom Hutchins shares an eight year-old son, told, October 22, that he had spoken to Alec Baldwin and was supportive.    

Matthew and the couple’s only son Andros were seen collecting multiple pieces of luggage from the curb yesterday after a limousine dropped it off at their Venice Beach, California, home. 

According to reports, the limousine driver delivered the items to the couple’s residence on Thursday. The delivery occurred exactly one week following the death of the mother. It was believed that the delivery was a return of Halyna’s belongings to her home in New Mexico.   

Baldwin smiled as he approached the photographer while Hilaria seemed stiff as she filmed the photographer

Baldwin smiled as they approached the photographer, while Hilaria looked stiff as she filmed Hilaria. 

Hutchins died October 21 after Baldwin pointed a gun at her during a scene, and it injured director Joel Souza in his shoulder. 

Colt pistol was the gun that killed the filmmaker. Alec Baldwin was handling the vintage gun on the set of Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico, when it accidentally discharged – killing the mom-of-one and wounding director Joel Souza. has obtained a callsheet confirming that Baldwin was involved in a mock gunfight in the Bonanza Ranch church building when Hutchins was shot.

Co-stars Jensen Ackles, Swen Temmel and Travis Hammer were also in the scene – numbered 121 – alongside Baldwin’s stunt double Blake Teixeira and stunt coordinator Allan Graf.

Production notes indicate that the Colt pistol was among several weapons on the set at the time, but it was the only one used in 121 as well as the preceding 118. 

The armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, said ‘wasn’t sure if I was ready’ in an interview prior to filming. 

In the podcast interview, she also said that loading blanks into guns was the scariest thing she had ever done. She didn’t know how to do it so she sought help from Thell Reed, a legendary gunsmith, to overcome her fear.

First assistant director Dave Halls had taken the gun from the cart, and brought it in to Baldwin. He was unaware that it was loaded full of live rounds.

“Cold gun!” Halls shouted “Cold gun!” Before handing the gun to Baldwin. This phrase was used to signal the crew and cast that the gun was safe to be fired for the scene, according the warrant.

Baldwin and Hutchins (circled) are pictured together on the set of Rust, in an image that she uploaded to Instagram two days before

Baldwin and Hutchins are shown together (circled) on the set at Rust. This image was uploaded to Instagram two day before. 

Hutchins was behind the camera while the scene was being filmed on October 21

Hutchins was in the background of the camera as the scene was being shot on October 21.

Experts say that Baldwin did not follow the golden rule of gun safety when he pointed the prop at someone. However, experts agree that the gun should never have been loaded with live ammunition. 

Zak Knight, a pyrotechnic and special effects engineer who is a member of Local 44, told on October 22:  ‘There should have never been live rounds on a movie set, that’s number one. Number two is that every person on a movie-set has the right to inspect any weapon before it’s fired. Number three is that there is no reason for anyone to ever be in direct contact with a weapon that is firing.

“A movie in which the barrel is pointed down to the camera lens should not have an operator behind it. It is clear that the gun was pointed directly towards two people because of these considerations.

Baldwin’s crew was already concerned about gun safety when he accidentally shot and killed Hutchins. 

The warrant indicated that a single bullet struck Hutchins in the chest, and then struck director Joel Souza in the shoulder as he was standing behind her, injuring him, suggesting the bullet traveled all the way through Hutchins’ body.  

Unionized workers had left the set hours prior to the fatal shooting after complaining about long hours and poor conditions. 

Baldwin told the photographer that he did not believe production would restart.