Alison Jackson (spoof artist) is well-known for controversial fake celebrity photos. 

British photographer, David Cameron is well-known for his realistic photos of A-lister doubles in funny settings. These include Kate Middleton in the bath or the Queen lounging on the toilet. 

London-based 61-year old says that she originally wanted to become a sculptor, but was then encouraged to continue her studies at the Royal College of Art.  

Jackson spoke with The Sunday Telegraph and stated that despite her dislike of photography, Jackson still wants to make controversial images using the medium.   

Spoof artist Alison Jackson, famed for her controversial fake celebrity shoots, has said her work shows what a 'slimy, deceitful medium' photography is. The artist is pictured in London last month

Alison Jackson, a fake artist known for her controversial celebrity photos, said that her photography shows the’slimy, misleading medium’ of photography. Last month, the artist was photographed in London 

The British photographer, pictured in 2011, is known for creating realistic comedy photographs of A-lister doppelgangers in awkward settings

Pictured in 2011, the British photographer is well-known for his realistic comedy photos of A-list doppelgangers set in uncomfortable settings. 

She said, “I loathe photography because it’s deceitful, slimy and deceitful, and I have a lot of work that shows it.” 

In 1999, Jackson was threatened with expulsion from the RCA for exhibiting an image of a Princess Diana lookalike holding a biracial baby alongside a Dodi al-Fayed doppelgänger in her series Mental Images – Royal Family. 

According to reports, the Duke of Edinburgh became so angry with these photos that he pulled out from opening the exhibit that year. Jackson has not stopped Jackson from making controversial pieces. 

She said, “I would definitely make another piece similar to that.”[And]You can’t make it up if you don’t believe it. 

The photographer is pictured posing in front of her work 'Seeing is Deceiving' showing a lookalike of the Queen in bed in 2011

Pictured is the photographer posing with her work ‘Seeing is Deceiving. It shows a photo of Queen Victoria in bed in 2011. 

The artist revealed that a young Prince Harry lookalike she used for a shoot outside the Prince of Wales' house found himself in handcuffs (Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton lookalikes from 2011)

According to the artist, a Prince Harry-looking young man she photographed outside Prince of Wales’ house was found in handcuffs. (Prince Harry and Pippa Midton looksalikes since 2011).

Jackson is famous for recreating A-listers - from royals to the US president - in ordinary situations including shopping, taking selfies and even perched on the loo

Jackson’s ability to recreate A-listers, from royaltys to US presidents, in everyday situations such as shopping and taking selfies or perched on top of the loo

Alison, whose outrageous images include a lookalike Meghan Markle wrestling a fake Duchess of Cambridge to the floor by her hair, previously revealed that she often chases people down the street if they have the celebrity ‘look’ she wants.

After creating a series of images satirising Donald Trump in 2016, Jackson revealed she’d seen 300 lookalikes at auditions but none made the cut, so she resorted to approaching people in the street. 

She spoke on ITV and said that she would chase them down and tell them “hey, you look like Donald Trump”. Since I mention this name, they either ran away or put the phone down. [or]Please shout to me.

“Eventually, I was instructed to push off in very clear terms. I also found it far less polite. So I gave up. Everyone kept asking me why I wasn’t doing something.”

She finally found a Chicagoan man aged 66 who claimed he had been told for years that he looked like the businessman.

In 1999, Jackson released her controversial series Mental Images - Royal Family. She is pictured in front of one of her collections in 2009

Jackson published her controversial series Mental Images: Royal Family in 1999. Jackson is seen in 2009 in front one of her collections. 

Alison's outrageous images include a lookalike Meghan Markle wrestling a fake Duchess of Cambridge to the floor by her hair. She is pictured in London, 2018

Alison has some bizarre images, including a Meghan Markle-looking woman wrestling with a false Duchess. London 2018, 2018. 

Also, she shared her story of getting Prince Harry twice arrested for parking outside Prince Charles’ house in a van full of lookalikes. 

I parked my identical van in front of Prince Charles’ home, and it was not the most beautiful thing. [to do]. 

“Prince Harry was out of his van when I returned an hour later, after a photoshoot outside Buckingham Palace with a fake queen. 

“The police arrived and tried to place him in handcuffs. He has never been seen since.

Jackson replied that the popularity of the work is down to people believing the imagery. It’s almost like I am replacing the real.

“We live in a world where you cannot believe anymore. You must believe. You are seduced by the beauty of photography into believing it is true.