Premier League is ready to broadcast EVERY match live, if Omicron variant spreads again. There are contingency plans in place to ensure that matches can be televised by Amazon Prime and BBC.

  • If they are behind closed doors, the Premier League will live-televise each match.
  • Fans may be prevented from returning to the ground by making sure that contingency arrangements are in place  
  • Potential broadcasters include Amazon Prime and BBC, as well Sky and BT.

If they have to broadcast a match in person, the Premier League will.

For fans who are once again barred from ground, contingency arrangements are in place. With every game being shown live by Sky Sports or BT Sport, staggered kick-offs would be possible again. Matches could also be given live to Amazon Prime or the BBC.

Premier League does not intend to place limits at stadiums. The Government will guide them. Omicron has spread and restrictions may be placed after Christmas.

Chris Whitty was the chief medical officer and stated on Thursday that any decision to increase restrictions will be made based on how effective vaccines are against the new variant. Mass sporting events, however, would be the most susceptible to any such change.

Due to the recent outbreaks, nine Premier League matches were cancelled this week by TV companies.

The Premier League will televise every live game if they are forced to play behind closed doors

If they have to broadcast a live match, the Premier League will do so.

Last season, supporters were not allowed into grounds as all top-flight games continued

Fans were not allowed to visit the grounds during last season’s top-flight game.

BT Sport are the largest losers, having been due to show Brentford v Manchester United (Burley v Watford) and Leicester v Tottenham (Luton v Tottenham), as well as Manchester United v Brighton which was set for Saturday. Each of the four scheduled matches were postponed.

The Premier League were forced to hand back £223million to Sky Sports and BT Sport as a result of postponements during the first lockdown last year and are conscious of the need to minimise future rebates, so are minded to accommodate broadcasters’ requests for additional games, which would also be popular with fans.

Omicron poses a grave threat to Premier League. Richard Masters the Chief Executive wrote on Friday to 20 clubs to stress the importance of the season, and to urge them to get all their players vaccinated.

Premier League called for an emergency meeting with club executives, Monday. These meetings will be followed by those of the 20 club captains late in the week.

Brentford manager Thomas Frank is among those calling for the league to temporarily stop

Thomas Frank, Brentford’s manager, is one of those who are calling for the league temporarily to stop