A court has heard that the alleged cofounder of a neo Nazi terror organization dedicated to starting a British race war has been compared to Joseph Goebbels (the Third Reich’s propaganda chief)

Ben Raymond, 32, was accused of setting up an ‘unapologetically racism’ National Action group to wage a white jihad and race war in Britain.

Seven charges have been brought against Raymond, a resident of Swindon in Wiltshire. One is for membership of a prohibited organisation, and six are for possessing a document that could be used to terrorists.

Bristol Crown Court heard that National Action was established in 2013. It was later banned by terror legislation in 2016. 

Ben Raymond, 32, from Swindon, is accused of membership of a proscribed organisation and six counts of possessing material likely to be of use to terrorism

Swindon 32-year-old Ben Raymond is charged with belonging to a proscribed organization and six counts of possessing material which could be of use to terrorists

It was the first far-right group to be banned since 1940’s British Union of Fascists.

Barnaby J. QC, the prosecutor, stated that terrorists have many faces. Some are obvious. Some are obvious. Some are intelligent, articulate, and harmless-looking.

“Some people can be passed on the street and not suspect they are the founder of an extremist organization that was banned by the terrorism legislation. 

“The work of Adolf Hitler was and is incomplete for the defendant and his associates. The Final Solution to Judaism – to quote Hitler’s words – can only be achieved by complete eradication.

‘The ultimate goal of this secretive group white jihadists was to all-out race war, or “Rassenkrieg”. National Action members were aggressive and heavily armed. The group was small, secretive, and paranoid.

The court heard that National Action had more than just ‘knives’ and attitude. They also had rifles, a pump-action shotgun, a crossbow, and CS gas.

Raymond is believed to have invented the term “whitejihad” – which is a borrowing from Islamic terrorism.

Jameson stated to the jury that Raymond was the public face’ for National Action. He was careful not stockpile weapons or conduct attacks himself. 

The prosecutor went on:  ‘His jihad was fought with words and images. He was like Joseph Goebbels, the original cabal Nazis, the natural head for propaganda.

Mr Raymond denies all of the seven counts against him and he appeared at Bristol Crown Court earlier today for the first day of his trial

Raymond denies each of the seven charges against his and he appeared earlier today at Bristol Crown Court to begin the first day of his trial.

“He gave interviews to the media, describing the group’s virulent ethnic cleansing agenda to them with sometimes transcendental calm. Sometimes, his message was more direct.

‘The defendant was pre- and post-banned and played a role in leadership and direction of the group. This included its ideology, activism, recruitment and operations security, also known under the name “OpSec”.

“While others managed the day to day running of the group the defendant became its propagandist, roving ambassador, and acted as a point for contact with other neo Nazi groups in Eastern Europe, Norway, and the USA.

Jameson stated that the group was outlawed in December 2016 and was transformed into NS131 – National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action – with which Raymond was also allegedly associated.

He was also accused in creating images for the KKK Mafia, a Midlands-based organization.

The jury of seven men, five women and Mr Jameson explained that the ideology of National Action was rooted and inspired by Hitler and the Sturmabteilung, a Nazi paramilitary organization active in Germany in 1920s and 1930s.

He claimed that National Action was against Jews. Muslims. People of colour. Asians. Anyone gay.

Jameson said that Raymond was connected to other people convicted for being members of National Action such as soldier Mikko Väilainen, Alice Cutter, and Mark Jones.

He claimed he was also connected to Jack Renshaw, who plotted the murder MP Rosie Cooper’s – and Zack Davies who attacked an Asian dentist in a supermarket using a machete. 

The trial continues.