This was what every child dreams about, where everyone is allowed to have a great time with no rules, including chocolate fountains and mattress slides, as well as a pillow fight.

The experiment on Nine’s new Parental Guidance was costly. Jagan (9 years old) found himself in tears when he was separated from his parents Brett and Tony, who were strict.

Allison Langdon (mother-of-two) and Dr Justin Coulson (paternity expert), host the show. They challenge parents to face challenges together with their children. 

On Sunday, the company handed control over to Penny and Daniel (free-range parents) for one night. They then organized a wild sleepover party.

Dr. Coulson stated that they have a no-rules, go with the flow attitude. “There won’t be stress about things such as mealtimes or bedtimes.

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It is important to not be too permissive or allow the children to have their way. 

“It is about saying, we want to provide you with opportunities to expand your horizons. We’re not going helicopter you.

“But many of these children don’t have this degree of autonomy. The adjustment might be hard.

Daniel said, “We are free to believe that our children have been taught good values. 

“When the children are allowed to choose what you would like to do, it will be a great opportunity for them. I believe that these values will emerge.

As the children enjoyed a huge chocolate fountain with marshmallows and chocolate, one of them said: “My parents wouldn’t allow this …’.”

Jung Jagan found freedom too overwhelming and broke down. Daniel was able to console him and calm his fears before the party even began.

It was the moment every kid dreams of, where they're allowed a night of no holds barred fun with chocolate fountains, mattress slides and a massive pillow fight (pictured)

The moment that every child dreams of. It’s a time when they can have all the fun of their childhood with some chocolate fountains, mattress slide, and even a huge pillow fight.

Tony, his dad revealed that he could clearly see Tony’s mind thinking “What was going on?”

“He loves his 8.30 pm bedtime. He hates talking to anyone. He needs his support. He is quite anxious about his routine.

As their choice, they could do whatever they liked. The children enjoyed mattress slides and free access to video games while other parents looked on with horror.

“Why do all our three children gather around the screen?” As they watched the screen from far away, one couple inquired: “Why are all three of our children gathered around a screen?”

It was clear that a significant number of the children were just focused on their laptops and became almost completely unaware of everything going on in the surrounding room. 

But as the children tucked into a giant chocolate fountain with marshmallows (pictured), one youngster admitted: 'My parents would never allow this...'

As the children enjoyed a huge chocolate fountain with marshmallows, one of them said: “My parents wouldn’t allow this …’.”

Alison Langdon (pictured) is presenting the hit parenting show which puts different styles to the test

Alison Langdon, pictured is the host of the popular parenting show that puts various styles to the test.

One parent was concerned and said that there wasn’t any sense of family. 

The children did their individual thing. There was not a sense of community.

Dr. Coulson said: “I imagine most parents would feel pretty uncomfortable with this incredible informality. 

“It’s almost like everyone is in it for themselves.” There is no engagement because the kids come and go as they like.

Debbie and Kevin, Tiger parents, admitted that it was the greatest test they had to face as parents.

Debbie said that this party was like testing Mimi’s and Leo’s self control. Will they eat all of the chocolate, or can they manage their own behavior?

Tiger mum is looking!  

Penny insists that the plan is to have lots of fun at tonight’s sleepover. 

Tiger parents Kevin and Debbie (pictured) found it difficult to watch the wild pillow fight and mattress surfing, fearing their children could get hurt

Debbie and Kevin, Tiger parents (pictured), found it hard to see the mattress surfing and wild pillow fights. They were afraid their children might get hurt.

“I think that if we keep these kids awake, eventually they will fall asleep and they won’t wake us all night long!”

A huge pillow fight ended the party. The giant lounge area was covered in feathers. Many children helped clean up afterward.

Debbie, Tiger mom said: “That was frightening – it was too scary to watch.

Mimi and Leo remarked that this was a unique experience. 

Tiger parents Kevin and Debbie admitted the party night (pictured) would be a once in a lifetime experience for their children Mimi and Leo

Debbie and Kevin, Tiger parents, admitted that the party night (pictured), would be an unforgettable experience for their children Mimi (and Leo)

Penny, a free-range mum, smiled: “I’m sure the children won’t forget about this pillow fight any time soon. It’s a wonderful memory that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Dr Coulson hailed the free and easy parenting style  and said it did have its own benefits and even came with some limitations.

“One thing we’ve noticed with free-range parents, is that it doesn’t make sense to be permissive,” he stated at the end. “It is not allowing the children to do anything. 

They still have limitations. Their children want to live life. 

“Penny and Daniel are very insistent about bedtime. They have demonstrated this to us.