This trailer could be the perfect Hollywood blockbuster trailer, but the amazing dashcam clip actually captures one night in Northern Territory. 

It takes only two minutes to take viewers on an exciting rollercoaster ride with many unexpected twists and turns along the way that leads up to the finale few may have expected.

Dash Cam Owners Australia posted the clip on YouTube in just minutes. It attracted hundreds of comments from stunned viewers.

The ute is seen driving down the road before the driver brakes, and the ute stops.

Driver wearing the dash camera stops at Patterson Street and Vanderlin Drive, Darwin’s northern suburb near Casuarina. 

As the ute’s passenger, barefoot, attempts to exit the vehicle, the passenger door of the passenger compartment immediately slides off its hinge as he leaves the car.

Driver jumps over to the other side, and the couple shout at one another before they meet in the nature strip on the dual carriageway.

‘F***, I’ve got some random s*** going on in front of me here,’ the man taking the video can be heard saying s he watches on in amazement. 

‘F*** me dead. 

“Two men are about to kill one another.”

It has all the makings of the trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster - but an amazing dashcam video clip (pictured) is actually just a snapshot of one night in the Northern Territory

The trailer looks like a Hollywood blockbuster. But the incredible dashcam video clip (pictured), is really just one evening in Northern Territory

Just as they get more heated, and look like they are going to fight each other on central reservation, the couple suddenly begin to hug one another and seem to be in an intimate embrace.

The dashcam driver gasps as the third man jumps out of his car and joins in on the love-in.

The passengers kissed and made up, and then the passenger ran back to the car with his door hanging open. A police car arrived on the scene. 

The passenger attempts to put his front door back on but the police car stops and shoots the driver. 

Just as they all kiss and make up and the passenger jogs back round to his side of the vehicle - with the door still hanging off - a police car arrives on the scene (pictured)

The passenger and his companion kisses and makes up, and the police car comes on the scene.

As the passenger tries to fix his door back on, the police car pulls up - and the driver of the ute shoots off, leaving the third man and the passenger to face the law alone (pictured)

While the passenger tried to repair his own door, the police car pulled up. And the driver of a ute shot off.

“And they’re racing,” adds dashcam commentator. “They have taken off, it’s all happening!”

The men who were left behind are seen gesticulating and waving into the dark night, as they wait for police to call.

Just as the video was about to be finished, the dashcam driver returned on his own trip and caught up to the ute a little further along the road.

However, this time, it was wrapped around a tree and there were more skidmarks along the road to the accident point.

During the removal of the vehicle, a low-loader truck tow truck blocked all roads.

The dashcam driver caught up with the vehicles further down the road but the ute was wrapped around a tree, with more skidmarks in to road leading up to the collision (pictured)

Dashcam drivers spotted the cars further down the road, but the ute was still wrapped around a tree with even more skidmarks on the road.

The audio from the dashcam video suggested that the driver only suffered minor injuries to his shoulders after he crashed into the tree with his seatbelt.

YouTube viewers were delighted with the video, which received almost 450 comments in one hour.

“Lamborghini has the scissor door, Aston Martin the swan, Mercedes the gullwing, and Bogans the drop doors”, was one of the comments.

“It is hard to believe that the driver lost control of this well-maintained vehicle,” he said, adding another dryly. 

“This is an abominable and hilarious behavior. Go Aussie!

The amazing scenes unfolded at the T-junction of Patterson Street and Vanderlin Drive in Darwin's northern suburb of Malak, near Casuarina (pictured)

The amazing scenes unfolded at the T-junction of Patterson Street and Vanderlin Drive in Darwin’s northern suburb of Malak, near Casuarina (pictured)

‘Good old Darwin – I miss seeing this s*** randomly,’ one former local posted.

Another said: ‘Oddly enough, that’s a pretty good summary of my 2020/2021,’ while someone else insisted: ‘I’ve never seen this much chaos in 2 minutes.’ 

Jimmy Metcalfe, a Darwin resident added that he was happy to share his experience. I don’t see a problem here – just s*** taking care of itself (as it usually does.) You guys are doing a great job!

“Great video! It felt like being there!”

“Ol’ buddy with the cam, Martin Scorsese is the Martin Scorsese… Oscar-winning performance!