In London, almost 10,000 people were hospitalized with stab wounds within nine years. This is just days after the death of another victim. 

NHS Digital Data showed that there were approximately 9,255 admissions from patients in the Met Police Area between April 2012, and March 2012.

The admissions include 53% of the population under 25, with a total 940 hospitalized patients after attacks on 2020-2021.     

Between June 2020 and June 2021 the London Police reported 10,362 knife-related crimes. 

Separate Home Office crime statistics show that 47,000 knife-related crimes occurred in England and Wales between June 2011 and June 2012.  

The data has emerged after another fatal stabbing in the capital on Friday night which saw Ali Abucar Ali , 20, (pictured) killed as he tried to help Betty Walsh, an elderly woman who was set upon

This data was made available after another deadly stabbing occurred in the capital Friday night. Ali Abucar Ali (20) died trying to help Betty Walsh (pictured), an elderly woman being stabbed.

Patrick Green, the CEO of Ben Kinsella Trust was shocked by the shocking statistics. It was established in the memory of a teenage victim of stabbing. 

He added: “These numbers show knife crime continues to be a major problem for both the criminal justice and NHS systems.

“But they are even more concerning because they demonstrate that we fail to protect our young people.

“We have to make sure that young people are aware of the risks associated with knife crime.”

Pictured: Ben Kinsella, who was fatally stabbed at the age of 16 in Islington, while celebrating the end of his GCSES. The Ben Kinsella Trust was set up in his name to provide anti-knife crime education

Pictured: Ben Kinsella was shot to death in Islington at 16 years old. He is celebrating his GCSES. To provide education on anti-knife crime, the Ben Kinsella Trust was established in his honor.

After another stabbing attack in the capital, Friday night’s killing of Ali Abucar Ali (20), was confirmed. He had been trying to assist an elderly lady who was being attacked.

Abucar Ali, a deceased barmaid who came to his aid, was fatally attacked after being stabbed while trying to help Betty Walsh. Betty Walsh was returning to work as a cook when she was going to collect her dinner from Best Kebab and Fish Bar at Albany Parade in Brentford. 

He was hailed a hero for trying to help Ms Walsh before he was killed  by a knife and was described as a hardworking man who had recently won a scholarship. 

Betty is affectionately called ‘Betty Boo,’ by her friends. She has been a barmaid in four pubs around Brentford before retiring.

The family of Ms Walsh said that the elderly man had been able to have a procedure on his kidneys and is now out of critical condition.   

Mr Abucar Ali was fatally stabbed after he came to the aid of Betty Walsh (pictured), a retired barmaid, who was knifed as she went to pick up her dinner at Best Kebab and Fish Bar on Albany Parade in Brentford, West London

After he helped Betty Walsh, a former barmaid who went to her aid, Mr Abucar Ali was fatally knifed. (pictured) Betty Walsh was stabbed as she tried to get her dinner at Best Kebab and Fish Bar, Albany Parade, Brentford, West London.

This latest tragedy comes after five mothers began a campaign in April to get Londoners talking about knife crime.

The program is called Hard Calls Save Lives. Women are encouraged to call Crimestoppers whenever they spot someone with a knife.

Becky Beston joined the cause after Archie died in Kingston, February 2020 from stab wounds while out with friends. 

She described having to contact a stranger for her son’s embalming and claimed it was something she shouldn’t have to do. 

Becky Beston spoke out in the campaign after her son Archie (pictured) was stabbed to death in Kingston in February 2020 while on a night out with friends

Becky Beston was the one to speak out after Archie, her son (pictured), was attacked and killed in Kingston on February 20, 2020.

Fares Maatou (14 years old) was the youngest victim. She was attacked by an e-scooter and was stabbed with a knife. 

 Ben Kinsella Trust has called for more to be done to educate children about the impact of stabbings.

One in five stabbings committed across England involves young men. 

 A spokesman for the National Police Chiefs’ Council said stop and search and targeting knife carriers has contributed to rising numbers of offensive weapon crimes. 

He stated that he believed with the addition to the Service of Officers and the investment in new Violence Reduction Units informed by active communities, that we could play our part in preventing tragic deaths more.

Spokesman for the Government stated that by introducing a Serious Violence Obligation, all levels of the public sector would be able to cooperate and help protect against knife crime.

He declared, “Every knife crime that takes a life is a tragedy.

“That is why we have 20,000 additional police officers patrolling our streets, and giving them more stop and search powers to ensure that dangerous weapons are not confiscated and lives are saved.”

The youngest reported victim this year so far was Fares Maatou (pictured), 14, who was killed with a knife in a row over an e-scooter

Fares Maatou, 14, was the youngest victim reported this year. She was attacked by an e-scooter and was then attacked with a knife.