“You are not my dad. Leave me alone” CCTV footage shows a 5-year-old boy in Eastern Europe holding bin bags. Police appeal for more information

  • Manchester North Police are asking the public for help in locating man
  • Two black bags in the hands of a’suspicious man’ are described as Eastern European.
  • A young boy, believed to have been aged six-seven years old, was seen today on CCTV at 12.30pm
  • Video footage shows two men walking in Manchester’s Angel Meadow.

Police have appealed to the public for help in locating a “suspicious male” and young boy. A bystander had heard the child say: “You’re not my father, please leave me alone.”

An eastern European-looking man was seen carrying two bin bags while he walked along the Angel Meadow area north of Manchester’s centre today.

According to reports, the boy was six- or seven years old and was seen with the man walking around at 12.30 today.

A 'suspicious male' described as eastern European was captured on CCTV, pictured, carrying two black bin bags as he was walking with a boy, believed to be aged six or seven

CCTV captured a’suspicious’ male described as Eastern European, walking alongside a boy aged 6 or 7. He was carrying two bin bags and was carrying them both.

GMP (Greater Manchester Police), Manchester North shared the following image from CCTV footage: “Police made a report at noon today about a suspect male, described as eastern European and in his forties. He was carrying two black bags, a yellow puffer jacket, blue jeans, and grey trainers.

“The male was walking along with a boy aged 6/7 years old. The boy was dressed in a black jacket, black tracksuit bottoms and white stripes on his side, as well black trainers with white soles.

“The child has dark hair.”

Manchester city centre: A man described as eastern European was seen holding two black bin bags he walked through the Angel Meadow area in the north east of Manchester's city centre this afternoon

Manchester City Centre: An eastern European man was seen carrying two bin bags as he walked in Manchester’s Angel Meadow neighborhood this afternoon.

“A member of public called us after hearing the child saying: “You’re no dad. Leave me alone.”

“They last saw them walking towards Angel Meadows, Manchester.

“Any information or sightings that might help us are welcome, so please dial 101, quoting log: 0101501-14112021. We appreciate your cooperation.”