An amateur British golfer, a man of British nationality, has made 11 holes in one within six months. He had never done it before. 

Neil Watts (40) began this incredible feat in June by getting his first hole in one. He had been playing golf since he was five years old.

He has already hit 10 more in just five months, one of which was on par 4. This beats the odds by several billion.

Neil Watts, pictured, began his incredible feat by sinking his first hole in one back in June despite playing the game from the age of five

Neil Watts (pictured) began this incredible feat in June by sinking the first hole in one in his back despite having played the game since he was five years old.

Now Mr. Watts is aiming for the 18.8-year-old lifetime record.

His achievements have been celebrated, including his outperformance of Tiger Woods and other global players of the game. He only hit four times in his career.

Local news cameras even captured the final hole of one, and filmed him on his amazing run.

According to Mr Watts from Kingswood in Bristol: “The captain of the club looked at the percentages online of getting a hole into one after I hit my first.

“It was 12,500: one. It is now in the billions of one.

“People continue to ask me how I did it. Although I’ve not changed my habits, or any part of it, it is clear that I don’t have to change anything. However, as all golfers will tell you, it is important to aim at the same spot, the flag and pray it gets there.

“And it just continued going straight into the hole.

It is amazing. It is almost like winning the lottery. You will feel the shock when it happens again.

Mr Watts has been hailed the world's most in-form golfer after he smashed eleven holes-in-one in just six months - having never managed one before

Mr Watts has been hailed the world’s most in-form golfer after he smashed eleven holes-in-one in just six months – having never managed one before

It is unbelievable! As it went on, more people kept asking: “Have I got one today?” The majority of the time, yes.

“It became a little embarrassing, and nobody could believe that it was still happening.” The feeling was something you cannot describe.

Watts claimed that he kept the traditional tradition of giving every other player a drink at the clubhouse during his hole-in-one.

However, it is now too costly and he runs for his life.

He also said that the first two holes proved to be very expensive for him.

“I have been a sharp driver ever since I was able to get back to my car from my round.

The Tracy Park Club, Wick, South Gloucestershire has eight holes that Mr Watt made, and the Hall of Frame displays his achievements. 

He said that the others are still in the process, and it has been several years since any member of the club achieved one.

He stated, “Looking at this list, it doesn’t happen very often.

“There’s a guy in the club that I know who has had a few children.” However, I have not yet heard of any other person who has.

“I’ve eight people up here at the moment. The others will soon follow.”

Watts is a former binman and now leads a social group with Sam.

Tracy Park was his junior membership at the age of eight. He would participate in events and competitions.

In just over five months Mr Watts has now hit ten more - including one on a par 4 - beating combined odds of several billion to one

Within a little over 5 months, Mr Watts now has ten more. One on a Par 4 beats all odds.

At the tender age of 14, he played off a ten handicap. He reduced it to five when he quit the junior ranks.

Because of work obligations, he was forced to rest. But he returned to playing seven years back and now has a handicap of 2.5.

He said, “I usually play twice per week. Sometimes on Wednesdays and sometimes on Saturdays. Myself would consider myself a strong amateur.

“I was close to the hole once before. One hit the pin on the right side, one from the left side. I hadn’t had any hole in one till June. Two weeks later, I won another club championship in a par 3.

“That’s how it began and it quickly became quite a spectacle. It was a new one every two weeks, and the cycle continued like this.

“It was so far that I reached ten, ITV came along and filmed it. While I was being filmed, I also hit another one. The men couldn’t believe their eyes.

According to Mr Watts, six holes of one were played on the Par 3 14th of the Crown Course at his club.

Mr Watts has been hailed for outperforming global stars of the game including the likes of Tiger Woods who only struck four during his entire career

Watts is praised for surpassing global players of the game like Tiger Woods, who managed four in his career.

However, he hit some on The Cromwell as well, which includes a par 4 on the 15th, and par 3s on the 12 and 16 holes.

He said, “For the par 4, I simply drove at the green. He drove it at the green for about 280 yards, but it was too short.

“It’s now eleven and they’ve all participated in general and competitions, except for the ITV one.”

He has been able to achieve a number of notable achievements, which have earned him the title of the best-in-form player in golf.

He stated, “It is wonderful to be able to draw comparisons with Tiger Woods.”

It’s like getting one over on someone who only has four holes in a hole in his entire life.

“Even though my skills are not that of a professional, it is only three steps away from becoming one.” This makes one feel proud to be at that level.

“When I was young, I wanted to be a professional golfer. But I got married when I was 18 and life changed.

“I play these holes quite a bit so I am familiar with how they are played and the yardage that is best.

I plan to seize my 5 minutes of fame, and brief moment in public attention.

Watts said that he hopes he’s not done.

Mr Watts has now set his sights on the lifetime world record that currently stands at 18

Now Mr. Watts is aiming for the 18-year-old lifetime record in world records

He said, “I’d love to have more. At the moment, it seems that I could do it again. It is impossible to say that I won’t get another.

“The world record for 18 lifetimes is what I’m now aiming at.

“It took me just five months to accomplish all that I did so far in one week. You never knew it was going to happen every other week.

“If you can keep up the pace I’m going, maybe it will break.” 

David Baldock, Tracy Park’s men’s soccer team captain, paid tribute to Mr. Watt’s accomplishments.

He stated that it was amazing how everyone came together to just look up information and search for the best possible odds. If I’m honest, I believe we may need NASA’s assistance with this.

“We’re so proud to have Neil as a club member for his entire life, so it’s amazing to see him succeed.”