Covid killed a mother of three who gave up her nursing career to aid refugees in the Black Country.

One colleague of the Wolverhampton Refugee and Migrant Centre, Sarah Cooper (42), praised Sarah Cooper as an “amazingly kind, caring individual” as tributes pour in to her passing.   

As Lady Coopz on the Midlands’ music scene, she was well-known and many shows and songs dedicated to her have appeared.

Sarah passed away at Walsall Hospital, Sunday December 5, after contracting Covid-19. 

Sarah, originally from Derby, moved to Walsall and became a community psychiatrist nurse. She then joined the Wolverhampton Refugee and Migrant Centre and helped migrants register for doctors and navigate the benefits system.

Family and friends shared their feelings about her friendliness and caring nature. They also praised her nursing abilities, which they considered a special honor. 

Mother-of-three Sarah Cooper, 42, from Walsall, West Midlands, was hailed as an 'amazing, kind and caring person' as tributes flooded in after her death

After her passing, Sarah Cooper (42), a mother-of-three from Walsall in West Midlands was described as an “amazing, kind, and caring individual” by the flood of tributes.

Devastated colleagues at the Wolverhampton Refugee and Migrant Centre (pictured) shared their memories of Sarah

Colleagues at Wolverhampton Refugee and Migrant Centre shared the grief of Sarah with their colleagues (pictured).

The loss of their 42 year-old colleague at Refugee and Migrant Centre has left staff devastated. He died on Sunday, Dec 5.

Mandy Mackereth (the centre’s wellbeing manager), said that Sarah was “my go-to” person. She is the reason I can’t imagine my life without her. 

“She was special. Talking to her was easy. I shared with her things I would never be able to share with anyone else. She helped me tremendously.

“She was so kind – she didn’t do it because she wanted to, but caring was part of her being. Sarah was an incredible soul and full of joy. Her aura lightened up the place!

A colleague commented, “What an incredible, kind and caring individual she was.” Staff and users alike loved her. 

“She was professional but also warm and friendly.”

“She knew when there was something wrong with someone and made it her goal to make things right. But she did so with great empathy and without asking questions. 

“I believe that is part of the reason she was such an amazing nurse. Her natural instinct to care for others was to do so. This wasn’t something she did. It was all she was.

Friends and family praised Sarah's warm and friendly nature, with special praise reserved for her 'wonderful' nursing ability

Sarah was praised by her warm personality and loved ones for being so friendly. She also received praises from family and friends for her nursing abilities.

One person remembered Sarah by saying that she struggled to quit her job at the end of each day. She cared deeply for the people at Refugee and Migrant Centre.

“If someone were homeless, Sarah would worry about them all night. Sarah will also advocate for people who are facing multiple challenges, even though it is not necessary. 

“Also, she was always professional with great attention and detail. She is truly a credit for her nursing career.”

Peter Winson was the father to Sarah’s twins. He said, “It’s hard to describe in one sentence how amazing and caring she was. She always considered others before her own.”

Daughter Laila said, “She was an amazing woman.” Loving, friendly, kind. She was a tireless worker for others, and worked her entire working life in the NHS as a psychiatrist. 

She was a kind and generous person, as almost every one who knew her stated. This is the type of woman that I want to be.

Sarah enjoyed music and was an avid fan of Lady Coopz. 

A whole show on Reggae Space radio was dedicated to her in memory, Sunday following her death at Walsall Hospital.