Thug, 48 years old, was captured on undercover film’stabbing foxes using a PITCHFORK, after flushing them out of their underground burrows with his dog’

  • On video, the 48-year old was repeatedly seen slashing the beast while he was holding it up.
  • The fork is unable to stop the defenseless fox from squirming and trying desperately to fight it off
  • It is said to be’someof the most severe abuses we’ve ever seen’ by animal rights activists.
  • The man was arrested by police and taken back into custody.

An alleged thug stabbed a fox with his pitchfork, after the animal was flushed by his dog.

Unnamed, the 48-year old was captured repeatedly jabbing at the beast while he held its tail up in Epping Forest, Essex.

As the fights came down, the defenseless animal tried desperately to defend itself.

Animal rights activists said it was ‘some of the worst abuse we have ever witnessed’, adding ‘the wanton cruelty is hard to fathom’.

The man was allegedly violating the Hunting Act and police said he has been taken into custody.

The 48-year-old, who has not been named, was caught on camera repeatedly jabbing the beast as he held it up by its tail in Epping Forest, Essex

Unnamed 48-year old was captured repeatedly jabbing the beast while he was holding it by its tail at Epping Forest in Essex.

After the animal was taken out of its underground burrow by his dog, the footage shows the yob lifting it out.

As the animal attempts to free itself, he then holds it by the tail.

He hits the thing once, but when he removes it the fox grabs onto the tines with its teeth.

The attacker then catches the beast in a trap between metal and tree.

The final fate of the Fox is unknown.

The defenceless animal squirmed and desperately tried to fight back as the blows rained down

While the blows were falling, the defenceless animal scrambled and tried desperately to fight back.

Animal rights activists said it was 'some of the worst abuse we have ever witnessed', adding 'the wanton cruelty is hard to fathom'

Animal rights activists claimed it was “some of the most horrific abuse we have ever seen” and added, “The wanton cruelty that is difficult to understand.”

Local trail hunters discovered that the man in question was not associated with their events and wasn’t even with them.

According to them, they were made aware of an incident that occurred on December 4, which did not involve hunt employees. It was unrelated to hunt activities on the day. These were their comments. [we are]Making further inquiries’.

Essex Police stated that they had received reports about animal cruelty and arrested the 48-year old man.

“He was detained on suspicion that he had committed offences under the Hunting Act 2004, Animal Welfare Act 2006. and Wild Mammal Protection Act 1997. He is still in custody.

Lee Moon, the Hunt Saboteurs Association spokesperson, stated: “This is the worst hunting abuse that we’ve ever seen and it is difficult to comprehend the need for cruelty.”

“While the majority of people watching the video will be disgusted, the methodical and calm manner that the two individuals approach torturing and catching the poor fox shows how normal their actions can be.”