Amazon showcased several new products online at their September event, which included an autonomous robot that monitors a person’s home to detect intruders.   

This robot costs $1,450 and uses intelligent motions to inspect your house while you are away. It also alerts you about possible disturbances. 

You can have it move around the house autonomously, locate people in certain places, view rooms live through Astro, and send you alerts when there is a person not recognized. 

Astro can move autonomously around your home, navigate to check in on specific areas, show you a live view of rooms through the Astro app, or even send alerts if it detects an unrecognized person

Astro is able to autonomously move around your home and check in on particular areas. The app can show you an interactive view of rooms, give you updates if there are any unrecognized persons, and even send out alerts.

Astro will be priced at $1,450, but as part of Amazon’s Day 1 Editions program – which gives customers the chance get early access and contribute feedback – it will be available for an introductory price of $1,000. 

Amazon has also revealed the Echo Show 15 for kids, a device they call ‘Amazon Glow. It allows them to create an interactive projected space with their loved ones as well as a security doorbell. 

The £240 ($250) Alexa-powered Echo Show 15 device boasts a 15.6-inch display that you can mount to your wall or place on your counter. 

Users can hang it horizontally or vertically on a wall, like a photo frame, as it displays how-to videos, recipes from the web or shows streamed from Netflix and Spotify. 

Echo Show 15 has a 15.6-inch display that you can mount to your wall or place on your counter

Echo Show 15 is a 15.6 inch display you can mount on your wall or put on your counter

Echo Show 15 displays a live stream from your smart phone, streaming services interfaces and personalized sticky notes for family members. 

If you’ve opted to hang it from the wall and want to disable the display, users can ask Alexa to show a photo frame, and Echo Show 15 just shows photos, so it blends into the background.  

Amazon Glow for kids is a 2-part device which allows them to communicate with family members and participate in fun activities.

Glow allows kids to see the chat participants through a dedicated 8 inch display. It is a black device with a vintage look that almost looks like a walkie-talkie.

They can read stories and play games while creating art with a projected area of 19 inches that is touch sensitive, almost like a piece of paper. 

The children enjoy engaging activities in the flat “projected space”. Remote friends and family can view the child via a tablet, and they also participate in the same activities through the free Glow app. 

Amazon says Glow combines ‘immersive projection, sensing and video technologies to make it feel like you’re having fun in-person’. 

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