Amazon Delivery Driver is fired after being caught on camera opening customers’ parcels in his van

  • Caz Brown (35) filmed the delivery driver opening packages from her front yard.  
  • Footage captures him sitting in Newent’s van, looking through parcels. 
  • Amazon confirmed that he was no longer working for them. Ms Brown reached out.

After being caught on video opening packages for customers, an Amazon driver was fired.  

Caz Brown (35), a shocked customer, captured the driver looking out her Newent window, Gloucestershire on Wednesday.

After delivering a parcel to her house, he said that he had opened four packages while sitting in his driver’s seat.

Shocked customer Caz Brown, 35, said she looked outside her window in Newent, Gloucestershire, on Wednesday and spotted the driver rifling through parcels

Caz Brown (35) a horrified customer said that on Wednesday, she looked out her window at Newent in Gloucestershire and saw the driver looking through packages.

Ms Brown (pictured) said: 'He kept looking back up the drive suspiciously, in case someone came round the corner. He opened about three or four packages and then drove off'

Ms Brown (pictured: He kept checking the drive suspiciously in case anyone came around the corner. He took out three or four more packages, then drove away.

Ms Brown grabbed her smartphone quickly to capture the driver doing the same. Video footage shows Ms. Brown reaching down to film the driver and taking out a small pouch.

Then, he opens the box to look at its contents and then slid it back inside the packaging.

After putting the parcel back on the passenger seat, the driver will take it to the driver. You can see more parcels in the van’s footwell.

After the clip is over, the driver puts his key in the ignition to drive off.

Today, Ms. Brown spoke out saying: “I was upstairs hoovering the time he arrived.

“I picked up my parcel and continued to the top of the stairs. The van was still outside, so I watched from my bedroom window.

Footage shows the driver inspecting a package before opening it and checking the contents

He then puts whatever was inside the parcel back into the packaging and slides it on to the passenger seat

The driver examines a package and inspects it before opening it.

“I saw him open parcels, and he was checking out what they contained.

“He continued to look back on the drive, suspiciously in case somebody came around the corner.

“He unwrapped about 3-4 packages, then drove away.

“My package is not open as it was taped closed with Amazon tape. If it were opened, it would have been evident that something was wrong.”

Amazon spokesperson today stated that the company has high standards in regard to delivery service providers, and how they treat customers.

“We have spoken to our customer and taken this issue seriously.

“The Amazon delivery associate will not be responsible for delivering the order.”