Amazon delivery driver maintains his cool while he faces a bear in hilarious home security footage

  • Amazon delivery driver came face-to-face with a black bear in Upland, California
  • Homeowner can be heard warning man about the animal and telling him to ‘stop’
  • Tension captured via doorbell footage in the home Joshua Morgan
  • Morgan is often a witness to coyotes and bears entering his property.

As he was delivering a parcel in California, an Amazon driver encountered a large black bear. 

Joshua Morgan was on his way to shop when his Ring doorbell alerted him that someone was visiting his property’s electric gates. 

Video from the doorbell camera captures the bear sprinting across the gate’s front just seconds before arriving at the driver.

Joshua Morgan was out shopping when he received a notification through his Ring doorbell in Upland, California, that an Amazon delivery driver was at his property's electric gates with a package

Joshua Morgan was on his way to shop when he was notified by his Ring doorbell, Upland California, that Amazon’s delivery driver had reached his electric gates.

The footage, taken via a doorbell camera last month, shows a huge black bear jump to the top of the property's stone wall to walk towards him

This footage was captured via a doorbell camera and shows a large black bear leaping to the top property’s stone wall, walking towards him

Last month’s video shows Mr Morgan telling his delivery driver: “Hey guys, you need to stop!” It’s a bear! 

“Can you hear my voice?” You’re a bear. Get away from that bear! You can go back to the car. That’s all! 

Before the bear can climb to the top, the delivery driver slows walks toward him.  

Driver keeps his hands still, but raises his arms to appear larger than the animal. 

It works. The driver continues to deliver the parcel and quickly leaps over the wall. 

Morgan claimed that he sees many animals, including bears, coyotes and mountain lions, on his Southern California property.  

Newsweek reported that he said:[The driver]He seemed to know what to do, and kept his cool. He was able to communicate with us through the front door camera.

My wife watched the gate camera from her smartphone to make sure the bear was not gone. She gave him permission to go ahead. His exit was monitored by us throughout the entire time, to make sure he got away safely. 

This nail-biting video was republished on TikTok from several accounts and received hundreds of comments by bemused viewers.

After a few seconds the diver keeps still but lifts his arms up to make himself appear bigger than the animal. The brave move works and the bear quickly jumps off the wall and runs away from the driver - who continues to deliver his parcel

After waiting a moment, the diver moves slowly and raises his arms in order to seem larger than the animal. This brave act works. The bear leaps quickly off the wall, and runs away from his driver.

Just seconds before the driver arrives, the black bear is seen running across the front of the gate

The black bear can be seen sprinting across the gate just seconds before the driver arrives

One viewer stated, “Somebody was paying attention to Discovery Channel!”

A second commenter added that “He held his arms in dominance and he was serious about delivering this package LOL.”

One other viewer said: ‘”Take it up with Jeff Bearzos; I’ve got a package to deliver”’

The driver was able to stop the bear from attacking him. 

Although bears can bluff out of encounters by charging at them and then turning around, it’s important that they never move suddenly and speak with low tones.

Bears can be seen in the distance. You need to respect their space needs and allow them as much as you can. As a deterrent, you can appear bigger than the bear and move to higher ground.

Aggressively acting should be your first instinct if you see a bear being aggressive. According to local advice, you should look straight into the eyes of the bear and tell it that you are prepared to fight for your life. It can be threatened with a stick or bear spray by you stamping its feet.