Amazon is down

  • Amazon website and app crashed at 10:30 ET Tuesday 
  • The website has been reported to be affected by users around the world.
  • Amazon Web Services also is down around the world – Amazon Web Services and its Web Services both crashed at the same moment 

Amazon’s global downfall has frustrated thousands of people who tried to buy Christmas gifts from Amazon.

At 10:40 AM ET, the platform and Amazon Web Services (which offer a variety of online services), began experiencing issues.

Amazon is having problems accessing its website for the majority of users. However, a small number have reported issues with their app. 

DownDetector monitors outages online and displays information about North America, Europe and Asia.

Amazon has gone down across the globe, frustrating thousands of users who are trying to purchase Christmas gifts. The platform and Amazon Web Services, which offers a series of services for online applications, started experiencing problems after 10:30AM ET

Amazon is experiencing problems all around the globe. This has frustrated thousands of Christmas gift-buyers. Amazon Web Services (which offers several services online) and Amazon Platform began to experience problems at 10:30 ET.

With just 18 days to Christmas, many are still buying gifts. But they’ll have to wait longer until their holiday wish list is complete.

Many consumers are now using Twitter to vent their frustrations.

The Public Archive tweeted that Twitter user “The Public Archive” said: “Amazon is down.” The War on Christmas is now.

“MoonChild” is very upset that the platform crashed during Christmas shopping.

Amazon Music is also causing problems for some users. Some customers pay $16 per month for access to Amazon Music.

The Downdetector showed that there were over 9,000 instances of Amazon customers reporting problems with its services.