First time photo of Jeffrey Epstein kissing Ghislaine Maxiwell 

Maxwell, the prosecution in Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial, has presented dozens FBI photos of Maxwell’s Palm Beach house raid and his 2019 Manhattan raid. 

There are many frames on the table. Maxwell is seen in one of the frames, her arms wrapped around Epstein’s neck while they kiss. The photo was among others taken in Maxwell’s Palm Beach house, which also included photos of them meeting the Pope. 

The nature and character of Maxwell’s and Epstein’s relationship is being questioned throughout Maxwell’s trial. Many witnesses have testified that they believe the two were a married couple while others think they are in a business relationship. The prosecution described them as “partners in crime.”

Another photo from the New York City raid shows Epstein’s famous massage room. Many of his victims claim they were sexually assaulted.  

A photo of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell kissing is seen for the first time. The nature of the Maxwell and Epstein's relationship has come under question throughout Maxwell's trial, with several witnesses testifying that they thought the pair were a couple, while others believed they had a business relationship

First time photo taken of Jeffrey Epstein kissing Ghislaine Maxill. Maxwell’s trial has raised questions about the nature of Epstein and Maxwell’s relationship. Several witnesses have testified that the couple were actually a couple while others believe they were in a business relationship.

Among the photos, is a table full of picture frames. In one, Maxwell can be seen with her arms around Epstein's neck as they kiss. It sat among other photos, including of the pair meeting the Pope

There are many frames on the table. Maxwell is seen in one of the frames, her arms wrapped around Epstein as she kisses. The photo was among others, which also included photos of Maxwell and Epstein meeting the Pope.

Unearthed image shows Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell holding a private audience with John Paul II at the Vatican during his blessing almost 20 years ago

Undiscovered image of Jeffrey Epstein with his alleged “madam” Ghislaine Maxiwell posing for a private conversation at the Vatican to hear John Paul II’s blessing nearly 20 years ago

Other photos from the raid show Epstein's infamous massage room, where several of his alleged victims claims they were sexually abused

Additional photos taken during the raid include Epstein’s notorious massage room. Several of his victims claimed that they were sexually molested there.

A massage table with white sheets sits in the middle of the room and oversized red curtains frame a large photo - which has been blacked out by authorities before releasing the interior photos

The room is dominated by a massage table covered in white linens. Large red curtains surround a large photograph. Authorities have blacked the photo before they release the interior photos.

Shelves full of lotions and oils are seen along the walls in Epstein's massage room. Last week accuser known as Jane said the abuse at his New York home would happen in the massage room

The walls of Epstein’s spa have shelves stuffed with oils and lotions. Jane, an accuser who was last week identified as Jane, said that Epstein would abuse his New York residence in the room’s massage area.

A sitting area with a fire place, painting and grand staircase is seen in Epstein's mansion

Epstein’s residence has a large sitting area, a painting gallery and a grand staircase. 

Epstein's bathroom is seen with what appears to be a safe in the middle of the floor

Epstein’s bathroom can be seen in this view with what looks like a safe at the center of the floor.

The walls of Epstein’s Massage Room are lined with shelves containing oils and lotions. 

In the center of the room, a white-colored massage table is set. Red curtains over the photo frame an image that authorities have blacked before they release the interior shots.

Last week, Maxwell’s accuser under the pseudonym Jane said she traveled to Epstein’s homes about ten times in New York and New Mexico on Epstein’s private plane and described the décor. 

‘Art, sculptures. Images of presidents and famous people. She recalled that she thought some of this art was strange – naked women and creepy animals. 

She stated that the New York man would abuse his home in the room where he was a massage therapist. 

And yesterday a witness under the pseudonym Kate claimed Maxwell invited her to her London townhouse in the affluent area of Belgravia where Jeffrey Epstein was wearing a robe. Maxwell said Epstein had lost her massage therapist and invited Maxwell to fill the void. 

Kate stated that Epstein stripped off his robe and exposed his nakedness. Maxwell then gave Maxwell massage oil, closing the door. Kate claimed that Epstein had initiated sexual contact. 

Epstein’s bathroom has what looks like a safe, as well as large amounts of currency and passports.

It is well-known that Epstein had naked images of women kept around his house, and that many of the photos were blacked before they were released.  

Jane said during her testimony Tuesday that the abuse at his New York home would happen in the massage room. The prosecution submitted this photo of Epstein's Manhattan mansion into evidence

Jane stated Tuesday during her testimony that abuse would have occurred in Epstein’s New York house from the massage room. This photo was taken at Epstein’s Manhattan home and submitted by the prosecution as evidence 

A number of CD's labeled with dates are seen in a drawer as well as a mysterious diploma

A variety of CD’s marked with dates can be found in a drawer, as well as an obscure diploma.

A number of the framed photos that hang on the walls and sit on tables have been blacked out before their release, however, it's been known that Epstein kept naked photos of women around his homes

Many of the photos that Epstein framed and sat on their tables were blacked before they were released. But, it is known that Epstein had naked pictures of women kept around his house.

A number of photos are seen blacked out by authorities, but in the middle appears a drawing with text

Authorities are known to have seen a number of photographs blacked out, however in the middle there is a sketch with text. 

Books line the shelves, with titles that include, The Peddler, By The Wayside, The Annals of Unsolved Crime, Madonna and Murdoch

The shelves are lined with books, including titles such as The Peddler and By The Wayside and The Annals of Unsolved Crime.

Several labeled binders are seen on a shelf and have been blacked out by authorities

A number of binders with labels are found on a shelf. They have been removed by the authorities.

One of the most striking images shows the financier and Maxwell meeting Pope John Paul II at the Vatican almost 20 years ago. 

According to some reports, the pair flew to Rome aboard Epstein’s “Lolita Express” jet in order to meet. This meeting is believed to have occurred in 2003.

Federal prosecutors claim that Epstein used the plane to transport young victims of sex-trafficking between New York, New Mexico and Paris.

According to a source, The Sun was told by a source that Epstein had powerful connections and the ability to unlock almost every door.

“He was able to maneuver his way into the White House, Vatican and Royal Palaces with Maxwell at his side.”   

You will find a variety of CDs with dates in your drawer, as well as an obscure diploma. 

The shelves are lined with books, including titles such as The Peddler and By The Wayside and The Annals of Unsolved Crime.   

A number of binders labeled with the name “Binder” can be seen lying on a shelf. Authorities have also blacked them out. 

Maxwell’s Trials’ Day Seven will see investigators from the NYC raid take to the stands on Tuesday.  

Jeffrey Epstein kept Ghislaine Maxwell’s naked photograph in a frame under sketch portrait. These intimate pictures were among 60 photos from a raid by police that was revealed during her sex-trafficking trial.

Jeffrey Epstein found a frame naked photo of GhislaineMaxwell under his Palm Beach bathroom. It was hidden beneath a sketch portrait. The 60 images were taken during a Palm Beach police raid. 

Prosecutors at the Maxwell sex trafficking trial in New York submitted into the evidence the cache of photographs taken when the FBI raided Epstein’s Florida home in 2005.   

The photos showed Epstein’s bathroom and bedroom, which were equipped with a dentist chair and a massage table, that were used by the accusers to provide him with sexual pleasure.  

You can see several naked drawings on the walls as well as Maxwell’s sketch and a photo of Maxwell lying on a sandy beach. 

Photographs of Epstein’s desks as well as Maxwell’s desks where copies of an exact 58-page handbook were kept were also evidence.  

There was however no evidence of any sex toys. Juan Alessi Epstein’s Housekeeper testified last week that they had cleaned up after Epstein’s massages. The photos appear to be sealed. 

As Ghislaine Maxwell’s six-day sex trafficking case is in its sixth day, this comes at a Manhattan federal judge.  

A sketch of Ghislaine Maxwell hangs in a black picture frame (left) in the bathroom of Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion. A phone sits on top of a dresser table beside a stool in a carpeted section of the room. A the other end a black and white tiled floor surrounds the bath and next to it is a fully equipped dentist's cart, complete with what appear to be drills, a lamp and other instruments

The bathroom at Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach home has a sketch by Ghislaine maxwell in black frames (left). In a section with carpeted floors, a phone rests on top a dresser and a stool. The bath is enclosed by a black-and-white tiled floor. A fully equipped dental cart with drills and other tools can be found next to the tub.

A sketch of 'the lady of the house' Maxwell which hung in the bathroom

A photo of a nude Ghislaine Maxwell which lived in the bathroom

Close-ups of Maxwell, the sketch of Maxwell the lady of the house and the photograph of Maxwell nude lying on a sandy beach where they both lived.

A bathroom in the Epstein house, with a phone beside a sofa, nude sketches on the walls and a generously apportioned enclosed shower section. A stack of white towels sits beside the shower door, as per the orders that the mansion was to be like a 'five star hotel'

Bathroom in Epstein House, featuring a telephone beside a couch, nude sketches along the walls, and an amplely-sized enclosed shower area. As per orders, the Epstein house was supposed to look like a five-star hotel. A stack of white towels is placed beside the shower door. 

A desk in the home with a classic leather top desk, and what appears to be a scanner and/or fax machine beside the computer. Two statutes sit at the edge of table next to a thesaurus, as well as writing paraphernalia, sellotape, envelopes and pens.

The desk is located in the living room and has a leather-topped desk. There’s also what looks like a scanner or fax machine. The table’s edge is adorned with two statutes. They also serve as a place to write paraphernalia and sellotape as well as envelopes, envelopes, and pens. 

A tiki-style wooden four poster bed in the Epstein mansion with large bedside tables containing a phone, books, tissues and a bedside lamp. A sofa sits at the side of the room next to curtains which are closed

Large bedside tables with books, tissues, and phones in Epstein’s tiki-themed wooden four poster bed. The sofa is located at the end of the room, next to the curtains that are closed.

Another computer in the Epstein home, this time with two monitors, at a transparent plastic desk which faces out into the garden. A printer/scanner sits atop a storage rack at one end of the desk. A phone sits next to pens, post-it notes and letter paper on the desk

Another Epstein computer, with 2 monitors. It is housed at an open-air desk made of transparent plastic that looks out onto the backyard. The printer/scanner is located on top of a rack that’s attached to the end of one side. The desk is home to the phone, post-it notes, and letters paper. 

A pair of SUVs outside the Epstein mansion around which grow the typical vegetation of the subtropical climate of Florida. The cars were to be have hundred dollar bills placed in the glove compartments as per the large manual which Maxwell gave to staff as the 'lady of the house'

Outside the Epstein house, a pair of SUVs. These vehicles are used to transport the Florida subtropical vegetation. As per Maxwell’s manual that he gave staff, they were required to have $100 bills put in their glove compartments.  

One of the desks in the Epstein mansion with two chairs in front of it for entertaining guests. A photo hanging on a wooden supporting column, although barely visible, shows Epstein and Maxwell sitting together on a grass mound with a pair of dogs at their feet

A desk in Epstein’s mansion, with two chairs at its front for guests. Although barely visible from the photo, it shows Epstein, Maxwell and Maxwell sitting on a grass mound, with their dogs. 

A red light shines in the hallway, a painting hangs on the wall, and a guest bedroom can be seen through an open door at the Epstein mansion. A phone can also be spotted on a side table, right

 A red light shines in the hallway, a painting hangs on the wall, and a guest bedroom can be seen through an open door at the Epstein mansion. You can spot a smartphone on a sidetable. 

Several drawings of naked women are seen hanging on the walls in one of the rooms, which has a wicker chair and a wicker lamp, as well as what appears to be a WiFi router on a table

A number of drawings depicting naked women can be seen on one wall. The room has a chair and lamp made of wicker, along with what appears like a WiFi router that is mounted on a table. 


A notepad inside the drawer of one of the desks in the Epstein house

Notepad hidden in one of the drawers of the Epstein desk.


A pile of office paraphernalia, including notepads, a phone, rolls of paper, a computer mouse, and an ethernet cable plugged into some sort of electronic device, perhaps a computer or router

There are a few items that you might need for your office, such as notepads, paper rolls, computer mice, and ethernet cables. These can be plugged in to a router or computer.

On Friday, Epstein’s massage table was unfolded in court in a dramatic moment during the trial. 

Maxwell, 59, is accused of procuring underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges

 Maxwell, 59, is accused of procuring underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. All charges have been dropped by Maxwell.

For the first time in their history, a detective placed the dark-green folding table before the jury. A police officer who conducted the search also confirmed that it belonged to Epstein. 

Epstein took the items from Epstein’s Palm Beach estate along with a Twin Torpedo sex toy and the massage table. Gregory Parkinson, a former Palm Beach Police Officer obtained the warrant which would allow him to search for the items.

He was quizzed by Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey on Friday after examining the massage table and sex toy.

In black gloves, Parkinson took around 30 seconds to glance at the table, before going to the witness stand. 

Maxwell, who was about 10 feet from Maxwell and her attorneys in defense, apparently did not react. 

Once on the stand Parkinson confirmed that it was the same table he seized from Epstein’s mansion nearly two decades ago.

The former cop said that it was from the bathroom on the south floor, and where the shower used to be.

The table was then handled by a detective, who folded the item back up, and placed it before the prosecutor’s desk. It remained there until 5pm when the trial ended.

Government exhibits show Epstein's pool and pool house at his Palm Beach mansion. Last week accuser 'Jane' testified that she was sexually assaulted in his pool house

Epstein owns a pool and a house in his Palm Beach home, according to government documents. Jane, an accuser of Epstein’s sexual assault of Jane last week in the pool house at his Palm Beach mansion, testified to it. 

A study inside Epstein's Palm Beach estate is seen in this government evidence photo

In this photo from the government, you can see a study in Epstein’s Palm Beach estate. 

The kitchen desk and phone are seen in this evidence photo. Last week, housekeeper Juan Alessi testified that he would take messages for Maxwell and Epstein but was told to never disclose their whereabouts

This evidence photo shows the kitchen desk with phone. Juan Alessi, Juan Alessi’s housekeeper testified last week that Epstein and Maxwell would receive messages from him but was warned to keep their locations secret. 

Epstein bought the property in 1990 for $2.5 million and used it to allegedly abuse scores of victims

Epstein purchased the property for $2.5million in 1990 and used it to allegedly abuse scores of victims.

In April, crews began demolishing the $18.5million Palm Beach mansion where Epstein allegedly  abused girls

In April, crews began demolishing the $18.5million Palm Beach mansion where Epstein allegedly  abused girls

Maxwell managed Epstein's properties, including his Palm Beach mansion, which several accusers have testified to visiting when they were underage

Maxwell was responsible for Epstein’s property management, including the Palm Beach home that several of his accusers testified they visited when they were younger. 

Housekeeper Juan Alessi testified last week, 'From the day [Maxwell] came to the house she right away took over. She mentioned to me she was going to be the lady of the house'

Housekeeper Juan Alessi testified last week, ‘From the day [Maxwell]She immediately took control of the house when she arrived. She told me that she wanted to become the lady of this house.

Built in 1952, it was one of a number of properties where Epstein groomed and sexually assaulted underage girls and women as part of a sprawling sex trafficking scheme, prosecutors said

It was built in 1952 and it was just one of many properties Epstein used to groom and assault underage girls and women, as part of an extensive sex trafficking program, according to prosecutors.

Epstein's massage table that was seized by the FBI in 2005  was brought into court on Friday

Epstein’s massage table that was seized by the FBI in 2005  was brought into court on Friday 

Alessi said that he saw 'pornographic tapes and a black leather costume' in a basket in Maxwell's bathroom

Alessi stated that he had seen ‘pornographic cassettes and a dark leather costume’ inside Maxwell’s bathroom.

After Parkinson, Sgt Michael Dawson (a Palm Beach officer) took the stand and said that they were looking for massage tables that day in 2005. “We were searching for massage oils.” He said that he was looking for sex toys. 

After that, the prosecutor showed the jury an image of cardboard boxes along with a pair sexual toys. They were dubbed “Twin Torpedoes”.

Dawson said that police seized the toys from the closet in the house of the bankrupt financier. 

Even though prosecutors were unable to clarify the reasons for the table and sextoys being brought in, Maxwell’s first accused testified that Epstein used sex tools on Maxwell and physically abused her during “massages”.

She said that he liked vibrators of different sizes and back massagers that could be painful. 

Juan Alessi the 72-year old housekeeper, spoke out last week, saying that Epstein had assigned him three massages per day, and which were usually done in his bathroom.

Alessi answered a question from the prosecutor asking if there was anything that surprised him after the massages. He said that he discovered a “large dildo” and described it as “a very large, deep, well-developed, and deep, feeling.”A huge male penis, with two heads. 

Alessi claimed that he applied gloves, ‘ran it underneath the water and put (the dildo) in Ms. Maxwell’s closet in (her] bathroom’ within a wicker bag. 

Alessi claimed that he found ‘pornographic cassettes and a leather black costume’ within the same basket.

Then he claimed that he discovered two more sex toys three to four times: one that looked like a pillow and the other that looked almost as if it was an arm with a vibrating rubber part. He stored the two items in Epstein’s drawer. 

Alessi testifies: “I was supposed blind and deaf to speak nothing.” 

He added that Maxwell and Epstein should ‘never divulge’ their ‘whereabouts’ or activities.