How will you entertain this Christmas? Savvy shoppers are snapping up this £13 wine aerator that ‘makes an enormous difference’ to the taste and quality of red wine

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It’s worth it to entertain guests over Christmas by following these thousands of Amazon shoppers, who discovered a product that increases the wine’s quality. 

The £12.95 Savisto Wine Aerator has received over 2,600 perfect five-star reviews from shoppers who claim it ‘makes a wine feel like it’s double the price you paid for it’.

Aerators can be a great help if you have ever been disappointed by the taste of wine. The aerator improves taste and finishes your wine, so you can get the best out of each sip. 

The £12.95 Savisto Wine Aerator has over 2,600 five-star reviews from shoppers who say it makes an unbelievable difference to the flavour of wine

The £12.95 Savisto Wine Aerator has over 2,600 five-star reviews from shoppers who say it makes an unbelievable difference to the flavour of wine 

To unlock the full potential of your bottle of red it needs to be left to breathe but after a long day at work or when hosting, it’s not always practical to wait an hour or so.

The Savisto Wine Aerator allows your wine to breathe far more rapidly. It exposes the wine to oxygen and helps it to evaporate its sulphates. This opens up the wine to flavors and enhances the aroma and taste. 

It really does work, according to thousands upon thousands of wine lovers. Many gushing about how it makes a huge difference in the flavor of their wines. 

The Savisto Wine Aerator scores big on two main points. The Savisto Wine Aerator is designed to maximize red wine oxygen exposure in order to speed tannin oxidation. This results in better aroma, improved flavour, and smoother finishing. 

It also has a mesh sediment filter with removable mesh that removes bitter precipitate from wine. This makes it more consistent and gives you a better taste. 

No matter whether you choose a low-cost bottle at the supermarket, or spend more on a premium bottle of wine, this device makes it ‘a pleasure to drink any wine. 

In fact, many users have been so impressed they’ve claimed it ‘it turns a £5 into a £10 bottle’ and ‘makes cheaper wine taste smooth, finer wine even better’.

The aerator has a filter to extract sediments and speeds up the time it takes for a wine to breathe allowing for a fuller taste and smoother finish

A filter is included in the aerator to remove sediments. This allows for faster wine breathing, which results in a richer flavor and smoother finish. 

While some aerators can cost up to £70, at just £12.95 the Savisto Wine Aerator is a brilliant budget buy that can make all the difference to your wine.  

The product received a positive review from a satisfied customer who wrote: “Must-have product for red wine drinkers. This product has made a huge difference in the quality and taste of my red wines. I’ve been using it for several months. It has been so effective that I purchased 3 additional bottles as Christmas presents. Highly recommended 

Another person agreed and said: “This gadget is simply put …. magic. It’s now cheaper to drink wine, but mid-priced wines are better. What I did before I discovered this?

Another third wrote: “We consume quite a lot of red wine, and we never pay much to buy a bottle. We all noticed a significant difference in the taste of each wine after we tasted them with an aerator.

“The aerated wine tasted smoother and more delicious. The bottle is very easy to use, cleans easily and looks great.