Amazon has received rave reviews from over 5,000 customers for their wire-free bras. Many reviewers claim they are an essential work at home item.

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Because so many people are now working remotely, they will want to be able to set up their work from home environment as comfortably as possible. This includes our underwear.

Although many people will forgo bras entirely, some women prefer to wear non-underwire bralettes. The BQTQ 5 Pieces Camisole Bras have become a standout buy on Amazon, scoring points for their affordability, quality and incredible comfort. 

Free from wires, clasps and designed with removable pads, the camisole bras are priced at just £15.99 for a pack of five, and according to thousands of rave reviews they’re ‘so soft and comfortable you don’t know you are wearing them’.  

The BQTQ 5 Pieces Camisole Bras are a hugely popular buy on Amazon, with close to 2,000 shoppers raving about how comfortable they are

Amazon’s BQTQ Camisole Bras 5 Pieces Camisole Bras have been a hit, with nearly 2,000 customers raving how comfy they are

It might be time for a camisole. 

Thousands of women have made the swap to the BQTQ Camisole Bras when looking for an alternative to scaffolding-style bras.

Lightweight, the V neck camisole bras are made of polyester and spandex with soft texture, negating the need for underwire, relying instead on soft fabric and straps for support.

The BQTQ bras are popular because of their light texture and comfort. 

Camisoles are described as being’much better than bras’. They don’t use wires or clasps which can dig into skin. Instead, they have double straps with removable insert pads that support and shape. 

These are ideal for daily wear or sleeping. However, they won’t provide much support. But for relaxing around the home and lounging about the house they are what most women reach for every day. 

With no wires or clasps, the less structured design means the bralettes are ideal for days you want to prioritse comfort

Bralettes with no clasps or wires make it ideal for those days when comfort is your priority. 

This pull on provides natural lifting and can be ordered in sizes M-XXL in a variety of colours.

One impressed shopper left a glowing five-star review for the bestselling non-wired bras, writing: ‘These are brilliant. Comfortable bras are hard to come by.

“I was skeptical about these bras, but they’re amazing. Great fit, easy to slip on and off. Good support. Delighted.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Best bra ever, These are amazing. I’m a larger busted/backed woman and I’ve suffered for years with pain from rubbing, pain from underwires, double boob etc. And these don’t run at all, fit like a glove and support me where needed.’

The third is: “This bra has to be the most comfortable I’ve ever bought. It’s so comfy you don’t feel like you are wearing a bra.” 

No need to cut or dig into the skin beneath your boob line and also no discomfort from straps. We will be purchasing more.