Amazon worker is killed at Essex depot. A man was waiting in his car to begin shift at the largest EU warehouse of tech giants while suffering a fatal “medical episode”.

  • Before his shift in Tilbury and Essex, the man was found dead outside of the vast warehouse.
  • It is thought that he arrived in time and was still driving before he became ill.
  • He reportedly offered his fellow colleagues counselling to those who were affected.

Amazon employee died from a “medical episode” at its largest European depot.

The member of staff passed away outside the sprawling warehouse before his shift in Tilbury, Essex, yesterday.

According to some reports, he was seen arriving early in his vehicle and was seated there for personal reasons prior to falling ill.

According to reports, his colleagues received counselling in order to assist those who were affected by the tragedy.

According to an East Midlands Ambulance Service spokesperson, a call was received at 8.10 am yesterday from a report of someone who was sick in Winchelsea Road Tilbury.

“We sent only one ambulance to the accident scene, but the victim died on the spot.”

According to a police spokesperson, the incident occurred just before 8:30 AM on Sunday, 7/11.

“Sadly the man has died.” He is being considered normal. 

Tilbury, with its two million-square foot area and around 4,000 employees is Europe’s biggest.

There have been many complaints about poor treatment of employees who were allegedly tired and overworked.

Michael Gabay, 42 years old, said he endured 100 days of terror at the depot. Gabay also claimed workers “walk around as zombies” during their ten hour shifts.

He told the Mirror in 2019: ‘Why are people treated like this? [Amazon boss]Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man on the planet is his business model.

A woman was also told that she failed to pack 120 items an hour, despite having been six months pregnant.

She also alleged another pregnant woman who was sick was not allowed to get an ambulance, adding: ‘They called her a taxi after taking her to the first aider.’

Amazon rebutted the claims, claiming they weren’t accurate depictions of building activities.

According to a spokesperson, the “Tilbury Fulfillment Centre” is a positive and safe workplace. We are committed to safety and take our employees’ well-being very seriously.

“We will call an ambulance whenever one is needed.” On-site first aiders are trained to follow the NHS’s guidelines when calling an ambulance.