Amber Heard wept as she described how Johnny Depp sexually assaulted and abused her using a bottle of liquor during an emotional testimony, which the defense team called the ‘performance in her life’. 

In March 2015, the alleged attack took place at the rented apartment he was staying in in Australia as a result of filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

Johnny Depp had his finger torn off in the same way. He said that Heard had thrown a bottle of liquor which caused the finger to be severed. Heard said that Depp did not cut her fingertip. 

‘At some point he’s on top of me, screaming I f**king hate you, you ruined my f**king life,’ Heard testified as she sobbed uncontrollably. “I am on the counter, he held me by my neck and was right on top of me.”

“I look in his eyes, and I can’t see him anymore. It was not him. Never have I been this scared in my entire life. I was staring at him. I tried to communicate with him. I tried to communicate with Johnny.

“My head was banging against the bar, and I could not breathe. He was hurting my feelings, and I tried to stand up. I could not breathe. He was too far away. “I couldn’t stand up.”

Heard was now overcome with emotion and took to the stands.  “Next thing you know, I’m bent over on the counter and I stare at the blue light. I was looking at the counter with my back. He was punching my back. The pressure felt on my pubic bone, and his arm started moving. I felt like he was hitting me. This pressure was unbearable.

“I’m not sure what I said. All I can remember is being very still and refusing to move. The room was filled with broken bottles and glass. My memory is vivid.

“I didn’t feel it. I felt no pain.

“I saw so many broken glass, I wasn’t sure if he would be able to tell if it was cracked or not. And I recall thinking: Please go. Let’s hope it isn’t broken. It’s not clear how it ended. I have no idea how I got up off the countertop.

“I remember going to the toilet. My voice and my retching are what I recall. I had trouble controlling my bladder. It was a moment of retching. There was blood all over the ground.

Depp’s crew claimed that the actress’ stories of abuse evolved with “new and convenient details” and they plan to expose her lies during cross-examination. 

Amber Heard broke down on the stand Thursday as she detailed how Johnny Depp sexually assaulter her with a liquor bottle in March 2015 in Australia at their rented home

Amber Heard broke down Thursday, as she spoke out about how Johnny Depp had sexually assaulted her using a liquor container in March 2015 at their home.

The alleged assault took place in March 2015 in Australia at their rented home he was living in while filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5

The alleged assault took place in March 2015 in Australia at their rented home he was living in while filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5

He was allegedly assaulted in their rental home in Australia, March 2015.

'At some point he's on top of me, screaming I f**king hate you, you ruined my f**king life,' Heard testified as she sobbed uncontrollably. 'I'm on the countertop, he had me by the neck and was on top of me'

‘At some point he’s on top of me, screaming I f**king hate you, you ruined my f**king life,’ Heard testified as she sobbed uncontrollably. “I am on the counter, he held me by my neck and was right on top of me,” she said.

'Next thing I remember I was bent over backwards on the bar, I was staring at the blue light. My back was on the countertop. I thought he was punching me. I felt this pressure on my pubic bone'

 ‘Next thing I remember I was bent over backwards on the bar, I was staring at the blue light. I was looking at the counter with my back. He was punching me. This pressure was felt on my pubic bone.

This is the same incident that saw Johnny Depp's finger severed. He claimed Heard threw a liquor bottle which severed it. Heard testified that she did not witness Depp's fingertip being cut off

Johnny Depp had his finger severed in the same way. He stated that Heard tossed a glass of alcohol at him, which he claimed severed his fingertip. Heard stated that Depp was not present when Heard cut Depp’s fingertip.

Heard claimed that Depp did not sleep well before the fight and had never eaten.

“We got into an argument. He accused me of sleeping with Eddie Redmayne, her co-star in The Danish Girl. While he believed I was working alongside Billy Bob Thornton (I had actually worked with him for a year). He was extremely upset.

Heard that Depp took 8-10 MDMA tablets.

He confirmed that he had taken that amount, and that he was willing to accept that amount. 8, or 10′ 8, or 10.’

“He called his agent. He calls a few people, and he is screaming at them. He got the sense that it was money and I had a feeling people were stealing from me.

‘He was calling himself a wh**e, he’d been wh**ed out.’

The next thing that I can remember is going downstairs to look for him. The interaction was so confusing that it’s hard to remember what I meant. I was just belligerent and throwing stuff at me. Heard said, “I realized I was back at the cutting block.” 

He slams me on the head, and I am pushed against the wall. This is the wall near the kitchenette. These fridges were there and I can recall being banged up against them. I can recall pushing him away from me. The name calling, the wh**e, the slut the fat a**.

“He squeezed my neck. This got very nasty. From no one liking you to everyone warning me about you. He stated that everyone had warned him of me and that he regretted marrying me. It was clear that no one loved me.

“At one point, I shoved him and then he shoved back at me. He replied, “Do you want me to go little girl?” 

Heard claimed that she was having a hard time with him, and he then tossed her across the room. 

“I hit a table and land there. I land on a games table, and he gets up on me. Repeating this repeatedly. They struggled.

“He is taunting” me about taking the bottle. The third time that he holds out the bottle to me, I grab it and pound it on the ground. He was really excited by that.

It was as if a lightbulb had gone off. He starts shouting. It’s unclear if he hit me, or backedhanded. That sent me to the ground. When I got up, he had a bottle in hand. He threw the bottle at me and it didn’t hit.

“He held a broken bottle against my neck and told me he would carve your face. It was horrifying.

“I recall him taking me by my nightgown. He was throwing me about, and I am flailing.

“He is throwing these bottles at my face. I keep getting thrown soda cans at him. I find myself pulling myself towards the bar. He is standing right in front of you.

I can sense glass breaking behind and feel it. It was terrifying. I was unable to move. I couldn’t even go somewhere. I quickly ran towards the exit, and we began to fight at the bar.

“I can remember my feet sliding on the tiles as he was pushing me against the counter. He grabbed my nightgown from my chest and tore it from my neck.

“He teases me. He has my breasts wrapped around his arm, and my nightgown fell off. I was stripped naked.

“He’s throwing me around. He’s screaming at me he f**king hates me, I ruined his life. He does it over and over. He holds me down by my neck and starts to punch the wall near my head.

His energy changed to the phone on the walls. After a few more punches against the wall, the man picked up his phone. – screaming at the top of his lungs, I f**king hate you. He begins to bang the phone against a wall.

“Everytime he pulled back his hand, it was breaking in pieces. He’s smashing them to smithereens.”

Pictured are two bottles, one of which is Makers Mark with a square bottom. 'The bottle shape¿it's hard,' Heard testified, 'I had not remembered seeing the bottle Johnny was using on me I didn't have a memory of seeing it and this picture, I wasn't aware of until just the other day'

Two bottles are shown, the one with square bottoms is Makers Mark. ‘The bottle shape…it’s hard,’ Heard testified, ‘I had not remembered seeing the bottle Johnny was using on me I didn’t have a memory of seeing it and this picture, I wasn’t aware of until just the other day’

Heard said that when she woke up the next day she could hear Marilyn Manson music blaring out of the speakers of the house It 'became clear' that Depp had not slept. Heard said she saw brown writing on the walls that was in dried blood - there was blood on the carpet and brown letters that were messages to her

Heard claimed that Depp’s songs were blaring from her house speakers the day after she woke up. Heard stated that she could see brown writing on walls covered in blood.

Heard said, 'Johnny took his penis out of his pants and started trying to pee outside of the house saying he had more messages for me'

Heard it said that Johnny took his penis out and tried to get outside the house, saying he had some more messages for him.

Heard stated that Marilyn Manson music could be heard coming from the speakers in the house as she woke the following day.

Depp didn’t sleep, and it became a clear sight. Heard claimed that she noticed brown writing in the walls, which was covered with dried blood. There was also blood on the carpet. These were her messages.

The inscription “giant penis”, which was written on a piece of art, had been found on the top of a broken table. Broken glass was everywhere in the area they had their fight on the previous night.

Heard: “He wrapped his hand in these rags, and I believe he removed them or told me to look at what you had made of me. It was something like that. It was painted. It was covered in paint.

Heard attempted to make Depp coffee, but Heard threw his cup at the television. 

Heard that Johnny pulled his penis from his pants, tried to pee outside the house and said that he had other messages for him. He looked at me, and rather than laughing, just played it off. This was like dragging a wild animal into the home with his penis out his pants.

“He decided to go and pee on the wall, saying that he had other messages for me.”

Heard also said there were potatoes spread all over the bedroom windows and doors.

The steak that she’d been cooking for dinner was missing from her kitchen when the argument escalated.

She stated, “I found the leftover raw meat, the steak. He had cut it up and then wrapped my nightgown with the meat.

This is the game table where the couple fought and Heard said Depp got on top of her and was pushing on her throat. Heard said at one point the table collapsed underneath her

Heard claims that Depp was pushing her throat and got on top her at this table. Heard claimed that the table fell under her at one time.

'I saw so much broken glass I didn't know if he would know if it was broken or not and I remember thinking please go I hope it's not broken. I don't know how that ended. I don't know how I got off the countertop'

“I saw so many broken glass, I wasn’t sure if he would be able to tell if it was cracked or not. And I recall thinking: Please go. Let’s hope it isn’t broken. It’s not clear how it ended. How did I get to the top?

Heard said: 'He had his hand wrapped in these rags and I think he took them down or showed me, look what you made me do. Something to that effect. It was covered in paint. I put together he was using his finger - that's what he was using as a paintbrush'

Heard that he had wrapped his hand in the rags. I don’t think he ever took them off or shown me what he made him do. It was something like that. It was painted. It was covered in paint.

A lampshade is seen with writing on it. It appears to say 'Be careful at top'. It was submitted as evidence after the couple's blowout fight in Australia in 2015

The lamphade has writing. The writing appears to read ‘Be cautious at the top’. This was presented as evidence following the 2015 Australian blowout.

Blood and cans appear to be smeared on the floor of the bar area after the couple's blowout fight in Australia

After their fight in Australia, it appears that blood and cans were left all over the bar.

Heard outlined the events leading up to the fight. According to her, she had married Depp in February 2013, right before she went to London to film The Danish Girl. She flew to Australia in March to be with Depp, while she was filming Pirates of the Caribbean.

She stated that she flew to meet her husband. He had lost quite a bit of weight. It was obvious that something wasn’t right.

“He pulls out MDMA from his bag at some time in the evening. It was surprising because there wasn’t any question as to my response. You think it’s okay?

He said, “He had already been clean and sober.” He appeared to suggest that we go it together. It was not something I believed. It is my desire to spend quality time with you.

It was just the opposite of my expectations. To suggest that this was possible seemed delusional. You would be crazy to have gone through this.

Heard stated that they had an argument, the first in a series. He said, “I push past him. Just stomp away.” He grabbed me. He grabs me.

“I can’t recall the sequence of events. There are many flashes.

The first night, which I can clearly recall at one time was the first I remember. He shoved me and I returned to the room. These parakeet floors were slippery and I flew across them, skidding along. I was so relaxed and he tossed me like this. I simply slid.

“We had another argument. This was a spinoff of that. It was an on-off type of thing.

“I recall that he took me against the refrigerator and held me down by my throat. He is pounding me against the fridge wall. I recall hitting him on the forehead and screaming at him.

I finally blocked the door. He could still enter the other doors, so it didn’t matter if he was stopped from entering. It was at least something I could hear. He came in, but I was curious.

Depp detailed the explosive fight he and Amber Heard had in March 2015 in Australia where the top of his finger was severed when Heard allegedly threw a bottle of vodka at him

Depp described the intense fight between Amber Heard and Depp in Australia in March 2015. Heard is alleged to have thrown a vodka bottle at Depp.

'She threw the large bottle and it made contact and shattered everywhere and I honestly didn't feel the pain at first at all, I felt no pain,' Depp said

Depp explained, “She threw a large bottle, and it made contact. It shattered all around. And I really didn’t feel pain at first. 

Heard claimed that they had been reconciled when they returned from Australia. However, she found out soon afterwards that he had cheated right after their wedding.

Depp was said to have fallen asleep one morning and he texted another woman, which she believed was the reason he started texting her.

Heard stated that their wedding was in February 2015, and the messages were sent on the same day.

Heard stated to the court that after landing in Los Angeles from his wedding in the Bahamas, Heard went straight to the woman with whom he was in a sexual relationship.

She stated that she was scared. He was furious and I confronted him immediately. He did probably kill me. I didn’t mind at all. He didn’t seem to care anymore. I was already heartbroken.

‘From having been through it  in Australia weeks prior, I see this it was like….unbelievably painful,

‘I’m yelling at him, calling him these ugly names, told him to get the f**k out the house. He was screaming at me. I can remember getting mad at him for cheating and that he did it in such a way right after our wedding.

“It was like everything fell apart.” It was horrible.

During the row Heard called Depp a ‘f**king pu**y’ and he ‘bolted’ towards her.

She stated that he had placed his hand on my back and was pulling me down, hitting me with the cast.

“I can still recall this short struggle before we broke away. Whitney, Whitney my sister was able to put her body between Johnny’s and mine in the fire.

“Johnny swings towards her, looking at my little sister. Johnny swings toward her. “I don’t wait to see any more, I think about Kate Moss and the stairs in my head and I swing at him.”

Heard was making reference to previous claims by Heard that Depp once drove the supermodel (who he had dated) down the stairs. Heard claimed the same thing and Depp was unable to believe it.

Heard stated, “All my relationships to Johnny were without a fight and the first time that I struck him in the face was when I landed a punch.”

“Johnny looked a little stunned, laughed at me, and then lunged at my again. Security intervened and pulled Johnny from the street.

Heard stated that Depp later threw Depp’s clothing racks down the steps, saying to the court that “everything that he could touch, he tried destroy”.

Heard claimed that during one fight in December 2015 Depp headbutted her and beat her so badly she thought she would die. These photos of Heard's bruised face were submitted into evidence

Heard claimed that during one fight in December 2015 Depp headbutted her and beat her so badly she thought she would die. These photos of Heard's bruised face were submitted into evidence

Heard said that Depp headbutted him during a fight she had in December 2015. She beat Heard to death. These pictures of Heard’s battered face were taken and submitted to evidence

She said: 'He had his hand on the back of my hair and was yanking me down and hit me in the face with this cast. Heard's scalp with missing hair is shown

Heard’s scalp with missing hair is shown. Heard’s hairless scalp is displayed.

This photo shows the hair on floor after the headbutt fight in December 2015

After the December 2015 headbutt battle, this photo shows hair lying on the ground.

'I had bruising on my temple, my chin, swelling in pieces of my scalp ripped, gross pussy. This is of the bruising around my temple from several of the blows,' Heard testified

My temple was bruised, and I had swelling around my chin. Heard stated that the bruises around my temple were caused by several blows.

Heard said that Depp had headbutted and beat Heard in December 2015. She thought she’d die.

Before punching her, she said that he had told her that he wanted her to leave now.

He looked right into my eyes, she replied. It was an extremely still moment.

“He stated that he wanted to go again. I stared straight up at him, his expression was a mix of annoyance and anger.

“Instantly (I felt), searing pain. It’s one my very few memories of physical and emotional pain, searing hurt.”

Depp grabbed Heard by his hair and walked him into the neighboring apartment. He left pieces all over the ground.

She was repeatedly beaten by him as he climbed on top of him with her face covered in pills.

Heard: “He is trying to put his knee on mine and punch me repeatedly with a closed fist.

‘I remember the sound of Johnny’s voice he got next to my ear and he was screaming over and over again I f**king hate you, I f**king hate you over and over. F**king hate you. Pounding my head with his fist.

‘I could hear myself scream until I couldn’t hear myself any more I could just hear him say he was going to kill me and he sounded like an animal in pain when he was saying he f**king hated me. It was like he was in pain. I was just struck repeatedly by him. It was so quiet that I became really still.

“I believed this was how I would die. He’s going after me now. I’m going to die, and he won’t know it.

‘I couldn’t breathe. I clearly remember trying desperately to scream, but I was unable to breathe. He held me down with his pillow top punching me. I didn’t wake up until that moment and I have no memory of it.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have a sexy relationship 

February 3, 2015.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were married at their Los Angeles home in a civil ceremony. This was four years after the couple met on The Rum Diary’s set. Depp purchased a private Bahamas island for $3.6million in 2004, and the couple celebrated with an extravagant reception.

April 21, 2015

Heard and Depp violate Australia’s biosecurity laws by failing to properly declare their Yorkshire Terriers when they fly down under on private aircraft for filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Heard admitted to falsifying quarantine records and was placed on a $1,000, one-month bond for good behaviour.

April 23, 2016

After 15 months, Heard filed for divorce citing irreconcilable difference. Depp is issued with a temporary restraint order by a judge four days later over allegations of domestic violence. Although Heard was photographed with alleged injuries in the tabloids, the LAPD does not find any evidence that he committed a crime.

August 16, 2016,

Heard and Depp reached a $7million divorce settlement, which Depp promised to donate to charity. The ex-lovers said that their marriage was “intensely passionate, at times volatile, and always bound by love.” They stated that there was no intention to harm their physical or psychological health.

December 18, 2018.

The Washington Post published an opinion piece by Heard. Heard is an American Civil Liberties Union ambassador for women’s right and urges support for domestic violence victims. According to the headline, “Two Years ago, I was made public as a representative of domestic abuse and felt the full power of our culture’s wrath against women who speak out,”

March 1, 2019,

Depp filed a $50M defamation suit against Fairfax Circuit Court Virginia, saying that it implied that he had been an abuser. He was fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Depp claims that he was the victim of his violence and dismisses Heard’s abuse accusations as a “hoax”.

August 10, 2020

Heard heard that Depp had countersued for $100m, alleging that vengeful Adam Waldman and his lawyer Depp were targeting her with a vicious, defamatory smear campaign. They used media allies and Internet trolls in an effort to amplify false information about her and derail her acting career.

November 1, 2020

After losing a lawsuit with British tabloids, Depp now faces a difficult battle to protect his reputation. According to London’s laws, the judge ruled that The Sun’s article of 2018 was “substantially true” and that Heard had attacked her a dozen more times. She then began to worry about her own life.

April 11, 2022

Following lengthy delays caused by the Covid pandemic the two former flames are finally at peace in Fairfax County Virginia. Fairfax County was the home of Washington Post servers, which published the dispute op ed. Expect the trial to last 6 to 7 weeks. Ellen Barkin and Paul Bettany are expected to be witnesses.