Two people are taken into police custody after an 80-year-old British pensioner was shot to death at her Costa Blanca house.

  • Yesterday, the body was found at a property in Alicante just after 6.30pm 
  • It is being treated as murder by detectives and the man and woman were arrested
  • Investigators have yet to reveal the motive of the murder.  

Police have arrested two suspects in the shooting death of an 80 year-old British lady at her Elce home on Costa Blanca. 

Spanish police have detained the woman and man who were allegedly seen leaving victim’s villa from a plumber, who was on his way home to do an urgent repair. 

The motive behind the shooting has not been revealed by police.  

The victim’s body was discovered just after 6.30pm yesterday after police were called to the £350,000 property in Elche near Alicante.

Investigators confirmed that she was an 80-year-old British pensioner who lived on her own for many years after the death of her husband. The police are investigating the case as murder.

According to local reports, the victim was shot at least three more times in her residence on Urbanizacion Torre Azul near Elche.

Sources close to the investigation indicated that the possibility of her being shot in the face by burglars during a violent break-in was not ruled out. According to locals, there has been an increase of burglaries and police have increased their patrols.

File photo of Benidorm. A British woman has been found shot dead in her Costa Blanca home. The victim's body was discovered just after 6.30pm yesterday after police were called to the property in Elche near Alicante. Detectives have confirmed she was a British pensioner aged 80 and said they are treating it as a murder

Benidorm photo. One woman from Britain was found dead at her Costa Blanca house. Police were called to Elche in Elche at Alicante shortly after 6.30 yesterday and found the body of the victim. The victim was an 80-year-old British pensioner. Detectives confirmed that the body is her and are now treating it as murder.

Her body had been initially assumed to be discovered by the police by neighbours. However, local reports indicate that an expat called 911 to report that a plumber found her dead at the home.

It is not known who found her body first, but officers investigating the crime are continuing to work with them. 

After a heavy downpour, the owner called for the plumber. 

According to unconfirmed reports, he was seen leaving the property by a couple as soon as he arrived. They are believed to have left in a black Peugeot207 or Peugeot208. 

Spain’s National Police spokesmen said they are aware of the reports. However, it was not something that we could comment on right now. 

“We remain open to any theories, but we are able to confirm that the death by shooting was a murder. Suicide was ruled out.

Spanish press was informed by one neighbor that two strangers, described as black-clad couples, had been walking around the residential estate yesterday afternoon. However, he could not offer more details.

Local reports said the unnamed woman had been shot at least three times at her home on a residential estate called Urbanizacion Torre Azul between Elche and the nearby town of Torrellano

According to reports locals, she was at least three shots at her house on Urbanizacion Torre Azul in Elche.

His explanation was that he couldn’t leave his house yesterday due to a leg problem. The woman who died was alone. She was the only one I saw. 

A detached villa, where the filming took place, is located on an estate with 250-300 homes. This residential area is home to both Spaniards and foreign nationals such as Brits or Germans. 

The possibility that the victim was a burglar trying to steal valuables is not ruled out. But, one unconfirmed local report stated that investigators weren’t satisfied with the conclusion from their initial investigations.

It is believed that the British woman was killed just before her death.

Today, a police tape was still placed around the villa. 

Spanish National Police spokesperson said that they are looking into the murder of a British lady who was killed at Elche property. It is being investigated as murder, and we can confirm that she was killed.

“The alarm was raised at 6.30 p.m. on Wednesday. The woman was alone at 80 years of age.

An investigation into the matter is continuing and no arrests have been made. The motive for the arrest is not being discussed at this time.

However, police are unable to verify if any evidence was taken from the scene.

According to some sources, the bullet wounds that the victim sustained are believed to be from close range.

A post-mortem will be held in Alicante within the next few hours.