DailyMail.com exclusively reveals that Amber Heard is under investigation for perjury in an FBI supported probe into claims she lied about Australian officials in 2015 after smuggling her dogs to the country.

After publicly apologizing and blaming a lack of sleep, the 35-year old actress avoided biosecurity charges.

Aussie authorities are now reopening the smuggling case as a perjury probe after new details were uncovered at last year’s UK libel trial.

Kevin Murphy, Depp’s former estate manager, raised eyebrows Down Below when he claimed that Heard had ordered him not to lie before he appeared before a London court. Heard was referring to Heard’s order to lie after Heard flew the pets into Queensland in her private jet without declaring them.

Amber Heard was charged with illegally smuggling Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, into the country on a private jet in 2015 with ex Johnny Depp. but was let off the hook after issuing a public apology and blaming a lack of sleep. The two are pictured leaving the Southport Magistrates' Court in the Gold Coast in April 2016

Amber Heard was arrested for illegally smuggling Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol (and Boo) into the country in 2015 on a private plane with Johnny Depp. After a public apology and blaming lack of sleep, Amber Heard was released from the charges. The two are pictured leaving the Southport Magistrates’ Court in the Gold Coast in April 2016

DailyMail.com can reveal Australian officials have quietly reopened the case over fresh claims of perjury after Depp's former estate manager accused Heard of ordering him to lie under oath. Pictured: Pistol and Boo

DailyMail.com has learned that Australian officials have quietly reopened their case in light of new perjury claims. Depp’s former estate manager claimed that Heard ordered him to lie under oath. Pictured: Pistol & Boo 

DailyMail.com has learned that the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment quietly reopened a criminal investigation and enlisted the help of the FBI for the purpose of locating witnesses in the US.

Murphy, one of those interviewed, has been interviewed in detail by Australian investigators. He has provided a lengthy testimony statement and a treasure trove of emails that allegedly implicated Heard.

Sources close by the investigation believe she could face charges of perjury and subornation, which involve inducing someone else to give false testimony.

Perjury can lead to a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison, while the Queensland penal code allows for a maximum sentence of seven years.

Although it is unlikely that the Australian government would attempt to extradite Heard, she could still be arrested if she attempted to enter the country again.

According to an insider, “She could just ignore it all and never go back, but a large number of movies are being shot in Australia, including Aquaman,” the movie for which she is most well-known.”

Amber could also go back and confront her detractors. This is her usual style. It’s obvious that she is not one to back down in the face legal threats.

Heard's version of events went unchallenged until July last year when Depp's estate manager told the court in a written statement that he had repeatedly warned the actress about Australia's strict animal entry rules. She is pictured holding her Yorkie pup at LAX in 2014

Heard’s version was unquestioned until July last year, when Depp’s estate manager informed the court in writing that he had repeatedly warned Depp about Australia’s strict animal entry regulations. In 2014, she is seen holding her Yorkie pup at LAX.

Heard's Yorkshire Terriers Pistol and Boo

Heard’s Yorkshire Terriers Pistol & Boo 

In a joint video apology to the court with ex Johnny Depp, Heard said she was 'truly sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared' and that 'protecting Australia is important'

Heard, ex Johnny Depp and a joint video apologize to the court said she was genuinely sorry that Pistol & Boo weren’t declared and that it was important to protect Australia. 

Heard was initially facing two charges of illegally importating an animal and a possible ten year prison sentence. She flew the two dogs into Australia in April 2015 to meet Depp.

Pistol & Boo should have been declared at customs and placed into 10-day quarantine. However, their arrival was not detected for several weeks. A grooming salon posted photos of the cuddly couple to Facebook.

The spat was called “The War on Terrier” by Australian media. Depp and Heard were given 72 hours to send the dogs home or risk having them euthanized.

Heard eventually pleaded guilty and paid a fine of 10,000 Australian Dollars ($7,650) to a lesser charge of falsifying immigration documents. Her lawyer, Jeremy Kirk, said that the paperwork had’slipped through cracks’ and that there was no attempt to deceive.

Kirk stated that Heard believed her husband’s staff had completed paperwork. She was tired and suffering from sleep deprivation at the time she checked the wrong box on her receipt card.

‘Australia is safe from many diseases and pests that are common around the globe,’ Heard stated. Heard, along with Depp, apologized to the court in a video apology.

“I’m sorry that Pistol & Boo weren’t declared. It is vital to protect Australia.

Bernadette Calaghan, magistrate of Bernadette, said that Heard had not intended to deceive Australian authorities and that the benefits she would get from public support for quarantine laws outweighed the harm she caused.

The 35-year-old actress later mocked the incident in a 2018 Instagram post of herself wrapping her dog in her coat, captioned: 'What dog?'

Amber Heard

Later, the actress of 35 years mocked this incident in an Instagram photo from 2018, where she wrapped her dog in her jacket.

Pistol and Boo should have been declared to customs and placed in 10-day quarantine but their arrival went undetected for several weeks

Pistol, Boo and Boo should’ve been declared to customs. However, their arrival went unnoticed for several weeks

Heard’s version was unquestioned until July last year, when Murphy informed London’s High Court that he had repeatedly warned Heard about Australia’s strict animal entry regulations.

Murphy, 59, said, “I also explained to Ms. Heard multiple times that trying to bring the dogs into Australia and not completing the mandatory process is illegal and could result in very severe penalties including euthanizing them.”

He claimed that Heard demanded that he give a false statement to the Australian court when the smuggling scandal erupted. He said she didn’t know anything about these requirements.

‘When I expressed that I was extremely uncomfortable with this, Ms. Heard said to me ‘Well I want your help on this … I wouldn’t want you to have a problem with your job.’

“It was very obvious that Ms. Heard was threatening to destroy my job stability unless she provided a declaration supporting her false account for the Australian proceedings.

Murphy, who was employed by Depp for eight-years, said that he felt extreme pressure to cooperate because of this.

Heard by an attorney, the declaration was then prepared. It contained statements that were not entirely truthful, he stated.

Murphy stated that Depp had sought legal advice when Heard and Depp split in May 2016, but was unable to retract his statement regarding Pistol or Boo because of the high cost.

During cross-examination by the Sun’s lawyers, they resisted his account and accused him of lying. They also attempted to discredit Heard, who was a key witness in the UK-based tabloid.

Depp's former estate manager Kevin Murphy told the London court last year that Heard allegedly demanded he provide a 'false statement' to the Australian court saying she didn't know anything about the requirements for bringing pets into the country

Amber Heard walks outside the Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand on July 28, 2020 in London, England

Kevin Murphy, Depp’s ex-estate manager, told the London court that Heard demanded that he give a ‘false declaration’ to the Australian court. Heard claimed she wanted him to lie about his knowledge of the requirements for bringing pets into Australia. Heard and Depp were seen leaving court last July 

DailyMail.com received confirmation from Murphy this week that he’d been contacted and offered to provide a witness report to Australian authorities. He declined to comment further.

Elaine Bredehoft (the US lawyer representing Heard) dismissed any suggestion that her client was being re-investigated.

DailyMail.com: She stated that she was confident that neither the FBI nor the Australian Government would consider “reopening” an already resolved matter years later, especially after the UK Court has fully reviewed the evidence.

A spokesperson for the Australian government confirmed that: “The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is investigating allegations of perjury made by Ms. Heard during court proceedings regarding the illegal importation of two dogs into Australia in 2015.

“The department is seeking witness statements. The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions once obtained will decide if the evidence is sufficient to warrant the pursuit of the matter. The department cannot comment further on the matter as it is still ongoing.

The probe comes as Depp & Heard prepare to square off next Year in Fairfax County in Virginia. Depp is suing his ex wife for $50 million over a Washington Post editorial in which she called herself a domestic violence survivor.

Depp claims he was axed by Pirates of the Caribbean in December 2018. However, the December 2018 article didn’t mention him by name. The ‘hoax account’ led to speculation that Depp was the abuser.

After The Sun’s article in 2018 calling him a “wife beater”, Britain’s High Court sided for The Sun.

Mr Justice Nicol ruled that The Sun’s depiction of Heard was’substantially accurate’. Heard had been attacked a dozen times by Depp, causing Heard to fear for her safety on three occasions prior to their divorce.

Heard, who was a surrogate mother to a baby girl in July, is now counter-suing for $100m. She claims she has been falsely called a liar, and that her accounts about the abuse she suffered at Depp’s hands are true.