Babies are boring! Little boy looks at the ambulance driving past and chucks his baby sister at his mother.

  • Footage shows toddler holding his sister in his arms in Corvallis Montana,
  • Boy panics when he realizes he will be late for ambulance if he holds his sister
  • He places her on his lap, and she is rolled onto his bed.

This is the moment when a little boy became bored holding his baby sister and shoved her back at his mother to look for an ambulance. 

The video was taken in Corvallis in Montana and shows Benny holding Millie, his newborn sister, in his arms. 

He soon loses interest when it becomes apparent that there is an ambulance outside.

Since its October 15th posting, the funny footage was viewed more than 2.5 million times on TikTok. 

It all starts when Benny panics that he might miss an ambulance because he is holding his sister on his lap. 

He quickly rolls Millie on his lap onto the mattress and shouts: “Mum! I want to see an ambulance!”

His mother laughs as he turns and kneels at the window. 

Footage shows  Benny holding his sleeping newborn sister Millie in his arms and getting excited as he sees the emergency vehicle

The boy turns back to his sister and mother briefly but remains at the window, transfixed and waiting for the ambulance

The video, which was captured in Corvallis Montana, shows Benny the little boy exclaiming to his mother that she wants to see the ambulance outside.

The boy looks at his mother and sister briefly, but then he stays at the window waiting for the ambulance.

He kneels on the cushion at the window, as he turns his face and shouts ‘ambulance! As the emergency vehicle passes, he kneels on a cushion by the window.  

His mother pans back at his crying sister, who was woken by the commotion and assures her followers that she is okay.

He kneels on a cushion by the window as he turns his head and calls out 'AMBULANCE!'

His mother pans back to his crying sister who has been woken up by the commotion, reassuring her followers that 'she's ok'

He quickly places the baby on his lap and shouts, “Mum, I want to see an ambulance!”

TikTok commenters found it funny, with one saying “Can you blame? An ambulance is WAY cooler at that age than a baby sister.

Another wrote “lmao” he was still considerate in letting you know that he did not mind if you didn’t tell him. [laughing emoji]Like MOVEEE HIM NOWWWW. 

His mother posts other videos on the app of her family with her children. 

Benny isn’t the only toddler captured on camera looking unimpressed at their baby sibling. 

Jordan Jeremias of the US shared this hilarious video of Ella, his little girl. Ella stares into the distance furiously when Ella was handed her baby sibling. 

Ella’s reaction, which Mr Jeremias also shared in 2019, was described as ‘priceless by’. 

 Holly Burlin replied to the post, saying: ‘Congrats!! This is amazing! I’m so glad you captured it! They’ll be besties in no time.’

“She loved being your only child!” Oh how adorable!’ said Lana Ford Winneberger.

Jessie White added: ‘Too good! ‘Now how do we return this thing?’ I think my brother said the same about me lol’.

The little girl, called Ella, sits on a sofa as a woman tries to hand the newborn to her.

She looks into the distance angrily, only looking at the baby once

Ella, a little girl hailing from the US sits on a sofa while a woman tries her hand to give the baby to her. She stares at the baby only once, and looks away into the distance.