American Medical Association came under fire after publishing an Orwellian guide on ‘equity’ which promotes Marxism and critical race theory.

AMA bosses published Advancing Healthcare Equity (October 28) with a list containing ‘problematic words’ that physicians need to stop using. These included ‘vulnerable, ‘highly risk’, and’minority’. It also attacks meritocracy as well as individualism.  

It is odd that in many cases, the replacements suggested still contain offensive words. Instead of calling the patient/s ‘vulnerable’ or’marginalized, doctors were instructed to refer to patients as ‘groups historically marginalized or rendered vulnerable’.

This guide, which is 54 pages long, argues physicians have an obligation to eradicate ‘health inequities. They must consider the language of certain groups and their political contexts rather than just focusing on individual patients.

The page 6 reference explicitly critical race theory. This controversial belief system is described as part a “rich tradition of work” that provides a basis for an alternative narrative. 

Due to the AMA’s status as the United States’ most influential lobbying group, the document caused a lot of confusion online. There are 240,000 members, all doctors and medical students. The group raises approximately $330m each year in revenue. Lobbying costs $20m every year. 

It also includes a list of words physicians should stop using such as 'vulnerable,' 'high risk' and 'minority'

The document also contains a list of terms physicians must stop using, such as “vulnerable”, “high risk” and “minority”.

Matt Bai was a Washington Post columnist who called the AMA Guide ‘Orwellian. In a piece titled Paging Dr. Orwell. American Medical Association takes up the politics and language.

He said, ‘Let’s forget for the moment about the obvious question as to why the AMA has the right to lecturing anyone on acceptable language. Fowler’s Modern English Usage, according to my knowledge, has not issued any guideline for thyroid surgery. 

The guide describes Marxism also under the headings of ‘class conflict’ and class consciousness’. They attack capitalists. The guide also highlights workers’ recognition of their unity in opposition to capitalists as well capitalism, with an apparently admiring tone despite the AMA’s annual nine-figure revenues total. 

Individualism, according to The Wise Guide, is described as “problematic” because it “obscures the dynamics and racism.” 

To explain its many instances of language policing the guide says that ‘Given deep divisions between Americans, understanding and empathy can be very difficult because people are not able to truly ‘walk in someone’s shoes’. These divisions can be overcome collectively and we all have an obligation to create space for understanding and healing.

The American Medical Association has come under fire for publishing an 'Orwellian' guide on 'equity'

American Medical Association was criticized for its publication of an “Orwellian” guide to ‘equity”.

The guide promotes critical race theory and Marxism, while blasting meritocracy and individualism

This guide encourages Marxism and critical race theory, and blasts meritocracy.

Above is an example of the guide touting Marxism in its approach to 'equity' in the medical field

Below is an example showing how the guide uses Marxism to promote ‘equity’ in the medical sector.

The guide also says that individualism is problematic because it distracts from power dynamics and white privilege

According to the guide, individualism also has its problems because it distracts away from power dynamics as well as white privilege

The guide also features nearly a full page at its beginning of a 'Land and Labor Acknowledgement,' which lists the Native American tribes that lived in Chicago – where the AMA is headquartered

The guide also features nearly a full page at its beginning of a ‘Land and Labor Acknowledgement,’ which lists the Native American tribes that lived in Chicago – where the AMA is headquartered

The AMA Guide also promotes critical race theory in order to achieve ‘equity” in medical practice. It cites Race Forward as well as a document published by the advocacy group, titled, Guide to Counter Narrating the Attacks On Critical Race Theory’.

The buzzword “equity” is now closely tied to CRT. The concept of equality is when every person is granted the same chance. It is considered unfair, persecutive and discriminatory. However, it is promoted instead as “equity” to make sure everyone achieves the same outcomes.  

Guide states, “Narratives that devalue meritocracy, individualism, or both, make invisible the constraints created by poverty and discrimination. ‘Yet a rich tradition of work in health equity and related fields, including critical race theory … gives us a foundation for an alternative narrative, one that challenges the status quo, one that moves health care towards justice.’

The AMA has a list of commonly used phrases such as ‘whitepaper’, ‘blacklist’ or ‘blackmail’. They are referred to by the AMA as ‘terms that in English indicate white privilege. You should reconsider phrases that mention black or white and use them in your name. Instead, refer to them as the literal meaning. For example, a blacklist is referred to as a “deny list”.

According to the AMA, ‘Black should be used in caps when referring to race. It continues that while it currently also uses an uppercase W for ‘White,’ when discussing race,  ‘pressure may mount for this to change,’ in an apparent indication some at the AMA wish for ‘white’ to receive a small ‘w.’

The AMA’s guide is being released amid cultural wars about critical race theory in education, and concerns that ‘woken ideology’ is encroaching onto professional spaces as simple as the medical sector.

AMA President Gerald Harmon wrote in a blog post accompanying the guide that 'As with science, our language must change and evolve over time based on new revelations and a deeper understanding.'

In a blog posting accompanying the guide, Gerald Harmon, President of AMA wrote that ‘As science evolves over time, our language needs to change and evolve based upon new revelations as well as deeper understanding.

Critics slammed the guide as touting 'literal Marxism' and sowing division instead of focusing in medicine

Critics attacked the guide for promoting ‘literal Marxism,’ instead of medicine and focusing on healing.

“This is only the latest front of the Left’s campaign for Critical Race Theory to be injected into every corner America,” Jessica Anderson, the executive director at conservative Heritage Action which has repeatedly opposed CRT told Fox News.

Anderson stated, “This publication by the largest national medical association is a bold attempt to politicize medicine and expose health care workers for far-Left speech cops.” Although the Left persists in falsely claiming CRT is fake, Americans are becoming more aware of what’s occurring and taking action to stop it. Families are refusing this racism from the schoolyard to the waiting room.


After explaining the guide and its suggestions, he writes, ‘These medical groups — and, more to the point, the elite academic movement they’re kowtowing to — may believe they’re bringing history and language more in line with the goal of social justice. They’re trying to restrict what their members can think and speak.

He continued, “When one of society’s most powerful and elite industry groups feels so pressured by outside forces that it is forced to create new phraseologies and banish words, that’s when it shows you that there are no other group immune to what Orwell called the “worst follies and orthodoxy” in his essay about politics. He concluded, “

On Twitter, there were many complaints about the guide. They are accused of encouraging ‘literal Marxism’ and sowing division in place of medicine. Aaron Silbarium is a journalist for the Free Beacon. He wrote: “The AMA’s Advancing Health Equity Guide” provides a glossary that can serve as a start’ to health equity. Those concepts include literal Marxism.’

The AMA's guide comes amid contentious culture wars over critical race theory, which has become a hot-button topic in politics and widely criticized by Republicans and some Democrats, while touted by progressives

The AMA’s guide was created amid culture wars about critical race theory. This topic has been a controversial one in politics, and is widely criticized and praised by Republicans and Democrats. However, it has also been lauded by progressives.

The American Medical Association has urged physicians to discontinue using certain words and phrases and suggests replacements

Vulnerable/Marginalized – Groups that have been historically marginalized or made vulnerable

People who are disabled – Groups experiencing disadvantage because of (reason)

High-risk – Groups placed at increased risk/put at increased risk of (outcome)

Obese – Obesity in the general population

Homeless – People who are experiencing homelessness

Minorities – Specify the type of subpopulation

The target population– Intended Audience

Combating or having a war on a diseaseEliminate a disease

Disadvantaged/under-resourced/under-served – Historically and intentionally excluded/disinvested

Disparities or Inequalities – Inequities

Ex-con/felon – Formerly incarcerated/returning citizen/persons with a history of incarceration

Fairness – Social justice

Illegal immigrant – Undocumented immigrant

The Sex– Birth Sex

Social Problem – Social injustice

White paper/whitelist/white Label/Blacklist/Blackball/Blackmail – Reconsider need for white/black adjectives, for example white/blacklist can easily be changed to allow/deny list

Joscha Bach on Twitter shared similar sentiments and tweeted “As someone who grew-up in communist Eastern Germany,” My life now is dominated by communism, and I believe in Dialectic Materialism. This totalitarian form of Marxist philosophy has been officially adopted by the American Medical Association.

Kirk Wilcox, a Twitter user, wrote that individualism was ‘problematic according to the American Medical Association’. Dabi Tukay, a user, replied to Dabi with a meme of a cartoon showing a woman explaining the AMA guide alongside a sick-looking cartoon man, saying ‘Health pls.

Jesse Singal, writer, wrote, “Advancing health equity: A guide to language, narrative and concepts” by the American Medical Association. This strange document asks doctors to incorporate progressive politics in plain facts.

Eric Miyamoto who describes himself as a California pathologist, stated that the guide doesn’t reflect the medical profession and said, ‘The AMA is not representative of me or the majority physicians. They are controlled by Big Pharma & the Democratic agenda. American Medical Association supports pro-critical race theory material in its ‘Health Equity guide.

In a blog posting accompanying the guide, Gerald Harmon, President of AMA wrote that ‘As science evolves over time, our language needs to change and evolve based upon new revelations as well as deeper understanding.

He added, ‘The dominant narratives in American medicine and society reflect the values and interests of the historically more privileged socioeconomic groups—white, heterosexual, able-bodied, cisgendered, male, wealthy, English-speaking, Christian, U.S.-born.’

These narratives are deeply embedded in society’s value system and have been ingrained into cultural practices that favor the most influential social groups. Harmon explained that these narratives can be used as a tool to oppress others.

Additionally, he referred to the adjectives that dehumanize patients and reduce them to their diagnosis. For example, calling someone a diabetic instead of calling him a patient with diabetes. He cautioned against calling certain groups ‘vulnerable to chronic disease’ rather than acknowledging the social power structures that place such people at disadvantage.

The guide also features nearly a full page at its beginning of a ‘Land and Labor Acknowledgement,’ which lists the Native American tribes that lived in Chicago – where the AMA is headquartered – and adds that the organizations recognizes ‘the extraction of brilliance, energy and life for labor forced upon millions of people of African descent for more than 400 years.’

While critical race theory is a popular topic in politics, it has been widely criticised by Republicans and Democrats. However, progressives have praised the concept. 

Georgia Republican Representative Jody Hice shared the AMA guide in a tweet that read, ‘Democrats and the liberal media have the audacity to gaslight the American people by claiming #CriticalRaceTheory doesn’t exist — all while they shove it down our throats. #CRT, which is racist and inconsistent with the American Dream, must be rejected!

A Fox News voter analysis found that 25% of Virginia’s voters cited the debate over CRT as the most significant factor in their decision to cast their vote. Seventy-one percent of those voters voted for Glenn Youngkin (the Republican who won the election).