American businessman and ex-CEO of Spanish shipyard, was “fatally poisoned” and robbed by two men whom he had met at a party. He was then invited to return to the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid where he could have sex with them.

  • An American tycoon and the former CEO of Spain’s biggest private shipbuilding company was fatally poisoned and robbed, investigators revealed 
  • Jose Rosado (43), was killed in the Westin Palace Hotel hotel while on holiday in Madrid. 
  • Rosado, police said, had been with two men on the night of Rosado’s death. They invited him back to his luxurious hotel room for sex.  
  • Rosado’s assassination has led to two men being arrested and brought before a grand jury. 
  • They are suspected to be guilty of similar offenses and have both been taken into custody several times.  
  • Rosado’s initial death was believed to be natural, until police found that Rosado had been robbed of his credit cards and used them.

Two men who he invited to his room in October for sex were said to have robbed and poisoned an American businessman and ex-CEO of a Spanish shipyard. 

Jose Rosado was 43 years old and found his body in the Westin Palace Hotel’s hotel room. He had gone on vacation to Madrid with Nicholas Young for almost 13 years. Nicholas Young became worried that Nicholas couldn’t be reached so he asked staff at the hotel to verify his identity.

Surveillance footage from the night of October 29 showed Rosado return to his hotel room with two or three men, the Daily Beast first reported.  

Initial thoughts were that his death had occurred from natural causes, but police later discovered that he was robbed. 

Although the toxicology report revealed large quantities of alcohol and psychotropic drugs, the case wasn’t ruled a murder until Rosado’s partner confirmed the theft.

Madrid police have arrested two men unidentified in connection with Rosado’s murder. Police have arrested a Romanian, 39, with nine previous arrests and a Moroccan, 29, with 17 prior arrests for similar crimes. 

They have been accused of homicide and robbery using violence, as well as fraud. Both men remain behind bars as they wait for their trials. 

Jose Rosado, 43, was found dead in his hotel room by staff at the Westin Palace Hotel in while on vacation in Madrid in October

Jose Rosado (43 years old) was killed in the hotel by Westin Palace Hotel staff while on October vacation in Madrid. 

Police said Rosado was fatally poisoned and robbed by two men he met the night of his death and invited back to his luxury hotel room for sex

According to police, Rosado was killed by poison and then robbed and taken hostage by two of the men who he had been with on the night of Rosado’s death. He was invited back into his luxurious hotel room for more sex. 

Rosado had recently stepped down as CEO of Spain’s biggest private shipbuilding and yacht-making company Hijos de J. Barreras in 2020. 

Born in New Jersey, he was raised in Puerto Rico. He lived in Argentina, England, Spain and the United States working in the maritime, energy and banking industries and traveled to more than 50 countries. 

Rosado allegedly met the two men at an October 29 party, and then invited them to his hotel room. 

Rosado was allegedly subjugated by the suspects who put drugs into his drinks before they robbed him. Then, they went on to shop with his credit card. 

Rosado died from the effects of a mixture of drugs and alcohol, investigators claimed. This ploy was used before by the men, according to investigators.  

Two men were tracked down by police using DNA from the crime scene. They were found with €2,500 (about $2,800) in cash, new phones, computer equipment, jewelry, documents that did not belong to them and other suspicious items of value. 

Rosado had recently stepped down as CEO of Spain's biggest private shipbuilding company Hijos de J. Barreras

Rosado, Spain’s largest private shipbuilder Hijos de J. Barreras, had just resigned as its CEO. 

The two men who allegedly killed and robbed Rosado have been charged and are believed to have conducted similar crimes before

Rosado was robbed and killed by two of the men accused. They were arrested and may have committed similar crimes in the past. 

His obituary says that the entrepreneur will be remembered for his “zest for life” and his passion for exploring the world. 

It is said that he was ‘bold and confident’ and ‘courageous’ with an uncanny knack for building deep and lasting relationships.

Rosado, his partner and he did not have any children. However, he has a large extended family.