MailOnline sources tell MailOnline that Amol Rajan is not interested in being the BBC’s Political Editor.

Insiders revealed that the Corporation’s media editor said to friends that he doesn’t want the job when Laura Kuenssberg leaves.

This comes after a spokesman claimed that he was unable to listen to two Radio 4 Today programming dues the scandal surrounding an episode he hosted for royals.

The BBC said it was ‘completely false’ he stepped aside amid fury over The Princes and the Press and was instead due to his workload.

Presenter Amol Rajan has no interest in becoming the BBC's political editor, sources told MailOnline

Sources told MailOnline that Amol Rajan, the presenter of MailOnline, has no plans to become BBC’s political editor.

The Corporation's media editor told friends he does not want the job whenever Laura Kuenssberg steps down, the insiders said

According to insiders, Laura Kuensberg will be leaving the Corporation as the media editor.

Rajan’s tirades: “This clan is full fools”

William and Kate

Demanded them to renounce royal patronage’ and ‘aristocracy’

They described their public roles as total fraud and added: “Neither you nor I have any special claim to the glory city of Cambridge, so stop pretending that you do.”

They should have a decent suburban home and send their children to normal schools, rather than living in a “vast palace”.

Prince Philip

A ‘racist buffoon’

Prince Charles

‘Scientifically illiterate’

The Diamond Jubilee

The ‘celebrations of mediocrity’

About the Royal Family

‘Aside from the Queen – whose public image is crafted by an ever-expanding team of propagandists – this clan is unusually full of fools’

A source told MailOnline ‘Amol has told friends he doesn’t want the job’ to replace Ms Kuenssberg while the BBC added ‘there is no vacancy for political editor’.

Reports first emerged she was in talks to step down in October as part of a major reshuffle at the top of the broadcaster.

Rumours circulated that the journalist would present on Today, but it wasn’t confirmed.

Meanwhile the BBC rubbished claims Mr Rajan was forced to sit out two episodes of the Today programme amid the rage over The Princes and the Press.

They reacted to claims that the 38 year-old had been forced to miss Tuesday and Wednesday’s show because of backlash.

MailOnline was told by the BBC that Amol switched shifts due to work. He returned yesterday morning.

Last week, Mr Rajan had to apologize humiliatingly for his “rude and immature” attacks against the Royal Family.

The presenter tweeted a number of previous tweets in which he called for the destruction of the ‘ridiculous House of Windsor,’ joked about Kate Middleton and suggested that he would ‘throwing bricks’ at her.

He posted a message on June 12, 2012 to Trooping The Colour, in which he claimed that the BBC’s “monarchist propaganda” made him sick.

According to the BBC media editor, he regretted his comments about foolishness before joining BBC and said that he is embarrassed.

He issued the statement of apology on Twitter after a string of his incendiary remarks about the royals published in 2012 in The Independent – where he worked before the BBC – were exposed.

M. Rajan, in opinion pieces, said that the role of Prince Philip was a “total fraud”, called Prince Philip a “racist buffoon” and called the Royal Family ‘unusually filled of fools”.

The tweeter apologized for his remarks and said: “In reference very reasonable questions regarding some foolish commentary from an earlier life, let me say that I am deeply sorry.

“I wrote stupid and imprudent things. I now look back at them with embarrassment and question what my thoughts were.

“I am sorry for the offense they have caused me.” I will remain impartial and believe that the merits of our programs can be assessed.

Amol Rajan tweet

Amol Rajan tweet

Amol Rajan – the BBC journalist who presented The Princes And The Press – today apologised for his old comments

According to the BBC, the 38 year-old said that he made the statement independently from the BBC and later extended his apology for the incident to any commentary including those newly discovered tweets.

Social media posts that span years have seen Rajan frequently ridicule various royals.

One March 2012 interview in which he declared “I’m Anti-royal”, before adding that the House of Windsor was “a little more than an industrialization of mediocrity.” They are a very uninspiring group.

He posted the following: “Down with The Ridiculous House of Windsor” in January, and another time in May of that year.

Another post was made at the end 2012 by him. He asked for help from a friend about an animal rescue.

Also, the Cambridge University graduate appeared to be making cruel digs at the intelligence and looks of many members of Royal Family.

In one tweet from April 2011, he said: ‘Strikes me the major consolation of the House of Windsor is that William is making us late-twentysomethings feel less bad about going bald.’

He wrote another blog post in 2013 to respond to an unreplied tweet. “And an endless procession praising Elizabeth Windsor’s good sense, wisdom and common touch, senseof duty, etc.”

Amol Rajan – the BBC journalist who presented The Princes And The Press – made the incendiary remarks about William and Kate (pictured with Harry and Meghan in 2019) in articles written in 2012 for The Independent - the newspaper he edited

Amol Rajan – the BBC journalist who presented The Princes And The Press – made the incendiary remarks about William and Kate (pictured with Harry and Meghan in 2019) in articles written in 2012 for The Independent – the newspaper he edited

He stated that the Duchess of Cambridge had been number two in the Time Person of the Year 2011 poll and that the title she held was absurd.

After claiming that Prince Charles is not bright enough to understand ethics and then retweeting an article from another writer, which said that the heir apparent to the throne was ‘not bright enough to brush himself’.

In a tweet posted on June 16, 2012 – the day of Trooping the Colour – he said: ‘This utterly relentless, spirit-crushing monarchist propaganda on the BBC is making me ill. I need to see some sports, quickly.

This revelation piled pressure on BBC for its handling of the documentary. The BBC was censured by Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace as wells as allegations of bias.

Critics claimed the broadcaster had compromised its impartiality when it commissioned the documentary about the young monarchs, which was fronted previously by an outspoken opponent of the monarchy.

Royal households criticized the series for giving credence to “overblown and unfounded claims”. This is believed to have led to the BBC moving to ITV a Christmas carol service hosted by the Duchess and the BBC’s broadcast.

But, a spokesperson from BBC insists that: “Once journalists join BBC, they abandon past views at their door.

“Amol, a BBC veteran journalist, reports impartially on every topic he covers and follows the BBC’s editorial guidelines.