Moscow officials claim that a Russian plane carrying over 140 people had to change its course to avoid collisions with NATO spy aircrafts. This avoided disaster by just metres. 

Russia’s transport officials claimed that the plane crashed quickly across the plan route for the Tel Aviv-Moscow Aeroflot Service with 142 passengers. This was Saturday, over the Black Sea. 

According to reports, the Airbus A330 had to lower its path by 500 metres (1,600 feet) to keep a safe distance from the CL-600 Artemis aircraft, which pilots were able to see from the cockpit. 

According to one report, there were less than 20 meters (66 feet) vertical distance between planes. 

According to reports, the Airbus A330 had to lower its path by 500 metres (1,600 feet) to keep a safe distance from the CL-600 Artemis, which pilots were able to see from the cockpit

The Airbus A330 was required to decrease its speed by 500 metres (1600 feet), in order to avoid collision with the CL-600 Artemis. This aircraft could be seen from the cockpit.

One report claimed there was less than 20 metres (66ft) between the paths of the planes

A report stated that there was less then 20m (66ft), between the paths of planes.

The Russian transport authority stated that a second aircraft, a private plane flying in the direction of Sochi from Skopje (northern Macedonian), had to also divert to avoid hitting the aircraft. 

Russian media claimed that two spy planes from America were escorted by fighter jets over the Black Sea on Friday. 

Russian reports claim that an Air Traffic Controller stated, “One reconnaissance aircraft flying over the Black Sea erratically crossed existing civil aviation routes to approach the Airbus Tel Aviv Moscow.” 

“The hazardous proximity alarm went off when the crew of the passenger aircraft reported it to us. The aircraft was located less than 20 meters vertically. 

Aeroflot's A330 (pictured) had to change its flight path to avoid collision

Aeroflot’s A330 was forced to change its flight plan to avoid collision.

The NATO spy plane was visible to pilots from the commercial flight over the Black Sea

From the Black Sea commercial flight, the NATO spy aircraft was clearly visible by pilots. 

Officials from the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency added that “The flight directions and heights of civil aircraft were immediately changed.”

“Russian air traffic controllers have ensured safe operations of flight in this area above the Black Sea open water.  

Russian news agency Interfax said: ‘The offending aircraft did not respond to requests from the ground.

It stated that NATO planes are increasing activity near Russia’s borders, creating a danger of accidents involving civilian aircraft.

The plane is thought to have flown from a Greek air base.   

Near miss occurs amid rising tensions between Russia, Western nations and accusations that Moscow may be massing troops along its border to Ukraine as preparation for an invasion. 

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president (pictured) has long accused the West of provocation with their open invitation for Ukraine to join NATO

Vladimir Putin (pictured), the Russian President, has accused the West for provocation by inviting Ukraine to NATO.

President Joe Biden (pictured) is likely to speak to Vladimir Putin soon, according to reports

According to reports, President Joe Biden (pictured above) will likely speak with Vladimir Putin shortly. 

A satellite photo released on November 1 by Maxar Technologies shows troops gathering near the town of Yelnya. Washington's warning comes as Putin masses his forces close to Ukrainian territory, with satellite images like this taken in the last few weeks showing large camps of tanks and artillery pieces in the region

Maxar Technologies published a satellite photo on November 1 showing soldiers gathered close to Yelnya. Washington is announcing this warning as Putin masses his troops near Ukrainian territory. Satellite images such as these taken over the past few weeks show large tanks and artillery pieces scattered throughout the area.

The Washington Post obtained unclassified intelligence documents that show satellite images showing troop and equipment built up near the Ukraine border. 

Photographs taken June near Yelnya (near the border of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus) showed no land. Five Battalion Tactical Groups were (BTGs) in place as of November 9th, photos show. 

Similar scenes occurred near Crimea on the Russian-Ukrainian frontier in 2014. Then, Russia took the strategically important port at the Black Sea. 

Russia denies such plans and accuses NATO members of “provocations”, including military exercises close to its borders. 

Russian reports claim that US President Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will be speaking on December 7th. 

Preparing for his meeting with Sergei Lavrov in Russia earlier this week, Anthony Blinken, US Secretary Of State, met him. 

Anthony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, is seen meeting Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, in Stockholm on Thursday

Anthony Blinken is seen with Sergei Lavrov in Stockholm, Thursday, as the U.S. Secretary-of-State.

Moscow was warned by Blinken about the “severe” costs Russia will incur if it invades Ukraine. He urged his Russian counterpart to exit the crisis on Thursday. 

“I made it very clear that we are deeply concerned and determined to hold Russia accountable, and also our determination to work together with European allies, to impose severe sanctions and consequences upon Russia if they take further aggressive actions against Ukraine,” Blinken said at a press conference following the meeting.

“It is now up to Russia to reverse the recent troop buildup and return forces to normal peacetime posts, and to refrain from intimidation or attempts to destabilize Ukraine.”

Lavrov said to reporters that Moscow was open for dialogue with Kyiv when he spoke with Blinken.

He said, “We, as President Putin stated, don’t want any conflicts.”

Before the meeting began, Blinken stated that he didn’t know if President Putin had made the decision of invading.

“We are aware that he’s putting together the capability to do this in a short time should he choose.”

“We should be prepared for any contingencies.”