Andrew Marr quoted Ron Burgundy’s Anchorman mentor as he exited the last Sunday edition of his political show on Sunday morning. 

After 21 years of broadcasting, the 62-year old veteran broadcaster has resigned from the BBC. He was also the host for 16 years on the BBC’s long-running flagship program.

With special guests Sajid Javid, Sadiq Khan, and David Tennant on today’s programme, Marr ended the show with a nod to Will Ferrell’s character in the 2004 comedy and quoted the iconic catchphrase, ‘Stay classy San Diego’.

After saying that he wanted to regain his voice, he is now set to join Classic FM and LBC.

Father-of-three Marr, who is married to fellow political journalist Jackie Ashley, 67, and earns up to £339,999 a year at the BBC, added that leaving to join LBC’s owners Global would give him ‘a new freedom’ to do journalism with ‘no filter’. 

Andrew Marr (pictured) quoted a line from his Anchorman 'mentor' Ron Burgundy as he signed off from the last ever episode of his Sunday morning political programme

Andrew Marr (pictured), quoted Ron Burgundy’s Anchorman mentor as he left the final Sunday episode of his political program.

He said iconic catchphrase 'Stay Classy San Diego' said by character Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell in the 2004 comedy Anchorman

Will Ferrell’s 2004 comedy Anchorman portrayed Ron Burgundy as Ron Burgundy. He used the iconic catchphrase, “Stay Classy in San Diego”, to describe him. 

He said, “That’s it, all over. I have been so fortunate and so privileged so many Sunday mornings sharing so many with you.

‘These shows are never just about whose name is on the tin they are also about the fabulous team behind them so as the titles roll, just take a moment today to look at the names of all the people who really make this happen.’ 

Quoting his ‘mentor’ Ron Burgundy, Marr added: ‘I have been wondering how to close this final show, but I can’t do better than quoting my great mentor: “You stay classy, San Diego.”‘ 

One user on Twitter wrote: ‘His mentor… Anchorman Ron Burgundy, great sign off Andrew’

Another added: ‘I don’t think any of us expected him to say that.’ 

Sophie Raworth will temporarily assume the role of The Andrew Marr Show, BBC One’s most popular Sunday program.

Following last month’s announcement that the Corporation would no longer be his home, the 53 year-old veteran hack will now act as an interim presenter beginning January 9, after he said that Classic FM and LBC will replace him.

She will present the BBC’s show while an interview process takes place to find a permanent presenter.

MailOnline understands that Global will be paying Marr at least £500,000 a year for his new role, although the Leicester Square-based network refused to confirm this. 

Industry experts said LBC would be a ‘great home for Andrew as he won’t have to abide by the BBC’s strict impartiality rules’. Marr suggested in May that Marr might be quitting the BBC due to ‘not being allowed to speak for yourself’.

Sophie Raworth (pictured) will temporarily take over The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One's flagship Sunday programme

Sophie Raworth (pictured), will temporarily assume the role of The Andrew Marr Show, BBC One’s Sunday flagship programme.

Andrew Marr will be presenting new radio shows on LBC and Classic FM from next year

Andrew Marr will host new radio shows starting in next year on Classic FM (LBC)

Glasgow-born broadcaster, veteran of radio and television. In May 2000, he was appointed political editor at BBC. Later, he spent 16 years running his Sunday morning program. 

Global said Marr will be presenting new shows on LBC and Classic FM, a new weekly podcast on Global Player, and will also write a regular column for LBC’s website. 

As BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg talks about her exit, Kuenssberg said that she is in negotiations to become a Today presenter for Radio 4.

Jon Sopel is 6/4’s favourite candidate to replace Marr, as Nick Robinson and Nick Robinson have moved on to other jobs at BBC.

Last month Sarah Smith, the BBC’s North America editor was appointed. She succeeds Sopel. Marr’s resignation suggests that staffing moves could be continuing. 

Marr had tweeted: ‘Personal Announcement. After 21 years of service, I’ve decided to leave the BBC. I will be sadly missed by many wonderful memories and colleagues. 

“But I will be moving to Global in the New Year to present and write political and culture shows and for newspaper writing. 

“I believe British politics will go through an even more turbulent decade. As I have said before, I want to get my voice back. 

“I have done the Andrew Marr Sunday Morning Show for sixteen years, and that’s probably enough time for everyone!”

Global issued a statement saying that Marr had added, “Coming To Global Gives Me a New Freedom – to Do Fast-paced, Very Regular Political Journalism on LBC With No Filter in My Complete Voice” 

“On Classic FM I will be sharing my passion for classical music and cultural history with some unexpected guests. “I feel like I’m part of a young, ambitious, and exciting company. 

Marr received an annual salary from the BBC of up to £339,999 in the 2020/2021 year for his work on The Andrew Marr Show, Radio 4’s Start the Week, documentaries for BBC One and election night.

This was down from a salary of up to £364,999 in 2019/2020, and up to £394,999 in 2018/2019.

Tim Davie, director general of BBC stated that Andrew Marr had been an excellent journalist and broadcaster while at BBC.

He leaves behind a remarkable legacy of landmark programs and outstanding interviews. We send our best wishes for the future.

Marr was also congratulated by Lewis Goodall (Newsnight policy editor), and other BBC colleagues.

Goodall said: “What a great loss for the BBC Andrew, but what an amazing contribution over so many years. All the best for your new job.