Christmas is only six sleeps away and for the second year in a row, families are doing their best to keep the festive spirit high in spite of the uncertainty surrounding this year’s celebrations.  

Gergely Dudas (Hungarian viral cartoonist), better known by his pen name Dudolf has created a festive brainteaser.

The colorful drawing of his son challenges you to spot three candy canes hidden among a snowmen group and one bird.   

To find them you will need patience as the cartoonist rendered the entire scene in red/white.   

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Hungarian viral cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf, has done his bit to save Christmas and has released a new festive brainteaser. Can you find the candy canes and the bird hiding among the snowmen?

Gergely Dudas, a viral cartoonist from Hungary, is better known under the name Dudolf. He has created an interactive brainteaser for Christmas. Find the chocolate canes, the bird hidden among the snowmen. 

These smiley snowmen have been known to scatter Christmas gifts and birds among them. 

Here’s a hint for those who have been trying to figure out where candy and birds are located. 

To locate items, focus on the lower half of the drawing. 

Still struggling? Continue scrolling to find the solution. 

Did you get it right? Or did you struggle to find the candy canes and the bird? Let us know in the comments

Are you sure? Did you have trouble finding the candy canes or the bird? We’d love to hear from you in the comments

For extra holiday brainteaser, you don’t need to look any further.  

Grand Central UK, a train operator, created an unusual Christmas brainteaser for the UK to try and distract people from the holiday magic.

Brits are being challenged to find Santa and his naughty elf, who are hidden among the trains in the puzzle – but they’re not hiding together, so you may find one before you spot the other! 

It is not cheating, the solution is right below!

UK train operator Grand Central, has created a tough train-themed Christmas brainteaser to distract the nation. The busy scene sees a trail of trains, Christmas trees, snowflakes and letters - and a Father Christmas riding a train, while elsewhere an elf hides in a wagon

Grand Central in the UK has devised a Christmas brainteaser that focuses on trains to disorient people. This busy scene features a parade of Christmas trees, snowflakes, letters, and trains. A Father Christmas rides a train while an elf is hidden in a wagon.

It is a busy scene with trains, Christmas trees and snowflakes, as well as letters. There’s even a Father Christmas on a train. And there’s an Elf hiding in a wagon.

Averagely, it takes 27 seconds for Santa and his elf to appear in the scene. Can you find them faster than that? 

Focus your efforts on  the bottom half of the scene and you may see them. No luck? You are not the only one looking for an answer? Scroll down.

Father Christmas can be seen driving a train (right circled) while an elf is seen in a wagon (bottom left circled)

Father Christmas drives a train, while Elf is riding in a wagon. (bottom left circled).

Toff London’s Elsewhere has created a brainteaser that will get your head scratching this holiday season.

One odd candy cane is hidden amongst the identically-striped ones. It faces in the other direction. 

Two minutes is the current record for spotting a candy cane. Can you beat this?

Scroll down to find the solution – but please don’t cheat

Hidden amongst identically striped candy canes lies one odd one out with a very subtle difference - it Is facing in the opposite direction

One odd candy cane is hidden amongst the identically-striped ones. It faces in the other direction.

Toff London Christmas Gift Specialists has released the Brainteaser to Celebrate Christmas and Get Customers Excited for the Big Day.

Faisal Bhatti Chief Operations Officer, Toff London, commented about the brainteaser. He said, “With Christmas just around the corner,” that he wanted to share some holiday cheer by creating a brainteaser the entire family could enjoy.

Are you getting any closer to the right answer? Scroll down to find the solution in the circled picture. 

The answer is revealed in the circle, with the cane facing in the opposite direction

You will find the answer in the circle. The cane faces in the other direction.

MIST also shared an infuriating brainteaser.

Santa’s Workshop is in turmoil, while most Brits enjoy a relaxing night in their beds before the big day.

Santa’s elves feel stressed with only hours left until midnight. The workshop is full of toys and gifts that require repair, as well as Christmas cheer.

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As chaos hits the workshop, every elf is feeling the stress - except for one. This easy-going elf is embracing the spirit of Christmas, and working to get the job done whilst not letting the pressure get to them

All elf are feeling stress when chaos hits the workshop. Only one elf. The easy-going, cheerful elf has taken on the Christmas spirit by embracing it and taking control of the situation.

All elf are feeling stress when chaos strikes the workshop. The easygoing elf embraces Christmas spirit and works hard to complete the task while not letting pressure take over.

Is there a cheery elf hiding in Santa’s chaotic workshop? You have 1 second to beat the current record. How did you manage it? 

Scroll down and you will find an elf who smiles happily. 

Did you spot the one cheery elf (circled) in Santa's stressful workshop? The current record to beat is 1 minute - how did you do?

Have you seen the only cheery elf (circled), in Santa’s stress-filled workshop? You are currently at the record 1 minute. How did you manage it?

Meanwhile Feel Good Contacts have just launched their Christmas brainteasers for the festive season.

They boast an average time taken of 20 seconds to solve these puzzles – so can you beat this score?

Today’s puzzle challenges you to locate the doe in the Christmas scene. Scroll down for the solution, but please don’t cheat! 

In the first puzzle, the retailer challenges you to find the doe among the reindeer in this Christmas inspired scene - scroll down for the answer, but no cheating!

You are challenged by the retailer to identify the doe from the group of reindeer in this scene inspired by Christmas.

 The scene sees dozens of reindeer clearly identifiable by their antlers, some leaping and some grazing in a forest.

One doe is missing from the picture, and it’s not antlerless.

You may be able to spot the image in the upper half of the photo if you focus your attention there. If not, keep scrolling for the solution. 

The doe can be seen circled  in the top left-hand corner, standing under the tree and surrounded by reindeer

The doe can be seen circled  in the top left-hand corner, standing under the tree and surrounded by reindeer

And elsewhere only the most eagle-eyed participants can spot the Christmas tree hidden within the festive-themed scene in this tricky seek-and-find puzzle. 

Brainteaser by UK-based 247blinds. Challenge yourself to find the object among many flowers and leaves. 

The vibrant graphic, which is designed to challenge the observation skills of puzzlers, contains many details that can confuse the eyes. 

Only the most eagle-eyed participants can spot the Christmas tree hidden within the festive-themed scene in this tricky seek-and-find puzzle (pictured)

 Only the most eagle-eyed participants can spot the Christmas tree hidden within the festive-themed scene in this tricky seek-and-find puzzle (pictured)

In addition, the surroundings are similar in color, so the matching Christmas tree can be easily camouflaged. 

However, if it’s difficult to focus on the top right portion of the busy image, you can try this: 

Do not give up. Scroll down for the hidden Christmas tree. 

The Christmas tree was hidden towards the bottom right-hand section of the vibrant puzzle

It was located in the lower right section of the lively puzzle.

This autumnal quiz will test your ability to locate the hidden hedgehog. 

British blinds retailer 247 Blinds has created this brainteaser that tests your ability to pay attention and focuses on seasonal themes.  

Focus your attention at the bottom of the picture if you need a hint. This will give you more chances to succeed. Still struggling? Scroll down to find the solution.

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Can you find the tiny hedgehog hiding in this leafy scene for a brainteaser created by British blinds retailer 247 Blinds?

Is this the hedgehog that is hiding amongst this lush scene, which was created by 247 Blinds in Britain?

It’s even more difficult because the hedgehog has been shaped like his surroundings. To locate him you will need to take a good look at the photo.  

Are you struggling to locate the little creature? Concentrate your attention to the bottom of the image. 

Are you giving up? Scroll down to find the answer.

Try these brainteasers to see if they are more challenging!

The small hedgehog was hiding at the very bottom of the picture. It was hard to locate, because it was shaped like a pine cone

You can see the small hedgehog hiding in the bottom right corner of this picture. Because it looked like a pine cone, it was difficult to find.