Andrew Neil ‘could make a return to the BBC’ following a meeting with Director-General Tim Davie. This was after Neil quit GB News.

  • Andrew Neil met with Tim Davie, Director General of BBC, to help ‘clear a pathway’ for the presenter to resume his role after his dramatic exit from GB News.
  • The ex-BBC broadcaster was not offered a job, but the discussion helped to restore a relationship that had been broken when Neil left last year.
  • Andrew Neil Show was cancelled last year. The 72-year-old stated that he couldn’t’repair any damage done’. 

Andrew Neil could rejoin the BBC after a meeting between Director-General Tim Davie and him, following his resignation as Chairman and presenter of GB News.

After Neil’s dramatic exit from GB News, Davie and Neil had a ‘constructive discussion’.

Although no job offers were made by Davie, the talks suggested that Davie could provide a way for the presenter’s return.

Andrew Neil could end up joining the BBC once again after meeting with BBC's Director-General Tim Davie to help repair the relationship after Neil left 'under a cloud' last year

Andrew Neil could join the BBC again after meeting with Tim Davie, the BBC’s Director General. This was to repair the relationship that ended last year when Neil left.

According to The Times the discussion helped rebuild a relationship after Neil quit the BBC last year under a cloud due to Davie’s decision not to axe The Andrew Neil Show.

Neil stated that he couldn’t repair the ‘damage done.

The Director-General of BBC is said to be keen to hire people from all political parties in an effort to improve the BBC’s impartiality.

One insider stated that he was the token right-winger at BBC.

“There has been an argument that Davie was wrong in allowing him to go. His return has rectified the situation.

Director-General Tim Davie is said to be 'keen' to hire from all sides of the political spectrum in an attempt to shore up the BBC's impartiality credentials

Director-General Tim Davie is said be keen to hire from all political sides in order to improve the BBC’s impartiality.

Fran Unsworth was the BBC’s Director, News and Current Affairs. He resigned in September amid a bias row’ over Jess Brammar’s appointment to executive news editor. 

The restoration of Neil and his Wednesday night show will depend on who takes Unsworth’s place.  

Andrew Neil hosted eight shows on GB News. He then confirmed that he had resigned in September, three years after the channel’s launch.

Andrew Neil  launched GB News in June with Neil saying it would not 'slavishly follow the existing news agenda' but quit with this fleeting Tweet in September

Andrew Neil  launched GB News in June with Neil saying it would not ‘slavishly follow the existing news agenda’ but quit with this fleeting Tweet in September

The 72-year old broadcaster first told viewers that he was taking a short break from the channel, less then two weeks after he started on air.

Neil said that GB News would not slavishly adhere to the existing news agenda’ and instead would focus on ‘the stories which matter to you and those neglected’.

He stated that the channel would offer a “large range of voices that represent the views and values in our United Kingdom”.