Many Labour MPs are passionate supporters of legalizing cannabis. Jeremy Corbyn is a long-standing supporter for reforming drug laws, and is the most prominent example.

Tommy, his son’s cannabis business, went up in smoke for the second time in just two years.

Companies House documents show that The Hemp Cafe Ltd was struck from the register.

Tommy founded the company right after the failure in 2019 of his National Hemp Service Ltd. (NHS).

He owns a North London shop and a mail-order firm that sells CBD-infused sweets.

But The Hemp Cafe Ltd was removed from the companies’ registers on October 19, and officially dissolved last week, October 26. Directors who fail to file paperwork on time are often subject to such actions.

Tommy (left) set up the company immediately after the failure of his National Hemp Service Ltd (NHS) in 2019

Tommy (left) started the company immediately following the failure of his National Hemp Service Ltd. in 2019.

His father, Jeremy will be further embarrassed by the closing of a second cannabis company.

The first business went under with debts of £100,000 in 2019, not long after the then Labour leader declared that his most trusted adviser on business policy was his son, Tommy.

Witchell was not wise to whine 

Nicholas Witchell, a BBC veteran royal correspondent, continues to divide opinion over Buckingham Palace’s intransigence about the Queen’s recent admission to hospital.

Frank Skinner, a TV comedian said that Witchell made a TV rant on the Palace’s inability to keep him informed about the Queen’s health.

Witchell's got friends in high places. Or he thought he had. Turns out they're slightly lower places than he thought

Witchell has friends at high places. Or so he thought. They’re actually a bit lower than he thought.

I thought, “Mind your business, Witchell!” The whole subtext was “She’d be nothing without you.” . . I found her and she’s turned against my,’

It’s the Queen. Witchell has high-ranking friends. Or, he thought he did.

It turns out that they are in lower places than he thought.

Vicar’s little girl, Theresa May joined the board at the Westminster Abbey Institute to help’revitalise morals and spiritual values in the public life’.

It is not a paid job. She doesn’t need any extra cash.

May has coined £1.5 million in speaking engagement fees since she was toppled as prime minister in July 2019.

After Blairite ex-minister Lord Adonis blamed Brexit for raw sewage being pumped into rivers, environment minister Lord Goldsmith branded him ‘fundamentally dishonest’, adding: ‘Sewage has been pumped into waters for decades — including on his watch.’

Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne has been doing his bit to save fuel — and it hasn’t ended well.

Despite the wind and rain, he decided that he would cycle to an evening meeting in New Forest West.

After a long climb up a hill, he was enjoying descending on the other side until he was blinded by the headlights in an oncoming vehicle.

He recalls, “I slipped onto the rough edge of road, went head-over heels, gashed through waterproofs and trousers, and ended up so badly bruised that my leg has been limping ever since.”

Sir Des, Comfortable, Safe Gas-guzzlers, From Now on 

Will anyone not be Keir’s friend?

Opinion polls continue showing that Boris is comfortably ahead Labour leader Sir Keir Sternmer in personal approval.

Starmer invited Labour MPs in his office to have a chat and take a photograph, as part his efforts to improve his relations to the parliamentary party. Only 20 people showed up.

He can’t convince his backbenchers. What hope for the public?

If he can't convince his backbenchers, what hope the public? He is also struggling in his own back yard

He can’t convince his backbenchers. What hope for the public? He is also struggling in his backyard

He is also struggling at home.

Lorna Russell, his Camden Council deputy mayor, has defected and joined the Green Party.

She stated that she was concerned about the national situation. [Labour]Party lacks a coherent vision about the future. Starmer is also to blame.