Texas woman in trouble after splashing restaurant manager with spicy, hot soup. She found melted plastic inside her Mexican fast-food takeout order.

Jannelle, a 24-year-old restaurant manager was doused in Mexican menudo soup, after Sol de Jalisco’s customer, who claimed the soup was so hot that the container was melting into the broth. 

Broland is seen talking to the woman while she lifts the lid of the soup pot and points at the container in a viral video. Broland is seen yelling at the customer, who then grabs Broland’s male friend and sprints out of the room. 

TikTok’s video has been seen more than 4.9 Million times since its original posting. 

Broland stated that the experience was both traumatizing, and heartbreaking.[I]It broke my heart to know that somebody could be so horrible and still laugh about it. 

Sol de Jalisco manage Jannelle Broland (right) can be seen reasoning with the woman, who takes off the lid of the container of soup and points at it during the back-and-forth

Jannelle broland is Sol de Jalisco’s manager. (right) The woman can be seen talking with Sol de Jalisco, as she takes off the soup bowl lid and points at the contents during back-and-forth.

Abruptly, she flings the soup at Broland, grabs her male companion and races out the door

She quickly throws Broland the soup, grabs her male companion, and sprints out of the house.

Unidentified soup-tosser may face criminal charges. He has already been criticized by TikTok users and customers. 

KCENTV was informed by Temple Police Chief Allen Teston that they do not condone such behavior. “If citizens feel they’ve received unsatisfactory service, we recommend that they remain civil until the issue is solved.”

DailyMail.com couldn’t reach Temple Police Department for comment. 

Broland stated that the first was when Broland mentioned that the woman called the restaurant complaining about the lid.

Broland explained that she found her mother inconsolable, despite my offering a replacement meal or a full refund.

TikTok was the place where she said to the woman that she didn’t want to speak down to her. The woman responded that she would talk with her in any way. [she] f****** wanted,’ the restaurant worker replied “no, ma’am,’ you will not,” and hung up the phone.

Restaurant manager Jannelle Broland, 24 (pictured), was doused in Mexican menudo soup on the afternoon of November 7 after a customer at Sol de Jalisco in Temple claimed it was so hot, the plastic lid on its container melted into the broth

Jannelle, a restaurant manager, was consumed in Mexican Menudo soup (photo: Jannelle Broland) on November 7, after Sol de Jalisco’s customer claimed that it was so spicy, that its plastic container was melted into the broth

‘Every time I would mention a refund or a free replacement meal, she would just cut me off and kept saying “This is f****** ridiculous” or “Look at this s***,”‘ Broland told DailyMail.com. “She didn’t seem to want any, but to berate my.

Broland claimed that Broland felt pepper-sprayed and was not severely hurt. 

While she was unconscious, she wiped the soup off her nose, and then slipped on the soup-coated tiles beneath her. 

“By the moment I reached outside, there were already people recording the faces of their license plates and their license plates,” she stated, in reference to her and her companion.  

Broland was soon taken to police and filed a formal complaint. According to her, the woman is still waiting for a date with the court. 

“I was so shocked that I ran to the toilet. The woman who helped me was very kind and wiped my tears away with her paper towels. My coworker took off her work shirt and put on her hoodie. She then gave it to me.

“I wanted to tell you that I wasn’t alone at that time.  

Broland told DailyMail.com that her coworkers at Sol de Jailsco in Temple, Texas (pictured) are 'like a family'

Broland said that she and her colleagues at Sol de Jailsco, Temple Texas (pictured), are like a family.

Broland felt supported by her local community, close-knit staff at restaurants and also the overwhelming support she experienced when Broland’s video became viral thanks to a coworker sharing the footage via social media.

DailyMail.com’s She said that she didn’t expect the virality of this article to happen locally. “I know a lot about the restaurant business, so I was certain they could relate or understand my frustration. It was unexpected that I would be reached out to news media and the footage will have been shared many times.