Parents furious at secondary school teachers who put their children in isolation for wearing masks on the face in class, slammed by angry parents

  • As cases rise, some pupils of The Abbey School in Faversham (Kent) wore masks.
  • According to teachers, the masks can act as a “barrier to learning” and should be taken off.
  • Ironically, the youngsters must wear masks in an isolation room

An angry parent took their children out of school for using face masks during lessons and gave them detentions. 

The Abbey School, Faversham in Kent has seen some pupils cover up their cases amid concerns about the Omicron variant.

Teachers say that masks can act as a barrier to learning and should therefore be taken off during lessons.

Children are forced to wear masks in “reflection” to make it seem more serious. This allows pupils from different years to practice their skills in an isolated environment, even if they have been expelled from school.

Elouise Guld (33), says that Paige, a 13-year-old girl, has been placed in the reflection’ area three times this week because she wore a facemask in school.

Elouise Gould, 33, pictured right with 13-year-old daughter Paige, says her child has been put in the room three times this week for wearing a face mask in the classroom

Elouise Guld (33), pictured right, with Paige, 13 years old, explaining that her daughter has been brought into the classroom for wearing a facial mask.

Additionally, she pointed out that Covid has been given to her three times.  

KentOnline reported that Ms Gould said she was wearing her mask for safety reasons.

“But, then they must wear a mask when reflecting on it. This is absurd.

They are taking her out to class, and she is not interacting with her teachers or with her friends.

Albie May, 15, has also been put in isolation at The Abbey School and given after-school detentions for covering up in class, which he chooses to do to protect a terminally ill grandparent and his nine-year-old sister who has a chronic lung disease and weak immune system

Albie May (15 years old) has been placed in isolation at The Abbey School. After-school detentions have been issued for covering up in school.

“In reflection, she is there with a book, a piece of paper and a pen. Which she could have done at home. It would be safer.

Karly May (32), claims that her son Albie May was also placed in isolation at The Abbey School, and has been given after-school detentions to cover up for his actions in class.

This is the decision of the fifteen-year-old to help his dying grandparent, who was also a nine-year-old sister. She has chronic lung disease and an immune compromised family member.

Ms May explained that “I’m in limbo right now because I want my children to stay in school, but they can’t wear masks.”

“They don’t allow it right now because it’s not government guidance.”

A spokeswoman for The Abbey School in Faversham, Kent, said: 'This has only affected two students out of 1,200. The rest of the school community are positively safe and happy.'

The Abbey School spokesperson in Faversham, Kent said that this has affected only two students of 1200. Rest of the school community is safe and happy.

According to an Abbey School spokesperson, “This incident has affected only two students of 1,200.”

“The other members of the school community feel safe and secure.

“If any student were to declare that they have any medical issues that require them to use a mask to protect their skin, then the school would be very supportive.

“But, we just follow the guidance of government and Department for Education.

“We knew of the rising cases and started wearing masks in communal areas 3 weeks before they were due.