“We need more data”: Labour chair Anneliese Donds omits details of the party’s Covid plan, as she criticizes Boris Johnson for imposing ‘uncertain’ restrictions

  • Anneliese Dodds indicated that Labour needs to have more data in order to develop an Omicron Plan.
  • It doesn’t have the same access as the Conservatives, she argued
  • Miss Dodds criticised the Government for its indecision as to new restrictions

Labour rejected to present a plan for Omicron today, while Boris Johnson was criticised for not defining new restrictions.

Anneliese Doughts, chair of the party, said that the opposition still needed additional information even though minutes from Sage were published.

Yesterday, Miss Dodds was interviewed on Sky and asked if Labour would follow scientific advice to implement new restrictions.

Anneliese Dodds (pictured in September) said the opposition needed more information for a plan to tackle Omicron

Anneliese Dodds (pictured in September) said the opposition needed more information for a plan to tackle Omicron

She said that it was not possible for the opposition to access all impact assessments or all data as the Conservative government does.

“What we always stated is that it was important to view those analyses. Yes, those Sage minutes have been used.

“But the Conservative government… has access also to many other information. 

She criticized the government for not making a decision regarding new restrictions. They have not done that.

Times Radio spoke to Sir Keir Sternmer, Labour leader. He said that he won’t support a circuit breaker like he did in Autumn last year. Hospitalisations have risen to levels not seen last year.

Asking Miss Dodds if she thought there should be any additional restrictions in advance of Christmas, she replied, “Well, well, we don’t think there need to be anymore restrictions.”

“But what we want is a Plan and, as I have mentioned, the Welsh Labour Government created that Plan based on the evidence they had as a Government.

“We call on the Conservatives do the same.”

She was however quizzed on inconsistencies within Labour’s message, and about the failure of the party to offer an alternative plan.

When asked about Rachel Reeves, shadow chancellor of the party insisting that it follow Sage advice she replied that she also advocated ‘following evidence’.

On Tuesday, Good Morning Britain asked Ms Reeves what kind of restrictions Labour would introduce. She replied: “That is not the job for the Opposition.” The information is not available to us.

Then she said that the party would be following Sage’s advice. She added: “At this moment Sage don’t call for any specific actions, but they do say more is required.

She continued, “If my government was functioning, I would have attended the Covid meeting yesterday in order to collect all the evidence necessary for a decision.”