Annie Farmer is a Jeffrey Epstein Victim. Annie has been called to testify on Day 9 of Ghislaine’s Sex Trafficking Trial.

Farmer, who is the only accuser in the case to testify under her real name, told the court Friday she was 16 years old when she met the late pedophile in New York through her older sister.  

He allegedly procured her massage. She identified Maxwell as his accomplice. 

Farmer was supposed to be present on Thursday. But proceedings were stopped. an attorney fell ill. 

When she was 16 years old, Epstein and Maxwell groped her. Maria Farmer, her sister at the time was 25, introduced Maria to this girl. 

Farmer stated that Epstein had taken her with her sister Maria Farmer to the Phantom of the Opera and then to the movies, where Epstein was seated next to her. 

When Epstein described the first time she ‘caressed her’ her hand and her leg in the movie, she said that she felt sick. This was not something I expected. 

Annie Farmer, one of the four accusers in Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial took the stand on Friday

Annie Farmer was one of four accused in Ghislaine Maxill’s sex-trafficking case. She took the stand Friday 

Farmer has previously recalled being groped by Epstein and Maxwell in the summer of 1996 when she was 16

Farmer, who was then 16 years old, has reported that she was groped in 1996 by Epstein and Maxwell.

Annie described to the New York Times her meeting with Epstein last year. She revealed that Epstein, who was in sweatpants at the time, welcomed Annie into his home with champagne. 

When Epstein visited her, Epstein took her and Maria with her to see the movie. The financier then began to rub her leg and hand.  

In a January 1996 diary entry, she wrote: “It was just one of those things which just gave me strange feelings but wasn’t that odd + probably normal.” 

“He let me go when he was speaking to Maria. That was the one thing that kinda weirded him out.

Annie Farmer (pictured as a young girl) says she was introduced to Epstein and Maxwell when she was 16

Annie Farmer (shown as a small girl) claims that Maxwell introduced her to Epstein when she turned 16.

Epstein offered Annie a place at his New Mexico Ranch for a weekend, and Annie accepted.  

After she arrived, and discovered that it was Epstein, Maxwell and her alone, the weekend became uncomfortable. 

Epstein, she claimed, subjected her more intimately to touching. He also came into her bedroom one morning and got in her bed as he wanted to cuddle. 

Maxwell was the one who convinced her to offer Epstein a foot rub and taught her how to do it. 

Maxwell repeatedly asked her for a massage, and she wore her down until finally she undressed. Maxwell then groped her naked chest on the massage table. 

Annie replied, “I don’t see any reason why she would be touching my body that way.”

Annie suspected that Epstein was watching but he didn’t take part in the massage.  

Maria was at 16 when Maxwell, Epstein took advantage of her sister. Maria felt guilty. 

Epstein offered to fly Annie, a younger Farmer from Arizona to New York.    

Maria, who is not a part of this case, was unaware of what went on with her sister at the New Mexico ranch until after her own abusive encounter with the pair. 

Epstein later invited Annie to visit his ranch in New Mexico for a weekend and she accepted, expecting that other students would be there as well

Epstein invited Annie later to his New Mexico ranch for a weekend. She accepted and knew that there would be other students.

Annie said she was introduced to Maxwell & Epstein by her sister Maria Farmer (pictuted), who was then 25.

Annie Farmer and Virginia Roberts appeared in 2019 for a hearing in the Jeffrey Epstein case in New York City

Annie Farmer appeared with Virginia Roberts in New York City for the hearing in Jeffrey Epstein’s case. 

Maria had been working on Epstein’s Ohio estate at the time. Maxwell visited her around that same moment. 

Epstein approached her one night and asked for a foot rub. She recalls that Epstein then groaned, followed by an exaggerated plea, before finally giving in to his request.

Maria said that Maxwell and Maria joined him in watching TV. 

The pair began to violently grope her, ‘rubbing her body, commenting on her features, and twisting her nipples to the point of bruising’, until she ran away and hid.  

Maria quickly discovered three nude pictures of Annie, their 12-year-old sister and model for Annie, were missing from her storage box.  

Maria telephoned Eric Fischl to talk about her distressing encounter with Maxwell or Epstein, as she was desperately trying to find intimate photos.  

Maria kept hearing me tell her: “You need to get out of here.” Fischl said to Times over two decades later that you have to leave there.

Frank Farmer, the father of the girls, picked Maria from the estate. 

Maria spoke out about Annie’s experiences soon afterward and discovered that Maxwell and Epstein had been similar to hers. 

Maria came back to New York and Maxwell called. Maxwell threatened to ruin Maria’s career by burning all her artwork.  

Maria received the call and was motivated to submit a NYPD report about the Ohio assault on Maria’s home. 

Maria claimed that Maria was referred to the FBI by officers because she had been assaulted outside their area of jurisdiction.  

The woman claimed she talked to an FBI agent, but was given little help and wasn’t told if action would be taken. 

Maria continued to tell her story to others who had known Epstein. However, she got the impression that no one believed her.  

These six charges are against Maxwell 


Incentives to encourage minors (maximum 5 years sentence) to participate in illegal sex activities  

 Incentive to a minor travel for illegal sex acts (age 20 years).

Conspiracy for minors to be transported with the intent of engaging in criminal sexual activities (20 years).

Transportation of a minor in the intention to engage or continue criminal sexual activities (10 year minimum, lifetime maximum).

A conspiracy to traffic in sex

Sex Trafficking of Minors 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

She was accused of giving testimony in defamation proceedings in which she testified in 2016.  


Prosecutors claim Maxwell groomed three girls for Epstein between 1994-97. 

Although they aren’t named in the indictment she did allegedly target them in London and New York.

Maxwell would, according to some reports, befriend the girls and ask them questions about their lives as well as their education. They would be made to feel at home by Maxwell taking them to the movies or taking them shopping. She won their trust and later delivered them to Epstein.

In order to “normalize” the later abuse, she allegedly undressed before the girls and then asked them sexual questions. 

The prosecutors claim that she not only assisted Epstein, but also took part in some of the abuse. 

An example of sex abuse is allegedly’sexualized group massaging’. 

Indictment states that Maxwell encouraged the girls to borrow money from Epstein and pay him for education.

Annie and she shared their story with Annie in 2003 to a Vanity Fair reporter commissioned by Epstein to write an article on Epstein’s financial situation and proclivity to young girls. However, it did not mention the Farmers. 

Vicky Ward, a reporter for the newspaper, later stated the article was in an incorrect direction as they were unable to verify what the girls said. 

Ward accuses Graydon Carter, editor at Vanity Fair, of squashing the article under Druck from Epstein.  

Maxwell heard about the story, and said to Maria: “Better be careful. Watch your back. You go there all the time, I’m sure. There are many ways to get killed while you’re there.

Maria abandoned her dreams of being an artist due to the influence Maxwell and Epstein had on the industry. 

Epstein was a haunting figure in her life. She had spent decades seeking therapy to get rid of it. Maxwell and she even performed breast reduction surgery.  

Annie was able to complete her PhD, and she became a psychotherapist. Unfortunately, her abuse remained a constant haunting. 

When FBI agents approached the sisters during an investigation into Florida’s allegations of Epstein underage sexual abuse, they gave them hope for justice.  

This investigation ended in Epstein being sentenced to 13 months in prison after a sweetheart agreement. 

Farmers’ claimed that the result of this case was deeply demoralizing. 

The Miami Herald published an article about the plea bargain in 2018. This sparked a flood of allegations which led to Epstein getting charged again. 

Maria was astonished to hear all the accusations.  

She said, “Everytime I hear one the girls’ stories, it devastates my,”