Woman who was Britain’s youngest mother when she gave birth aged 12 reveals she is expecting again – aged 27

  • Tressa Middleton (27), a Bathgate woman, Scotland gave birth at 12 years old.
  • After being raped and beaten by her brother Jason, Fell in love. She kept it a secret.
  • Jason was jailed for four years in 2009 after DNA proved he was the father 
  • Miss Middleton has just turned 27 years old and is currently expecting her second baby, with partner Darren. 

This woman, who was 12 when she gave birth to her child, has since announced she’s expecting another.

Tressa Midton from Bathgate (West Lothian) made headlines when she revealed that she had given birth shortly after graduating from primary school. 

Tressa was 12 years old when her child was placed in social care. Tressa fell into depression, and began to struggle with alcoholism and smoking addictions.  

It was years later that her dark story came out when Jason, her evil brother who raped her, revealed the truth.

However, she and Darren Young have since made a great deal of their lives. This week she shared that she’s around 20 weeks along with him in a new chapter.

Tressa Middleton, from Bathgate, West Lothian, hit the headlines in 2006 when it was revealed she was giving birth just after leaving primary school. She is now expecting her second child with partner Darren Young (pictured together above)

Tressa Midton from Bathgate in West Lothian made headlines when she revealed that she had given birth shortly after graduating primary school. Now, she is expecting her second child together with Darren Young (pictured above).

Then aged 12, her child was taken into social care, as Tressa (pictured in 2006) slipped into depression and struggled with addictions to alcohol and cigarettes

Tressa was 12 when her child was adopted by social services. Tressa fell into depression in 2006 and continued to battle with drug and alcohol addictions.

Tressa’s partner Darren posted a photograph of their baby’s birth scan on social media. He said, earlier this month, ‘It is another girl – Arihanna’s absolutely thrilled.

Arihanna was the couple’s first girl, and she was 8lbs 1oz. She was born after a 24-hour labor.

Tressa, who was just 11 years old when she announced her pregnancy in 2006 was the talk on the nation.

Tressa suffered from an abusive childhood. Tressa’s mother Tracey was an addict and Tressa endured late night parties.

Jason, her older brother sexually assaulted her at the tender age of 7 and then she was pregnant when he raped him four years later.

While she kept the father’s identity a secret, the couple were adopted until her 14th birthday when she was unable to bear the news.

This led to the adoption of her daughter in 2008 after she had lost her child.

Jason, then 19 years old, was sent to prison for four year in 2009, after Tressa’s DNA test confirmed that Tressa had been telling the truth.

Arihanna (right) is the couple's first daughter and delighted to hear she will soon have a younger sister

Arihanna, right (right), is the first child of the couple. She was thrilled to learn that she would soon be having a younger sibling.

Tressa of Bathgate West Lothian, Scotland has expressed her dismay at losing her baby.

In 2018, she told Sunday Mirror: “Arihanna will always remember that she has a big sibling.” Even though she doesn’t know what it means, I speak to her now. There will be no secrets.

They are opposites. Arihanna smiles and is content while my other child can be vocal and outspoken. However, I knew they would get along.

Arihanna told me that she would have played games with Arihanna’s sister if she was there. It is my hope they will one day meet. This would make my life complete.

“In the meantime, all I want is that Arihanna has a normal childhood in which she knows she’s loved and safe.”

Her mother added that Arihanna’s birth brought her pure joy. It was times when I believed I would never have another child.

“But, I also feel guilty because Arihanna has me while my older daughter does not.”

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