Boris Johnson was caught yesterday with his No10-face mask upside-down and showing ’01 instead.

As he was leaving Downing Street for Wednesday’s Prime Min’s Questions (which would be his most bruising experience at the dispatchbox), the Prime Minister took a photo of the mishap.

Unaware Mr Johnson waved at the journalists as he marched towards his private vehicle that would transport him to the Houses of Parliament. Eager-eyed photographers took photos of Johnson’s upside-down logo, which was on his black No10-branded mask.

Boris Johnson made another blunder yesterday when he was spotted wearing his No10 face mask upside-down, showing '01' instead (pictured) on his way to Prime Minister's Questions

Yesterday Boris Johnson committed another error when he was seen wearing his No10 mask upside down and showing ’01 instead while he went to Prime Minister’s Questions.

These photos were taken in the middle of an extremely difficult day for Prime Minister David Cameron, who was feeling more stressed than ever since taking over the reins in 2019.

On Wednesday, former Brexit secretary David Davis called for the Prime Minister’s resignation, a matter of minutes after a Conservative MP defected to Labour over allegations of rule-breaking parties in Downing Street.

Although many MPs prefer to wait to see the results from the Partygate probe, which Sue Gray is leading, more people are planning to petition Johnson to resign after reading the report. 

Johnson apologized again in the Commons for partygate, which could spell doom for him as Prime Minister. 

Johnson claimed that the Government has done all the major things right in an effort to erase the Partygate mess.  

David Davis, a former Brexit secretary called on the Prime Minster to resign during a Commons intervention Wednesday. Later, he warned the party that they face “dying a death by 1,000 cuts” if they don’t take action quickly to expel him.

Christian Wakeford, Bury South MP, dramatically changed sides minutes before Prime Minister’s Questions. He refused to defend the indefensible over Covid rules alleged violations.

However, Johnson received a temporary reprieve from some of his colleagues who were considering forcing a vote of no confidence until they heard the results Sue Gray’s investigation into No. 10’s events during restrictions.

To shore up support, he had held talks with backbench MPs. He also prevented Sir Graham Brady (chair of the 1922 Committee of Conservatives) from receiving the 54 letters that were required to trigger the vote of confidence.

Mr Johnson - seemingly unaware of his mask mishap - waved to the press as he walked to his private car that would take him to the Houses of Parliament, with eagle-eyed photographers capturing the upside-down No10 logo on his mask

Johnson was apparently unaware of his mishap with his mask and waved at the media as he made his way to his private vehicle that would transport him to the Houses of Parliament. There, eagle-eyed photographers took pictures of the upside down No10 logo on Johnson’s face.

Boris Johnson could be defeated by Tory MPs.  

Boris Johnson faces immense pressure from Partygate. There are rumors that Johnson might walk off.

However, aside from resignation, there are rules for how the Tories can oust or replace the leader. 

How can the Tory leader be removed? 

 The Tory Party Rules allow MPs to forcibly vote against their leader.

Is that possible? 

 Sir Graham Brady is the Tory Party’s chairman for the backbench 1922 Committee.

If 15% of Tory MPs send a letter to the Chairman, he must hold a vote of no confidence. This threshold currently stands at 54 MPs.

If the recipient is a MP, letters are considered confidential. Only Sir Graham can count the number of letters. 

Is there anything that happens when you cross the threshold? 

It is secretly voted on, and the winner technically needs support only from a simple majority.

They must win a clear victory to remain in their position.

What happens when the leader is defeated? 

If they fail to win the majority vote from MPs, then they are fired and an election for leadership begins.

Once the party is at power, however, the leader of the party will typically remain as the Prime Minister until the replacement is elected.

A general election is not required unless the PM wishes to hold one.  

Some suspect that Mr Wakeford had temporarily rallied support for Johnson in advance of Ms Gray’s report. Mr Wakeford was facing angry remarks from his former Tory colleagues.

No 10, who said that Johnson would fight any vote of no confidence against him, insisted Johnson expects to contest the next general elections.

As a result, the Prime Minister was forced to enter the Commons while his premiership was on life support. A group of Tories elected in the 2019 election landslide seemed to have lost trust in their boss.

Anger from an ex-minister first elected in 1987. Mr Wakeford was elected two years ago to the Red Wall seat in Bury South. This showed how wide the anger in the party.

According to Mr Davis, the Daily Telegraph interview revealed that he believes either the party will have to take a decision or face being killed by 1,000 cuts.

After Ms Gray has finished her inquiry about events that took place at No. 10 under Covid restrictions, Haltemprice & Howden MP claimed, it would appear as if the Prime Minister is’shifting responsibility’.

There will also be rising energy prices and the National Insurance rise. He said that the “crises” could get worse if No 10 is disorganized, which could result in a no-confidence vote at Christmas.

“That’s the worst outcome. Especially for the intake of 2019 and 2017, 2017 and 2015 – this continues and slice by piece, it’s a slow, steady process. We create policies that try to hide the problem.

Jacob Rees Mogg, Commons Leader, sought to minimize Mr Davis’s intervention and described the ex-minister as ‘always being something of a lonely wolf’.

He said, “No one would consider David a lightweight. He’s a serious political figure. But his remarks today were too theatrical.”

As he switched sides, Mr Wakeford was elected to office in 2019, with just 402 votes.

Boris Johnson

 Boris Johnson (left) was today told to quit over Partygate by senior Tory David Davis at a brutal PMQs today just minutes after an MP dramatically defected to Labour

Mr Wakeford was on the Labour benches for PMQS today wearing a union flag face mask

He was wearing a mask with a union flag on his face while he was sitting today at the Labour benches.

David Davis warned the Tory Party is 'dying a death of 1,000 cuts' and faces a 'year of agony' if it does not act swiftly to oust Boris Johnson over allegations of rule-breaking parties in Downing Street

David Davis said that the Tory Party was ‘dying of a death by 1,000 cuts’ and could face a year of pain if it doesn’t act quickly to expel Boris Johnson from Downing Street over claims of rule-breaking groups.

A poll today found that the Tories are 11 points behind Labour in crucial Red Wall seats - a dramatic turnaround from the nine-point advantage they had at the 2019 election

Today’s poll found the Tories trailing Labour by 11 points in key Red Wall seats. This is a drastic turnaround to the 9-point lead they held at the 2019 election.

Christian Wakeford is a Tory MP, who just defected from the Tory Party to join the Labour Party.

Christian Wakeford was elected Conservative MP for Bury South in 2019, the first election since the Red Wall victory that led to Boris Johnson’s huge win. 

However, the 37-year-old married man has moved to Labour. This is devastating news for Mr Johnson’s premiership. 

Mr Wakeford hit the headlines in November 2021 after it emerged he called Owen Paterson a ‘c***’ to his face after the latter was found to have broken lobbying rules. 

With a narrow victory, Mr Wakeford took the Bury South seat away from Labour in 2019, with only 402 votes.    

Since 1997, the seat was held by Labour.  

Prior to entering politics, Wakeford worked in a telecommunications company after completing his studies at Lancaster University. 

His previous roles included being a Tory Councillor for Lancashire County Council, and as a Tory case worker for Andrew Stephenson. 

As the leader of Pendle Borough Council’s Tories, he was also a member.  

The Education Select Committee is Mr Wakeford’s home in Parliament. 

He serves as the co-chairman and the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews.   

After a media interview with Sir Keir Sternmer, Mr Wakeford stated that the Tories were ‘a party trying defend the indefensible’.

According to a Labour spokesperson, the party has been talking with Mr Wakeford since’some’ time and is open to an election after Mr Johnson stated that the Tories would take back Bury South.

The Prime Minister declined to confirm whether any other Conservative MPs were considering leaving, but the press secretary for the Prime Minster said they weren’t aware.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary suggested that there be a by election in this constituency. He told Peston Mr Wakeford that he’should stand up for his constituents’.

Johnson apologized in the Commons again for the partygate scandal, which threatens his tenure as Prime Minster.

But, he stated that Ms Gray was asking for an explanation. He is also being investigated over his admission to attending the party at No 10, Garden on May 20, 2020.

According to the PM, ‘no one told me what was happening was against the rules’. He believed that he was going to a work event.

Dominic Cummings was a former aide and claimed Mr Johnson knew about the events in advance. He was also warned that it was against the law.

Ministers have urged Tory MPs not to act against Prime Minister Gray until they receive her full report.

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, stated at a Downing Street press conference that he supports the Prime Minister and is awaiting the Gray report.

Javid, the man who ran in opposition to Johnson for 2019’s leadership, said: “We have a leader.” We have the Prime Minister.

In a chaotic PMQs session, Mr Davis stated that he spent many weeks trying to defend Mr Johnson, reminding them about the “successes” of Brexit.

Davis stated, “I expect my leaders take responsibility for their actions,”

“Yesterday, the opposite happened to him so I’ll remind him about a quote that may have come to his ears – Leopold Amery and Neville Chamberlain. You have spent too much time here to do any good. Please, in the name God, get out.

Seven Tory MPs called for Johnson’s resignation, which is far less than the 54 that are required by the backbench 1922 Committee to file letters of no confidence.

It would have been eight, but Mr Wakeford’s departure means that the total remains unchanged.