An anti-abortion activist arrested for climbing all 61 floors in San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower, which is 1,070ft high.

  • Maison DesChamps was a prolife activist and climbed to the top of the tower’s 61-6 floors Tuesday morning
  • Police arrested him once he had reached the top of the building.
  • According to his website, the climber is known as “pro-life Spiderman”.
  • DesChamps protested against Roe Vs Wade being overturned Monday by the Supreme Court.

After being seen climbing San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower, 1,070-foot high, without any harness, an anti-abortion activist was arrested. 

Witnesses first noticed Maison Deschamps (22) around 9:21 AM on Tuesday. They then alerted police. 

DesChamps was placed in police custody after reaching the roof of the tower and climbing all 61 floors. As several tower employees recorded footage, DesChamps was seen only in a hoodie. 

According to DesChamps’ website, he is an accomplished rock climber. He also stated that he wanted the tower to “put a doctor behind bars” and raise money for pro-life charities.

‘I am a rock climber that has recently started climbing Skyscrapers to end abortion,’ his website – – says. 

It also happens less than a full day after Roe vs Wade (which legalized abortion in the U.S.A since 1973) was overturned by Supreme Court.

Madison DesChamps, 22, climbed up the entirety of the Salesforce tower without a harness in response to the Supreme Court's decision to overrule Roe vs Wade on Tuesday morning

Madison DesChamps (22 years old) climbed the entire Salesforce Tower without using a harness to protest the Supreme Court’s ruling on Tuesday that Roe vs Wade was invalid.

DesChamps filmed himself on Instagram climbing up all 61 stories, in which he says in one video: 'Everything's going good, I just wish I had more water'

DesChamps recorded himself climbing all the stories on Instagram. He said in one of his videos: “Everything is going well, but I wish I had more food.”

The pro-life activist also told his followers that he was doing the climb to put Dr Cesare Santangelo 'behind bars' and to support anti-abortion groups

He also revealed to his supporters that he was climbing to put Dr Cesare Sangelo behind bars and support anti-abortion organizations.

The 22-year-old was arrested (pictured) by San Francisco Police once he reached the roof of the tallest building in San Francisco

After reaching the top of San Francisco’s tallest building, the 22-year old was taken into police custody (pictured). 

On Tuesday morning, police closed streets around the area and asked residents to avoid the building.

“Officers” have evolved [probable]The San Francisco Police Department stated in a statement that there was cause for the arrest of the subject, but the charges were still being pending. “At the minimum, he will face criminal charges for trespassing.” 

DesChamps also filmed his own Instagram videos throughout his rise to the top. On his Instagram story, DesChamps can be seen saying “Everything is going well. I just wish that I had more water.” He then raises awareness for anti-abortion group in another video.

The climb was completed at 10.50 am.

DesChamps started climbing rock at 16 years old. Now, he is studying finance at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Although it is not clear why DesChamps is here, he claims that he climb the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas in protest of COVID-19 mandates.

Tom Metcalfe of Oakland witnessed the majority of the scale as he walked down Mission Street at 9 :35 am on his way to work.

Metcalfe stated that she noticed that the police had sealed off the area around Salesforce Tower. A few people looked up, so I noticed a man ascending the tower. He reached the top of the tower about a third of a mile ahead and made rapid progress. His movements looked effortless. He was climbing up to the exterior

In 2018, Salesforce Tower became the second-tallest building in San Francisco after the Wilshire Grand Centre in Los Angeles. Salesforce is also the headquarters of this cloud-based company.

The tower also boasts a $4million, multi-million dollar permanent art installation created by Jim Campbell of San Francisco. 

This installation features more than 11,000 LED lights, which display low-resolution color imagery. 

The Salesforce Tower has never been climbed up before, with DesChamps being the first person to climbs all of its 61 floors

DesChamps was the first to scale all 61 floors of Salesforce Tower.