Anti-Brexit activist Steve Bray interferes with PM’s final goodbye speech. The ‘Bye Bye Boris’ parody song, and Benny Hill theme sound off a speaker as Johnson gives his farewell outside Downing Street

  • Steve Bray (Stop Brexit) campaigner performed music from King Charles Street
  • Boris begins his speech by saying ‘Bye Bye Boris,’ which is a parody on Bye Bye Baby.
  • After the PM was gone, the playlist changed to Benny Hill.
  • Bray, who was furious after his amp got unplugged outside Downing St by a “vile copper”, became outraged 

‘Stop Brexit’ activist Steve Bray this morning tried to drown out Boris Johnson’s farewell speech outside No 10  by playing ‘Bye Bye Boris’ and the Benny Hill theme.

At 7.30 a.m., the speech of the PM was started by Bye Bye Boris, a parody on The Four Seasons’ Bye Bye Baby, that the Bay City Rollers had covered, and began to play over the speaker from Kings Charles Street. It runs parallel with Downing Street.

This song, which is a rewrite of the chorus to “Bye Bye Boris,” was so loud it could be heard on TV microphones.

Boris Johnson said farewell to his family as he listened to the Benny Hill tune. He thanked staff, relatives, and Dilyn for their support.

Comedy show The Benny Hill originated in the 1950s and is known for its funny faces and hilarious humour.

He also received shouting support from his audience as he spoke.

Boris Johnson (pictured) was greeted to applause outside No 10 saying as he began his speech saying: 'Well, this is it folks'

Boris Johnson (pictured), was applauded outside of No 10, as he opened his speech, saying “Well this is it folks.”

'Stop Brexit' activist Steve Bray (pictured) played 'Bye Bye Boris' and the Benny Hill theme as Boris Johnson gave his farewell speech

Steve Bray, a ‘Stop Brexit” activist (pictured), played “Bye bye Boris” and the Benny Hill theme while Boris Johnson delivered his farewell speech

Boris Johnson received much applause at No. 10, where he started his speech by saying, “Well, that’s it guys.

“In just two hours, I’ll be in Balmoral for Her Majesty Queen. The torch will now be passed to the new Conservative leader.

“The relay race has unintentionally turned out to have been a relay, and the rules were changed halfway through. But that’s not important.

As he approached No. 10’s front door, he stated: “Through that black lacquered door, the new Prime Minister will shortly meet a great group of public servants.”

The speech ends with the singer singing the song as he thanks the people for ‘getting Brexit done’ and delivering the fastest possible vaccine rollout in Europe.

After Downing Street police shut down, Mr Bray and his campaigners headed to the Foreign Office at 8.10 am.

The pair then walked alongside Downing Street after Johnson had finished his speech.

Bray shared a video saying that an “vile copper”, pulled leads out of his amp and was listening to loud rock music.

Johnson said that he would offer the government his full support. “We will make it through, and we will be stronger than the other side…it is now that Liz Truss needs to be supported by all of us.

In the midst of warm applause Mr Johnson touched hands with some members of the crowd. This included Jacob Rees Mogg, a former cabinet minister, as well Jacob Rees Mogg with one his sons. Then he got in a government car to go with Carrie and their children.

Because of bad weather that could affect Johnson’s flight to Scotland, Johnson had to change his address.

He will see the monarch at Balmoral in Cairngorms at 11:20 am. His Royal aides have a reputation for being meticulous about timings.

Liz Truss will quickly follow Johnson to the royal residence, where he will be officially asked for his help in forming a Government.