This week, an anti-vaxxer was sentenced to jail for a string of bomb attacks on a school and a NHS center. He also repeatedly vandalized a Covid-19 vaccination tent.

Rodney Stuart Peasley (66) caused evacuation of secondary schools and set off a major NHS incident in his hoax terrorist targeting those who promote life-saving Covid vaccinations.

A bomb-hoaxer also attacked the vaccination centre that was set up at a GP practice and painted graffiti saying, ‘No Vax 4 Children’.

Peasley from Scorrier (Cornwall) was sentenced Friday to 21 month imprisonment at Truro Crown Court.

Rodney Stuart Peasley, 66, (pictured) carried out a series of bomb hoaxes against a school and an NHS centre and repeatedly vandalised a Covid-19 vaccination tent

Rodney Stuart Peasley, aged 66 (pictured), carried out numerous bomb hoaxes against schools and NHS centres and regularly vandalized the Covid-19 vaccination tent.

Four counts of criminal damage were pleaded guilty by him between October 19 and November 2018. He also admitted to making bomb threats in November 19.

Covid vaccines are a way to reduce the risk of dying from the disease and they have greatly reduced the death rate in the UK.

After Peasley had left a voicemail, the court learned that Richard Lander School was evacuated in Truro. He also suggested to a receptionist that there might be explosives within the school.

According to reports, the school would be giving Covid vaccinations.

Kernow Health in Truro was the name of the anti-vaxxer and responsible for administering Covid vaccinations.

Peasley stated that multiple bombs were placed on vehicles and would explode randomly in the hour to come.

Richard Lander School (pictured) in Truro was evacuated after anti-vaxxer Peasley left a voicemail and suggested to a receptionist there were explosive devices within the school

Truro’s Richard Lander school (pictured) was evacuated by anti-vaxxer Peasley who left a voicemail and indicated to a staff member that explosive devices were present in the school.

The call was taken seriously and a variety of NHS locations were locked down. Police and the NHS declared a major incident.

Later, police tracked Peasley down using his mobile number and then arrested him.

Peasely was also accused of making threats to blow up a Mount Hawke hospital marquee, which had been damaged by Covid vaccine clinics.

This happened on four separate occasions between October and November 2021, causing total damage worth £16,000.

He cut sections off the marquee and spray graffiti.

Robin Smith, an attorney for Peasley, stated that the defendant was not anti-vaxxer. He claimed that he has been concerned with safeguarding young people for many decades.

The court heard in addition to bomb threats, Peasely was filmed on CCTV damaging a marquee at Mount Hawke surgery being used for Covid vaccination clinics. Pictured: Richard Lander School, Truro

Peasely was also accused of making threats to blow up a Mount Hawke hospital marquee, which had been used as a Covid vaccination center. Pictured: Richard Lander School, Truro

Smith stated that he was against unilateral and uninformed mass vaccinations of children, which would result in them not being able to share information with their parents.

“This is a man who cares about the wellbeing and safety of young people. 

He said Peasley had written to both the school and Kernow Health apologising for his actions a few days after the bomb threats.

Peasley was sentenced by Judge Garnham. [the criminal damage]Part of an attack coordinated on buildings involved in providing Covid vaccines to Cornwallis.

Bomb threats are an extremely dangerous form of crime. These threats cause normal people to fear their lives while going about their lawful, everyday activities.

“Here it’s all the more serious since it involved a school as well as those who provide healthcare.

He noted that the bomb hoaxer had ‘genuine regret’ and had already pleaded guilty, which reduced his sentence.

Peasley was sentenced to 20 months in prison for each bomb hoax. This will run simultaneously with one month each for criminal damage offences. Again, these sentences will run concurrently but not in the same way as the previous.

These 21 months were spent in prison for a total amount of 21. Half of it will be behind bars, the other half on license.