A group of social media users has gathered thousands of conspiracy-minded anti-vaccine theorists who have joined a group which threatens direct action and encourages combat training and mixed martial art sessions. 

Alpha Men Assemble has more than 2800 followers and plans meetings in order to practice strategy and training techniques in Staffordshire (London), Lanarkshire (Scotland) and Lanarkshire (Scotland). 

Nearly 100 activists were seen grappling on one another at the most recent meeting. It was held in Littlehampton (West Sussex). Brownhills and Motherwell will host two sessions more this month.

Participants are asked to wear black uniforms, boots, and hats to “defend our children, women”, in advance of the ‘task’ which will be revealed in January. 

Although the group’s larger plans are not yet clear, several recent messages call for members to display ‘pure and unadulterated resistance’. 

The task group members were instructed that to participate in the direct action, they would need to maintain a calm head and control their emotions. If you can not do that you will not be allowed to attend the direct action’, reports The Times.

Thousands of anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists have joined Alpha Men Assemble - a social media group that threatens 'direct action' and promotes combat training and mixed martial art sessions

Alpha Men Assemble has thousands of conspiracy-theorists against vaccines. It is a social media organization that promotes mixed martial arts sessions and combat training.

Close to 100 activists were pictured boxing and grappling with one another on a beach at Littlehampton, West Sussex (pictured)

Nearly 100 activists were seen grappling on one another at Littlehampton Beach, West Sussex (pictured).

Online video shows dozens of Alpha Men Assemble’s acolytes pushing one another in an online brawl. This was supposed to be a training exercise.

A second clip captures the group practising their boxing skills, and then rushing toward each other while they do scrummaging drills at the crack of dawn.

Another image shows a group of people wearing hooded hats and marching in a park.

Alpha Men Assemble was established just three weeks back and uses Telegram’s encrypted chat to communicate with its nearly 6,000 subscribers. 

While the identities of the founders and leaders of the chat are not known, one source revealed to The Times that they were former members or the military. 

This group is loosely similar to American conspiracy group QAnon – which makes baseless claims about paedophiles claiming that former President Donald Trump was overthrown by them. Their followers stormed Washington’s Capitol Building last January.

In other images shared online, a large group wearing hats with hoods pulled up over their heads can be seen marching through a park

A large group can be seen walking through a park wearing hooded hats.

Although its messages preach a non-violent and anti-racist approach, and its stated aim is to 'save the children', several videos shared within the group show instructional videos on punching and kicking

The group’s messages promote a nonviolent and antiracist approach and it claims to be trying to save the children. However, there are several videos that share videos on how to punch and kick.

Alpha Men members often share articles published on Tommy Robinson News by their colleagues. This social media channel has more than 150,000 subscribers and is managed by people with links to English Defence League.  

Although the messages are non-violent, anti-racist, and the stated goal is to “save children”, several videos within the group share instructional videos about punching and kick. 

The message continued: “I hope you have fire in your stomach.” Now is the time for you to take action. No more f****** about.  

Alpha Men Assemble has previously slammed protests organized by anti-vax activists like Piers Corbyn. Their efforts were compared to being ‘ramblings’ or’standing’.[ing]In a Park’. 

Piers Corbyn and a band of demonstrators in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, were filmed shouting ‘shame on you’ repeatedly at testing site staff while others threw traffic cones and pushed over signs.

Cries of ‘You murdering b****rds’ and ‘the wind is changing’ are heard as the crowd marches into the site, and one of the demonstrators appears to pick up testing equipment before carrying it out of one of the site’s tents.

A protester is seen questioning a staff member in high-visibility jacket, “Have your had the vaccine?”

A social media user posted footage and it has been viewed more than 10,000 times.