England’s goalkeeper Jordan Pickford was “read the riot act” by Everton after anti-vaxx comments were shared by his wife on social media.

Everton bosses spoke to several stars via posts posted online by loved ones in order to make sure they follow the rules.

And The Sun reports that the club sat down with Pickford after his wife Megan Davidson shared a picture of a voodoo doll with dozens of pins in it with the words ‘just one more booster to freedom’.

Pickford is reported to have spoken with his wife following the meeting. Her post was then removed from social media. 

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford (right) was 'read the riot act' by his club Everton over apparent anti-vax posts shared on social media by his wife (left)

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford (right), was “read the riot acts” by Everton for anti-vax postings made by his wife on social media.

His wife Megan Davidson (pictured) shared a picture of a voodoo doll with dozens of pins in it with the words 'just one more booster to freedom'

Megan Davidson, his wife (pictured), shared a photo of a voodoo toy doll that had dozens upon pins inside. She also included the words ‘just another booster for freedom’

The Sun was told by a source that several players had been given the riot code regarding their behavior and those of their families.

“Officials stated that they wanted to ensure attendances were up by getting as many people vaccinated.”

MailOnline reached out for clarification to Everton’s football club representatives and Jordan Pickford’s representative.

This comes just a month after Davison caused controversy by sharing another message supporting anti-vax protestors. 

Megan Davison met Everton ace Pickford as a teenager and shared a photograph from the Freedom March which caused chaos across central London in December 18. 

After further restrictions to stop the spread Omicron coronavirus, thousands turned out for the demonstration that Sadiq Khan had declared a major incident.

The wife of England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford previously sparked controversy after sharing a message in support of anti-vax protestors

After sharing a message supporting anti-vax protestors, the wife of England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford caused controversy.

Davison, 25, appeared to show a degree of empathy for the mob by sharing a photo of one protestor holding a placard emblazoned with the message: ‘Even if you’re not conspiracy minded, something in your soul has to say…something is wrong.’

This photo was not commented on by the mother-of-1 and it is now removed from her Instagram account. 

Pickford’s England friend John Stones made clear her views on the vaccine over recent weeks. 

Megan Davison shared a photo from the so-called Freedom Rally that sparked chaotic scenes across central London on December 18 (pictured: protestors attend the rally in central London)

Megan Davison shared this photo of the Freedom Rally, which sparked chaos across central London on Dec 18. (pictured: Protestors at the rally in central London).

Davison, a mother-of-one, appeared to show a degree of empathy for the mob by sharing her post, which is no longer visible on her Instagram account

Davison, mother of one, shared her post to demonstrate empathy with the mob. It is not visible anymore on Davison’s Instagram account.

Olivia Naylor posted the following message to Instagram on December 1st: “Don’t get a vaccination so you can travel. Because that ski trip doesn’t mean anything and your human rights matter everything.

“Even though you have been vaccinated. Say no to the proof. It is an egregious violation of human right.

Davison was appointed after Premier League footballers were reminded to get immunized following an increase in cases and the postponement of matches due to ongoing pandemic. 

New rules will allow elite football to be better equipped for any future disruptions by 2022 and will encourage the 16% of Premier League vaccine doubters to have the jab. 

Pickford is first choice goalkeeper for Everton, one of the many clubs affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Everton is the first team’s goalkeeper, with Pickford being the choice of Everton. This club was among many that have been affected by the continuing coronavirus epidemic. 

Olivia Naylor, the girlfriend of Pickford's England teammate John Stones, has also made her position regarding the vaccine clear over recent weeks

Olivia Naylor (the girlfriend of Pickford’s England teammate John Stones) has been making her views on the vaccine public over the past few weeks. 

The Premier League is looking to reward early-vaccinators who completed the triple vaccine rather than penalizing anti-vaxxers.

The evidence that vaccination uptake is crucial in navigating the path through the pandemic has been clear to 25 percent of English Football League football players. This shows how important it is for economic and social health. 

English football is a rare professional sports team that has vaccine problems. 

According to La Repubblica, 98% of Italy’s Serie A footballers are vaccinated. The German Bundesliga has stated that 92% of the players have been vaccinated. The Mail on Sunday reported that 92% are fully vaccinated by La Liga in Spain. 

MailOnline reached out to Jordan Pickford’s representative for more information.  

Freedom march protestors brought central London to a standstill as shoppers prepared for Christmas (pictured: Regent Street)

As Christmas shoppers got ready for the holidays, Freedom March protestors put central London on lockdown (photo: Regent Street).