A mob that included conspiracy theorist PiersCorbyn disrupted tonight’s rally to fund NHS, which was being addressed by his brother Jeremy, ex-Labour leader.  

Footage captured protestors heckling the rally as speakers attempted to address them. 

Jeremy Corbyn hit back at the swarm, among them his brother Piers wearing a ‘Resist. Defy. I told them they should not comply with the ‘Do no comply’ T-shirt and that they needed to “shut up” because ‘you have the NHS just as everyone else’. 

As MPs discussed amendments to the Health and Care Bill in the House of Commons, around 100 Unite health branch protestors gathered at Downing Street. 

The Bill, which will be voted on by MPs for a third time tomorrow before it goes to the House of Lords, involves a shake-up of the NHS intended to make it less bureaucratic and more accountable. 

But critics say the legislation will bring in more back-door privatisation of the health service. 

An anti-vaxx mob including conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn (centre) tonight interrupted an NHS funding rally address by his ex-Labour leader brother Jeremy

A mob of anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists, including Piers Corbyn (centre), disrupted tonight’s speech by ex-Labour leader brother Jeremy at a funding rally for NHS.

Jeremy Corbyn hit back at the hecklers, telling them to 'shut up' because 'you need the NHS just like everybody else'

Jeremy Corbyn reacted to the hecklers by telling them to’shut down’, because ‘you have the NHS just as everybody else’

Footage showed the rally being heckled by members of an anti-vaxx mob who shouted 'no vaccine mandate' as speakers tried to address the crowd

Footage captured protestors heckling the rally as anti-vaxx mob members shouted “no vaccine mandate” while speakers attempted to address them.

Video footage from the event captured a brief scuffle between Unite protesters (anti-vaxx mob) and them. Then, the attendees started pushing one another. 

The Unite protesters were heard telling anti-vaxxers that they weren’t welcome at the rally.  

Later, one anti-vaxxer could be heard shouting “no tyranny,” no Austria or Germany over the crowd. This was in reference to Austria’s recent decision to mandate vaccines starting February 1. Officials today suggested that Germany may soon follow suit. 

Protect the NHS. The man said, “Defend all workers, unvaccinated or vaccinated.” Freedom, democracy, and defense of the NHS. 

The Unite union had earlier stated that it organized the rally to save NHS from what it called a “privatisation bill”.  

The rally featured other speakers, including Labour MPs in Coventry South Zara Khana, Labour MPs to Leeds East Richard Burgon (previous Shadow Chancellor of Exchequer MP Hayes) and Harlington John McDonnell (previous Shadow Chancellor to the Exchequer). 

The event also featured Labour MPs Dawn Butler, Richard Burgon (Labour), and Ian Lavery. 

Conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn, wearing a 'Resist. Defy. Do no comply' t-shirt, was among the anti-vaxx mob who heckled his brother ex-Labour leader Jeremy

Conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn, wearing a ‘Resist. Defy. Defy.

Video showed a short scuffle between Unite trade union protesters and the anti-vaxx mob outside Downing Street

Video shows a quick scuffle among Unite trade union protesters with the anti vaxx mob outside Downing Street

An anti-vaxxer heckles one of nearly 100 Unite trade union protesters who gathered outside Downing Street to demand the government scrap the Health and Care Bill

One of the nearly 100 Unite protesters gathered in Downing Street demanding the cancellation of the Health and Care Bill was heckled by an anti-vaxxer

Angry anti-vaxxers scuffled with protesters from the Health Branch of the Unite Trade Union outside Downing Street tonight

Tonight’s protests outside Downing Street were fought by angry anti-vaxxers and activists from Unite Trade Union Health Branch.

Tonight, the Labour Party said that the bill is the “wrong Bill” at the wrong moment and doesn’t address Britain’s most pressing health problems.

Alex Norris (shadow health minister) stated that the government does not tackle the real cause of current ill health.

As a whole, the Bill seeks to reform NHS in order to reduce bureaucracy and make it more accountable. In England, new authorities are called Integrated Care Systems.

The merger would see NHS England and NHS Improvement become one entity, and eliminate the requirement for all contracts to be put out to tender.  

It also includes provisions that will grant direct powers to the Secretary for Health over NHS England and certain other aspects of the health service.  

In an effort to improve health in the country, it supports new requirements regarding calorie labelling of food packaging as well as the advertisement of junk food prior to the 9pm watershed. 

The bill’s supporters say that it will repeal some Tories 2012 reform laws, while critics argue that it will lead to more backdoor privatization of health services.  

The amended Health and Care Bill will be debated by MPs again on Tuesday, just before being extended scrutiny in House of Lords. 

Supporters of the NHS gathered outside Downing Street tonight and called for the government to scrap the Health and Care Bill as MPs debated amendments to the legislation in the House of Commons

As MPs discussed amendments to the Health and Care Bill in the House of Commons, supporters of the NHS assembled outside Downing Street.

MP John McDonnell addresses the rally outside Downing Street this evening behind a sign branding the Bill 'the wrong prescription for our NHS'

John McDonnell is the MP for the rally at Downing Street. He stands behind a sign that calls the Bill the ‘wrong prescription’ for the NHS.