Kay Shemirani (56) is an anti-vaxx nursing nurse. She was charged with organizing anti-lockdown protests in Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, and Whitehall last January.

  • Kay Shemirani was said to have led protests in September and August 2020
  • Fiona Hine was also accused of three counts for breaking lockdown restrictions
  • Shemirani is known for spreading conspiracy theories after she lost her nursing license

A nurse who opposed the use of vaxx will be tried for organizing anti-lockdown rallies in the midst of the pandemic.

Kay Shemirani also known as Kate Shemirani is 56. She was said to have lead demonstrations in Trafalgar Square and Whitehall last September 29, and 19, respectively. 

Fiona Hine (36) was also arrested at Westminster Magistrates Court on three counts of violating lockdown restrictions for attending the gatherings.

Shemirani lost her nursing licence and has been promoting conspiracy theories regarding 5G, Covid, and vaccines.

Hine (also known as Fiona Rose Diamond) has a much smaller following on social media. He promotes conspiracy theories and labels the vaccine rollout an act of ‘genocide.

Kay Shemirani, also known as Kate Shemirani, 56, is said to have led demonstrations in Trafalgar Square on August 29 and September 19 last year, and Whitehall on September 5

Kay Shemirani also known as Kate Shemirani is 56. She was said to be the leader of demonstrations at Trafalgar Square, September 29 and 19 and Whitehall, September 5. 

Shemirani was removed from social media and suspended from the Nursing and Midwifery Council for spreading misinformation

Shemirani was suspended from nursing and midwifery council for spreading misinformation and removed from social media.

Robert Bullock represented Shemirani who did not appear in court. He said that his client would argue the restrictions were ‘unconstitutional.

Three charges have been brought against us for organizing an event.

Bullock said that legal considerations are not limited to those who have human rights.

We are talking about the right to assembly. This is a long-standing right and it would have to be abolished.

Bullock stated that although his client was present at the events and did not contest them, he maintained she wasn’t their organizer.

The court was asked to call a variety of witnesses, including several officers from the police department.

According to Mr Bullock, “They deal with PiersCorbyn,” who was a prominent figure from the beginning of this movement. 

“Those officers have had several dealings” with him. This refers in particular to 29 August charges against the defendants.

Pictured: Kate Shemirani with Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Pictured: Kate Shemirani with Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Piers Corbyn was one of many maskless supporters of the pair.

Sherimani from Uckfield (west Sussex) denies three counts of having held a meeting of over 30 people in an emergency period of England.

Hine of Arabella Drive in Putney, south London denies the two counts of participating at gatherings more than 30 people, and one count of participating during an emergency in England.

The two were released on bail ahead of the trial at District Judge Briony-Clarke, December 6.