An elderly mother of two from Kent wrote a Facebook post about a “stalker” years before she disappeared.

Alexandra Morgan (34 years old) went missing twelve days ago. She was last seen at Cranbrook’s petrol station. Yesterday, a man aged 40 was arrested for her murder.

Ms Morgan had posted on Facebook about her ‘stalker’ in 2018 before she later said she was ‘living the best life where nobody followed my every move’ to a friend, according to The Sun. 

Before requesting that the stalker stop stalking her, she posted “Hi stalker” in her online profile. 

Alexandra Morgan, 34, vanished 12 days ago on Remembrance Sunday in Kent

Alexandra Morgan, age 34, disappeared 12 days ago, on Remembrance Day in Kent

According to reports, officers wearing white boiler suits walked through her back yard in Sissinghurst. Kent. Her neighbours believed she lived there with her sons for just over one year.

Although her parents lived only a few doors above, they moved to Covid. 

Jean Crisp, 92-year-old neighbor next door, shared the following: “I never saw her except in summer, when she was playing with the children in the yard.” She has never spoken to me.

“I’m very upset about all that has happened. She feels terrible for her children. They are simply so beautiful.

It was one night that I first heard about it when my neighbour went missing. I was actually a little worried.

“Officers have been there on and off since then. They are thorough.

You don’t know how attentive people are until you witness something like this. They don’t leave any stone unturned.

Sue Skillen (70), said that another resident saw Sue sitting at her front window as she walked by to shop.

“She appeared beautiful.” It’s terrible.’

After she left Cranbrook, Kent’s petrol garage to go on her own, a desperate search began for her.  

Rose McAuley (32), a Petrol Station Manager and a close friend of Alex, stated that police returned to her on Thursday in order to obtain 24 hours of footage taken from Sunday through Monday.

“But they didn’t tell us any. What’s the matter?

“It is a mystery. “It was suspected murder,” I thought when they said it.

“It’s strange to be the last one to see her alive.

She was last seen at a Shell garage near Cranbrook, Kent, at 7.20am on that Sunday

At 7.20am that Sunday, she was last seen in Cranbrook Shell Garage, Kent.

“If it weren’t for me, it wouldn’t have been as terrible.” Because everyone has heard the story about her arrival, they are all asking me questions and it is hard for me to escape.

“I expected Alex to return home because she would not leave her children. This is what everyone was worried about.

Morgan was in the petrol station around 7.20 AM when she met Daniel Moakes. He worked at the coffee machine.

Her black-roofed mini was not working correctly and she wanted to book it in for repairs after a weekend. However, she didn’t do it.

Ashwal MOT Centre owner Mr Moakes (48), said that she spoke with her on Sunday before she vanished. Her coffee was in the gas station, and I met her.

“Alex claimed that she would reserve her car when she returned from a weekend because the car was not working properly and it was misfiring.” However, she didn’t do it.

“I’m not sure she said where she’d be going, or how many days she would stay. She was fine, and seemed happy to chat.

I knew her from back when she was working at Cranbrook’s gym and in the petrol station. My walks would bring me across her dog grooming business.

Since then there has been no sign of her, with her family extremely worried about her safety

Her family is extremely concerned about her safety, as she has not been seen since then.

“It makes it sick that I might have been the last to see her, and this has always been on my mind.” 

Kent Police said the investigation is being treated as a murder probe and a 40-year-old man from St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex had been arrested on suspicion of murder yesterday. 

Today, Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kimber of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate said that it was completely against Alexandra’s character not to call her family and they are treating this case now as a possible murder.

Officers issued a photo of Morgan’s white vehicle with black roof and the registration number of MF55YHM as part of their hunt for Ms Morgan.

Also published yesterday, Wednesday: CCTV taken inside the petrol station by Ms Morgan

The car was seen making trips between her house and the Hastings region in East Sussex on Monday, November 14, and Monday 15, according to investigators.