After an audience member called Covid a hoax and a complete scam, security guards removed Piers Corbyn from London City Hall.

  • Anna Clarke’s chairperson role at an event she hosted on Tuesday night was cut short by her husband.
  • Londoners asked Mayor Sadiq Khan of the London Assembly many questions
  • A member of the audience asked when they would get back to reality. 
  • A member of the audience claimed that Covid-19 was a fraud and a hoax.
  • Piers Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn’s brother was in the group. He had to be taken off. 

Piers Corbyn was removed last night from Peoples’ Questions Time after an audience member called the Covid-19 pandemic “a hoax”.

Anne Clarke was the Chairperson of the Tuesday night event. She is an Assembly Member representing the London Borough Barnet as well the London Borough Camden.

The footage shows how Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader was forced to have his brother removed by security personnel after a group of anti-vaxxers made the cameras stop rolling with their chants “shame upon you”. 

When an audience member asked Ms Clarke, “My question was when will you get in touch reality and end this Covid hoax?” It’s all a scam.

Footage of the event shows the moment former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's brother had to be removed by security officers as a band of anti-vaxxers forced the show to stop filming with their chants of 'shame on you'

Video footage of the event captures the moment that Jeremy Corbyn was forced to have his brother removed by security personnel after a group anti-vaxxers compelled the production to cease filming.

Anne Clarke (pictured), an Assembly Member for the London Borough Barnet and the London Borough of Camden, was chairing the event on Tuesday evening

Anne Clarke, an Assembly Member representing the London Borough Barnet as well the London Borough of Camden was the chairperson of the event Tuesday night

A group of anti-vaxxers then erupt into a chant of 'answer the question' as filming grinds to a halt. Pictured, the event

The film stops as a crowd of anti-vaxxers breaks out into song and chants, while the camera shutters. The event is shown in this picture

She responded: ‘We’re not here to make speeches. Are you referring to transportation? No, next question. Sir you’re wasting time.’

Piers Corbyn regularly attends rallies and protests against the Covid-19 pandemic, and earlier this week interrupted an NHS funding rally addressed by his brother. 

The man kept shouting at the last-night’s event even when his microphone was removed. He replied, “You promised to answer all questions.”

Ms Clarke replied, “There was no question. Let’s move on. We can ask our guest to please leave.

As filming slows down, a group of anti-vaxxers erupts into an anthem of “answer the questions”.

Other people stood behind and shouted ‘This is democracy,’ ‘answer to the question’, and ‘Disgusting.

Ms Clarke said: “Covid deniers at the back, please sit down. Or you’ll be asked to move.”

At last night's event the man (pictured) continued shouting even after his microphone was taken away from him. He said: 'You said you would answer every single question'

The man in the photograph continued to shout at last night’s event, even though his microphone had been taken from him. He replied, “You claimed you would answer each question.”

The disruption began when an audience member asked Ms Clarke: 'My question is when are you going to get in touch with reality and end the Covid hoax? The whole thing is a complete scam.' Filming stopped, pictured

A member of the audience asked Ms Clarke a question: “When are you going get real and stop this Covid hoax?” It’s a scam. Filming stopped, pictured

Piers Corbyn had to be bundled out of the event by security officers on Tuesday

Piers Corbyn was forced to leave the event after being bundled by security personnel on Tuesday

As a shocked Ms Clarke asked: ‘Can you please get PiersCorbyn and his buddies out of here.’ We’ll just wait for these people to leave. Everyone, thank you for your patience.

Londoners were able to sign up online for this free event, which was open to all.

A description of the evening read: ‘This is your chance to hear the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and the London Assembly, talk about their plans and priorities for the city.

‘Hot topics on the night include; transport, policing and safety, air quality and the environment, housing and London’s economic recovery.’