After her 12-year old son reportedly choked during a viral trend on social media, the mother of that boy has pleaded with a High court judge to let him continue his life-support treatment.

Archie Battersbee is still unconscious. He was unresponsive when he arrived at Southend, Essex’s home on April 7, and spent eight weeks in an intubated coma.

His family fears that he was involved in an online “blackout challenge” when they found him with a ligature wrapped around his neck. Now, doctors are warning that it is highly probable the brain-dead gymnast took part.

This trend has spread across TikTok, encouraging users to asphyxiate, fall asleep, and then regain consciousness. It has led to numerous deaths in the United States of children.

Experts have recommended that Archie be removed from life support. However, Hollie dance, 46 and Paul Battersbee (56) insist on the continuation of his care because his heart still beats.

Hollie and Paul Battersbee from Southend in Essex say Archie has a beating heart and that they want to provide treatment for him.  

Ms Dance last night issued a last-gasp appeal to High Court judge Mrs Justice Arbuthnot to ‘find it in your heart to give my son the time to heal’ before she makes her ruling on Monday.

‘It’s devastating. She told Mirror that total strangers were making the decision whether or not my son will live.

“It is so difficult as a mom. After 12 years of raising him, I have lost my right to care for him. It’s awful.

“The hospital kept Covid patients on ventilators in a coma for 3 months. It’s more than Archie’s stay in hospital.

Hollie Dance, 46, (left) has begged a High Court judge to allow Archie Battersbee's life support treatment to continue after he choked while reportedly performing an online 'blackout' craze

 Hollie Dance, 46, (left) has begged a High Court judge to allow Archie Battersbee’s life support treatment to continue after he choked while reportedly performing an online ‘blackout’ craze

Archie has not regained consciousness after he was found unresponsive with a ligature around his neck at his home in Southend, Essex on April 7

Archie was not conscious after his mother discovered him unresponsive to a ligature tied around his neck, at Southend in Essex.

Ms Dance described her son as a 'happy', 'high-spirited' 'daredevil', who enjoys mixed martial arts and trains with South Essex Gymnastics Club

Ms Dance described her son as a ‘happy’, ‘high-spirited’ ‘daredevil’, who enjoys mixed martial arts and trains with South Essex Gymnastics Club

He was being questioned by police about whether he was trying to instigate a dangerous internet craze which has already claimed the lives of more than 80 children. 

This week, Ms Dance revealed the frantic moment she discovered Archie with a dressing gown tie cutting off his windpipe on ITV’s This Morning.

She remembered the moment when she “ran screaming for help” after snapping the Ligature from her son, who was on the landing. After that she fell ‘8ft onto a hallway. 

She stated, “I ran to the nearest emergency room screaming, but nobody was available so I went back inside.”

A mother-of-3 Ms Dance sent a warning direct to parents about dangers in the latest social media craze.

Ms Dance suggested that her son had been participating in an online challenge. She claimed that there were at least 80 deaths and hundreds of brain injuries due to the potentially fatal blackout challenge.

The patient was transferred to Royal London Hospital after being transported to Southend Hospital. 

She said, “It’s crucial that parents be aware about these issues so they can have conversations with their children,” she added.

“They should explain what could happen and perhaps use Archie to illustrate it. Then, maybe, the child will take note and decide not to try it.”

Barts Health NHS Trust Trust is the governing trust of Royal London Hospital. Lawyers have requested Mrs Justice Arbuthnot decide what steps are best for Archie. 

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning on Thursday, Ms Dance said: ‘If I don’t explore every avenue, if I don’t fight for his life and later on we realise, well actually we didn’t look into that, we’ve missed something — I’m going to spend the rest of my life not knowing and thinking “what if, what if”.

‘I’m going with my gut and…  a mother’s gut instinct, I think you should really go with it.’

This week’s hearing was attended by a specialist who spoke out about concerns raised by Archie and his treating team.

According to her, tests did not reveal any ‘discernible brain activity’ but showed’significant tissue necrosis’. She also stated that she believed it was very probable that the patient is brain-stem deceased.

Ms Dance told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she found Archie (pictured) with something tied around his neck, cutting off his 'windpipe'

Ms. Dance shared with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, that Archie (pictured), was wearing a collar around his neck. It cut his ‘windpipe’.

Archie Battersbee's brother Tom Summers kisses Archie on the head in hospital

Archie Battersbee is kissed by Tom Summers, his brother

Lawyers representing Archie’s relatives told the judge his heart beats still. His mother also said that he held her hand.

It was also stated that the issue was whether or not the correct procedures were followed.

Archie’s parents made last-minute pleas to Mrs Justice Arbuthnot this week. She is currently determining what steps are best for the 12-year old. 

Ms Dance said, “Monday will be our ninth appearance in court.” ‘He’s been in hospital for eight weeks.

‘Every single minute is precious, and I’m having to go to court and sit there all day. I’m not getting back to hospital some days until half seven at night.’

She described her son as a ‘happy’, ‘high-spirited’ ‘daredevil’, who enjoys mixed martial arts and trains with South Essex Gymnastics Club. 

Ms. Dance said that her son, who was in the hospital for a week, has been holding her hand since then and even opened his eyes.

She believes that her blood pressure and heart beat have been rising and then falling.

On Monday, a ruling will be issued.